September 25, 2014Vol 8, Issue 30
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 Market Updates
Fall Market Reminder: starting October 4th (a week from Saturday) the farmers market's hours will change to 9am - 1pm. Please remember not to show up early; vendors will not be able to sell before the opening bell. Enjoy the extra hour of leisure in your morning : )

We'll be joined this Saturday by on-call vendors
Dancing Light Ranch, Fatdog Mustard, Home Grown
and Reverend Nat's Cider. Sterling will be taking the week off, but will be back next Saturday with their adorably tiny cookies. Next week also marks the return to market of heirloom apple and pear vendor 
Mt. Hood Organics!

This Saturday is our 2nd annual Vendor Salsa Contest! For this contest, our farmers and other vendors will be making salsas, and you get to be the judge! We will be set up in the middle of Hancock Street sampling salsa on chips donated by Hot Mama Salsas from 9am to 12pm; stop by and cast your vote!

The Neighborhood Gleaners are a group of volunteers that collect food from farmers after each Hollywood Farmers Market, and distribute this food to low-income seniors in our community through the Hollywood Senior Center. They'll be at the market this Saturday in one of the community booth spots (across from Happy Harvest Farm), and are in need of cloth/reusable bags or paper bags with handles to be donated. Your donation will be much appreciated!

IppaiLastly, we've got another video profile of one of our fabulous vendors! Jane Hashimiwari of Ippai has been at the Hollywood Farmers Market for two years now, selling delicious Japanese comfort food. Click to the right to watch the video and learn more!

Gardeners: it's getting close to time to plant garlic for next year's harvest. Several of our vendors sell high-quality heirloom varieties that are ideal for planting. See below for some tips on growing garlic from Gales Meadow Farm's Anne Berblinger.

See you at the market!

Planting Garlic
Anne Berblinger, Gales Meadow Farm
It's time to plant garlic for a harvest next July. Garlic does best in the Portland area when it is planted in October or November.

Preparation of the bed
The soil should be loose and weed free. Garlic should not be planted in an area where only grass has been grown in the past. If that's all you have, use a container that is at least 8 inches deep this year, and prepare a spot for next year with a summer cover crop. If you have good garden soil, spreading about an inch of compost on the soil and digging it in will provide all the nutrients that garlic will need to establish good roots and send up a few healthy leaves. Over-feeding in the fall will result in a plant that grows too fast and is vulnerable to frost.

Break the head of garlic into individual cloves just before planting. Make sure you don't have double cloves, All the cloves in a hardneck head can be planted. Don't bother with the tiny inner cloves of softnecks, unless you want "garlic scallions" in the spring.
Push the cloves into the ground so that the top is about an inch below the surface. Four inch spacing is ideal for full size garlic and two inch spacing for garlic scallions. Make sure that the cloves are planted right side up with the pointed end at the top and the root plate at the bottom.

Care of the garlic patch
The garlic will emerge from late November into February. If there is a deep frost, the tops may freeze, but don't worry, the roots will be fine. Keep the patch free of weeds.
At the end of February, when we start to have more daylight, feed each plant with a pinch of blood meal. Do that again in mid-April.
As long as it continues to rain (which it will) through the end of May, the garlic does not need to be irrigated.

Harvest and Drying
Harvest the garlic when most of the leaves have dried and turned brown. Dig it, don't try to pull it. Leave the tops on until the garlic is thoroughly dry, at least three weeks after harvest. Tie it in bundles and hang it in a dry airy spot out of direct sunlight. Save the biggest and best heads for your next garlic planting.
At the Market

Remember: starting in October, the market hours change to 9am-1pm.





Community Booths:

Neighborhood Gleaners

Community Energy Project


Upcoming Events:

Face Painting with Crista
Saturday, September 27th, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Vendor Salsa Contest
Saturday, September 27th

Kids' Cooking Demo w/ Joanna Sooper
Saturday, October 11th, 10:00 am - 12:00pm
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peppers forever

apples at kiyokawa

beautiful winter squash from sweet leaf farm
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