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Summer 2018  |  Volume 12, Number 3
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Tillamook Forest Center
Inspiring people to connect with the Tillamook State Forest.
TFC Staff
Fran McReynolds
Interpretation & Education Coordinator
Denise Berkshire
Lead Interpreter/ Educator
Luke Wahl
Visitor Services Coordinator
Jen Warren
Visitor Services Assistant
Megan Lacy
Facilities Coordinator
Christian Hargrove

Seasonal Educators
Cam Amabile
Sara Fischer

Facilities Assistant
Matthew Goolsby
Executive Director, Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust
Ross Holloway

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Pioneering roadways to exploration
Looking west from the summit of Highway 6 on the Trees to Seas Scenic BywayOregon Department of Forestry staff, working alongside Visit Tillamook Coast and the Washington County Visitors Association, have been instrumental in pioneering a new connection between the cultural and natural richness of the Willamette Valley and the forested oceanic splendor that is the Tillamook Coast. The partners have sought approval for designation of the Trees to Seas Scenic Byway since 2012. The corridor links the city of Banks along Highway 47 to Highway 6, US101, and Highway 131 through several coastal Tillamook County towns. This year brings excitement as the supporters celebrate the official designation of this new Oregon Scenic Byway.
Rolling farmland along Highway 6 on the Trees to Seas Scenic Byway In January, partners brought forth the proposal for designation to the Oregon Department of Transportation and again in April to the Oregon Transportation Commission and Oregon Travel Commission. The proposal was the culmination of years of planning efforts, which included collecting public feedback from community meetings hosted by the partners in towns along the route. The route designation is supported by local governments, businesses and citizens, who see it as beneficial to their community.
With mission in mind, the Tillamook Forest Center recognizes that designating this new scenic byway opens another door to exploration and connection with all visitors, new and returning. Take some time this year to make your connection to Highway 6 by participating in events as part of the Celebrate Route 6 art festival sponsored by Art Accelerated, the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, and the Tillamook Forest Center. Look for events coming to the center this fall as part of this year-long celebration. Cruise on down the byway for a visit this summer, we'll be happy to see you!
Changing times
Students looking at the Wilson River from the bridge at the Tillamook Forest Center
Students observing the Wilson River for Freshwater and Forests program.
The Tillamook Forest Center continues to be a popular stop on the way to the coast. It is a pleasure to see the excited faces of visitors discovering the center for the first time, or repeat visitors coming to attend a specific program or see a special exhibit.
Over the winter, we made some changes to continue to serve visitors most effectively with our limited staff. Visitors will notice that beginning May 24, the Tillamook Forest Center will be open Wednesday - Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays). We will continue to offer engaging interpretive programs, along with special exhibits, indoors and out, during the summer season.
Education programs for schools and youth have been offered in the Tillamook State Forest for nearly 30 years (12 years at the center). Increasing group sizes, high demand, and operating costs have made it necessary to charge a modest facility fee for groups. Beginning August 15, 2018, school, youth, and community groups will be charged $5 per person. Group leaders may apply to receive limited scholarship funds.
We appreciate your new and continuing support and hope to see you on the trails around the center this summer, enjoying "Celebrating Renewal: Visions in the Forest".
Fran McReynolds
Grand opening of the education pavilion
Construction on the education pavilion is nearly complete_ The Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust is continuing its legacy of support for the Tillamook Forest Center through a successful fundraising campaign to build a new outdoor education pavilion at the center. Over the past two years, the Trust raised nearly $500,000 for this project, and construction is now underway. The pavilion will be complete in the coming weeks and a grand opening event is set for Friday, June 22, 1:30 - 3:30 pm. With a capacity of 150, the new pavilion will greatly increase the center's ability to host student groups from area schools for outdoor education programs starting this coming fall. The pavilion will also provide a great shelter for summer travelers and visitors to the center during facility rentals and public interpretive programs. We are still raising funds to fully equip and furnish the pavilion in time for the fall education season. You can make a donation by contacting the Tillamook Forest Center at (503) 815-6800 or online at
The Root Ball is back!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 22 for the second Root Ball at the Tillamook Forest Center! 
The non-profit Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust, which formed in 1999, serves as catalyst for public/private partnership in support of the Tillamook Forest Center and developing tools and experiences that help Oregonians better understand and appreciate the Tillamook State Forest and all of Oregon's State-owned forests.
Center volunteersWelcome aboard!
What do a retired teacher, a biology professor, a textbook translator, a military man, a retired banker, and two students have in common? They're all new additions to the Tillamook Forest Center volunteer team, that's what.
Frank & Charlotte Chase: Alaskans turned Oregonians, Frank & Charlotte, are joining us to provide some support for our visitor services & facilities departments. They're returning to the area after raising their children in Tillamook, hoping to make some more fond memories.
John Casteel: John joins us to provide some extra brains and brawn to the facilities team. He's a biology professor at Tillamook Bay Community College who enjoys being involved in Tillamook County's Master Gardening program.
Gaige Cassens: Gaige has a passion for the great outdoors which shows in his trail maintenance. A local high school student, Gaige is enrolled in a Natural Resources program and is an enthusiastic history buff.
Javier Contreras: "When I moved to Oregon and saw the forest for the first time, I fell in love." Now, years later, Javier is an important part of our team translating material for our Spanish-speaking visitors. He's passionate about community involvement, coaching soccer, and taking time to make a difference in the world.
Steve Jerrett: With a knack for playing instruments and a love of history, Steve joined our team to keep the story of the Tillamook State Forest alive. His expertise in teaching & family connections with the forest amplifies our education team's ability to help students make discoveries.
Karsen Buck: A steward of responsible recreation from southern California, Karsen comes to us during her summer off from Pacific University. Catch her at the information desk or out roving the trails helping to keep our forest clean this summer!
Be like these folks & check out our available opportunities for additional help!
Available volunteer positions
The Tillamook Forest Center is currently seeking volunteers for the following summer/fall positions:
  • Day volunteers: information desk on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Root Ball fundraiser event volunteers
  • Onsite hosts for the fall
Day volunteers must be able to commit to a two or four hour shift once a week for a minimum of three months. If interested, please visit: to complete an application, or call (503) 815-6803 for more information. 
Sculpture by Elaine Treadwell
Winged Ones by Elaine Treadwell
Summer sculptures, inside and out
From June 13 through September 2, visitors are invited to explore sculptural installations both inside the center and out on the trails. "Celebrating Renewal: Visions in the Forest" is a collaborative art exhibit between Oregon artists Elaine Treadwell and Beth O'Mahony and friends. The sculptures utilize natural materials to celebrate nature's capacity for renewal and encourages viewers to see the familiar with new eyes. Please join us on Saturday, June 16 for an opening reception with the artists. In addition to the summer installation, the artists will also lead a woven sculpture workshop at the center on Saturday, July 14. To learn more about the workshop, or to explore upcoming naturalist-led programs, check out the Program & Event Calendar.
Dam critters!
Beaver-chewed tree along the banks of the Wilson River
Damming the Wilson River seems a little ambitious, but perhaps there's no task too tough for our beloved state animal. Come explore our riverbanks and see what feats of nature you can find!
What has two webbed feet, a scaly tail, and thick, soft fur? Why, it's Castor canadensis--the North American beaver, of course! Beaver activity near Smith Meadow is causing quite a stir among local wildlife. In addition to a beaver, our trail camera has spotted a raccoon, river otter, and even a curious coyote cavorting around this precariously chewed cottonwood. Wild visitors captured on the center_s trail cameras
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