June 5, 2014Vol 8, Issue 14
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Market Updates

There's so much that we are excited about this week at market! Persephone Farm and Thompson Farms will be returning for the season, and Unger Farms and Liepold Farms are back as well, with berries galore. Also at market this week are vendors Dancing Light Ranch, Home Grown, House Spirits, and Scoop. I also heard a whisper that summer fruit is starting to come in:  you can expect to find a small amount of cherries, blackberries, and apricots!


We are excited to welcome a new vendor to the Hollywood Farmers Market this Saturday:  Ancient Heritage Dairy. Ancient Heritage makes beautiful sheep and cow milk cheese--stop by their booth to sample some cheese and say hello! 

Last Saturday
Heather Friedman and other students and teachers from National College of Natural Medicine put on a "Market Medicinals" demonstration, showing us how to make simple poultices with fresh produce (potatoes, carrots, onions, etc). In case you missed it, see the below article for some poultice pointers! Heather and company will return later in the season for more medicinal produce demos - watch this space for details.


See you at the market!
Market Medicinals: Poultices Made with Fresh Produce
by Heather Friedman

First of all, you may be wondering "what is a poultice?". Basically, it is an application of vegetable or herb matter to an affected area that breaks up congestion and draws it out through the skin. They combine the local effects of compresses with the effects of herbal or other beneficial substances.

Many common vegetables that you probably have in your kitchen can be used for poultices, and the preparation is fairly simple. First, start by assembling the below materials:
- Poultice material, e.g., shredded potato, shredded carrot, warmed onion, herbs such as parsley and comfrey
- Hot water sufficient to make a paste out of the poultice material (not necessary with freshly shredded vegetables which provide their own moisture)
- Cotton cloth large enough to cover treatment area
- Plastic wrap large enough to cover cotton
- Towel or wool large enough to cover plastic
- Pin, tape, or bandage material for fastening
- Washcloth

Moisten the poultice material with hot water to make a paste, or shred the freshly washed vegetable. Apply the paste or shredded vegetable materials between two layers of cotton and onto the skin, then place the above cotton or cheese cloth over the area. Cover with plastic and then possibly with wool, fasten securely and leave on for � hour to 8 hours. After this time has passed, remove and clean off all poultice material.

Potato is famous for its drawing powers, and can be used wherever there is congestion, inflammation, swelling, or heat. Always use potato raw because heating destroys the healing properties. Onion can be used raw or cooked depending on the condition. For chest complaints such as bronchitis, colds, flus, and asthma, grate a small amount of raw onion and spread in the middle of a cloth. Fold the edges over like a parcel. Apply the single layer to the chest and cover with plastic. The inhalations of the fumes will also stimulate the respiratory system. Carrot can be used to create a cooling poultice applied around the throat that facilitates healing and draining in the throat, swollen lymph nodes, or sore throat. Cabbage is particularly helpful with bruised and swollen tissue; dip a leaf of cabbage into boiling water for one minute or mash it up with a meat tenderizer and apply around the swollen area. Wrap a cloth around the cabbage and then plastic wrap.
Lloyd Farmers Market

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Community Booths:

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Upcoming Events:


Face Painting with Crista
Saturday, June 7th and 21st, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Kids' Day!
feat. Kids' Cooking Demo w/ Joanna Sooper
Saturday, June 21st, 9:30 am - 12:00pm

Pesto Festo
Saturday, June 28th, all day
Featured Products
Hood Strawberries
Happy Harvest Farm, Liepold Farms, & Unger Farms
The long-awaited Hood strawberries are here! These little deep-red bursts of flavor are an Oregon treasure, and a short-lasting one as well. June is the month for these, so get them while they last!
Flower Bouquets
Herr Family Farm
This family owned farm grows 100% of their flowers locally in Oregon. Stop by and pick yourself a beautiful bouquet of peonies, lilacs, calla lily, daffodils, hydrangeas...
Deep Roots Farm
Deep Roots Farm has the first blackberries of the season - very plump, very juicy!
Hammer & Tuffy's Handmade Granola
A delicious granola made right here in Portland, Hammer & Tuffy's best seller is Barn Dance Blueberry, but also try Choco Cherry Chili for a little added spice!
Buffalo Jerky
Pine Mountain Ranch
All of Pine Mountain's meat is 100% grass-fed, and never "finished" with grain. Their jerky has no added sugar or nitrates, so it is Paleo friendly!
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See you Saturday!

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