May 15, 2014Vol 8, Issue 11
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Market Updates

Spring is in full bloom at the Hollywood Farmers Market!  


This week, we welcome Fat Dog Mustard, Happy Campers Gluten Free Baked Goods, Laurel Ridge Winery, and Masala back to the market.  Old House Dahlias will be at market with dahlia bulbs for a few more short weeks, so now is the time to stock up!  Dragonfly Forge also returns this week--bring your knives and garden tools for sharpening.


If you're itching to get outside and do some work in the garden, we've got you covered. Boondockers Farm, Gales Meadow Farm, Glass Jade Nursery, Sun Gold Farm, and Think Unique Gardens all offer plants and seeds.


Speaking of home gardens, did you know that you can use your
SNAP benefits to buy vegetable plants and seeds?  Just stop by the Information Booth to get your tokens and make those dollars grow!  
Our series of monthly kids' cooking demos kicks off this Saturday! Chef Joanna Sooper of Turnip the Heat Cooking School will be demonstrating for our "market sprouts" (all our young customers, that is) a few simple preparations of salad greens: a green dip with crackers, and a strawberry-hazelnut green salad. Demos will start at about 9:30am and go until noon. 
Congratulations to Gales Meadow Farm and Sun Gold Farm for their nominations in Ecotrust's 2014 Local Hero Awards! Every year the magazine Edible Portland selects people and businesses who are making the greatest strides toward creating a robust regional food system that is environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable. We're proud to have two of our fabulous farms represented - you can see the nominees in categories and vote here!


See you at the market!
Vendor Profile: Sun Gold Farm
by Shelley Stearns

Vicki Hertel of Sun Gold Farm in Forest Grove says her family farm couldn't survive without "the help of hungry, wonderful people in Portland." She tells me that we are the ones that support them and keep the farm natural, something she doesn't believe would be possible in most other parts of the United States.


Our urban lifestyles and input also determine small details of the Hertels' daily lives. Ten years ago, they started a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) to bring weekly shares of fruits and vegetables to Portland residents. This year, they bring leaf lettuce pots and tomato pots to the Hollywood Farmers Market; these plants will thrive in any apartment with enough sun and water. Just leave the heart of the lettuce intact and it will replenish all summer.


Before the Hertels grew organic produce, they were conventional dairy farmers. About twenty years ago, they were forced out due to a change in regulations. Dairy Creek was ten feet from their house, which meant it was close to cows and had a potential to become polluted, which the new regulations did not allow. Within a day, they sold their cows and began a major life change.


The Hertels transformed the dairy to a fruit and vegetable farm and went from using chemical fertilizers and sprays to a fully organic operation. Vicki tells me of their experience interacting with end consumers for the first time at farmers markets. "We were handing people an ear of corn and that was the person who was gonna eat it," she says. "We didn't want any chemicals on it anymore."


Sun Gold brought in ladybugs, did their best to attract birds to control insect populations and forbid the shooting of coyotes on their property-a Sunday ritual at the time for farmers.


They also prevent plant diseases with crop rotation. This means putting a crop in the ground for one year and then not putting it in the same place again for five. As part of the rotation, half of their land grows timothy grass for hay. It's less work to upkeep and allows the Hertels to devote more time to the fruits and veggies they bring us. That's something we can all be grateful for.

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Face Painting with Crista
Saturday, May 17th, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Kids' Cooking Demo with Joanna Sooper
Saturday, May 17th, 9:30 am - 12:30pm
Featured Products
Happy Harvest Farm
Happy Harvest never picks their strawberries under-ripe, they always pick them vine ripe. Come taste the difference in their delicious sweet strawberries!
Local Honey
Nature's Best Oregon Honey
100% pure local honey! Nature's Best has a little something for everyone with seven different varieties at market now, including crimson clover, carrot madras, radish and meadowfoam, which tastes like vanilla or marshmallows! Stop by and sample all of them to find your favorite!
Hanging Cherry Tomato Plants
Sun Gold Farm
A small sustainable family farm near Forest Grove, OR - check out their hanging cherry tomato plants, the best tomato for hanging baskets. They produce up to six pounds of sweet, bright red cherry tomatoes. Just place in sun, water, and enjoy!
Drinking Vinegars
Sage & Sea Farms
Small batch sipping vinegars made from the finest seasonal produce. Simply mix one part syrup with five parts of your favorite beverage, or try it mixed in a salad dressing. Current offerings include rhubarb, grapefruit, meyer lemon, quince, fennel, and their most popular - beet. 
Hakurei Turnips
Winter Green Farm
A biodynamic farm that is not only bringing beautiful greens to the market, but also their crazy good heirloom tomato sauce. This week stop by and pick up some Hakurei turnips. These turnips are great raw - sweet and mild, or cooked lightly in stir-fries and soups. They are not spicy and bitter like the standard purple top turnips. They also make great pickles! The greens are also very much edible, just wash, chop and steam or stir fry. 
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