July 31, 2014Vol 8, Issue 22
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 Market Updates

Summer forges ahead, bringing us the season's first big wave of tomatoes! Last Saturday I saw a rainbow of cherry tomatoes, luscious heirloom tomatoes, and even some Roma tomatoes! 


While you may be focused on the abundant harvest, this is the perfect time to plant your garden's fall crops.THINK Unique will only be at market for several more weeks, so now is the time to snap up some late season starts from Suzanne. Gales Meadow will also have a wide variety of fall transplants at market for the next month.

We'll be joined by on-call vendors Ancient Heritage, Dancing Light Ranch,Fraga Farms, Homegrown, House Spirits, and Olympic Provisions.  Scoop Handmade Ice Cream and Sterling Cookies are taking this Saturday off, but will be back next week. In the meantime, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with peaches, cantaloupe, blackberries, and cherries!

See you at the market!

Vendor Profile: Dancing Light Ranch
by Shelley Stearns

some lavender from dancing light ranch Lavender is more versatile than you may know. Tanya Kern of Dancing Light Ranch makes salves and lotions from the essential oils in the flowers, which can do more for us than make us smell nice. She tells me that in addition to being a calming agent, lavender heals burns and is a powerful antiseptic.


It's mid-afternoon in July and I'm looking down the rows of light purple, transfixed on the bees bobbing and buzzing between the plants. Tanya and Don Kern are harvesting; they cut lavender and tie it in bunches. The French Gros Bleu and Grosso varieties as well as the English Royal Velvet are the top three lavenders you can find at the ranch and at their booth at the Hollywood Farmers Market.


The couple is modest about what they do. "It's really low maintenance," Tanya tells me.


After gathering information from them, though, I learn that they have deeply embedded themselves in the processes necessary to make lavender and life flourish naturally. The Kerns work calmly, free of pesticides and in tune with the cycles of nature. Their lavender is not organically certified, but it's truly natural.


They don't use sprays, which means that there is a lot of weeding involved in the care of the plants. Tanya points out that people often forget the importance of not using pesticides with lavender because they aren't always consuming it. In addition to general concern for the Earth, it's important not to contaminate lavender with sprays because it's going under people's pillows and being made into salves and lotions that they rub all over their bodies.

In addition to being pesticide free, the Kerns also collect rainwater which they use to water the lavender, their garden and for all the animals in their care; including Dancing Light, the horse that bears the ranch's namesake and the numerous dogs that can be seen running around. Tanya and Don have a small garden, complete with a Cascadia flag. I'm happy they are dedicated to our bioregion.


Early summer is the time for fresh lavender, but you'll be able to get dried lavender all year round. Don tells me that it keeps its scent for six months after it has been picked and shows me how to release the aroma by pressing one small bud between the thumb and forefinger. It's pungent.

In the spring, they also sell berry plants, hops and herbs. Check out what they have to offer on Saturday at the Hollywood Farmers Market. You can also buy directly from their website at



tanya from dancing light ranch

Lloyd Farmers Market

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Featured Products

Roma Tomatoes
Deep Roots Farm
Deep Roots took a gamble this year, and put their Roma tomatoes in the ground the first week of April, a month before they normally would. The gamble paid off thanks to some warm weather, and Deep Roots had beautiful Romas last week! These tomatoes have few seeds and are great for canning or sauces.
Winter Vegetable Starts
Gales Meadow Farm
You may be thinking "It's only late July/early August, I have plenty of time to think about my winter garden", but you would be wrong! It's right now, when tomatoes are ripening on the vine, to be thinking about (and planting) the vegetables that will be producing for you all winter long and even into the spring. Luckily, Gales Meadow Farm has been doing the thinking for you, and has kale, broccoli, and collard starts available, ready for transplanting into your garden!
Krogstad Aquavit
House Spirits Distillery
This tasty and locally-distilled spirit (pronounced aqua - VEET) is based on the traditional Scandinavian recipe and flavored with caraway and star anise. Goes especially well with smoked fish.

Padron Pappers
Kimberly Farm
Padrons are small, sweet peppers, great pan-fried in olive oil, and then sprinkled with salt. Right now, they are pretty much all mild, but once we get later in the summer, watch out! - a small minority of padrons will be hotter.
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