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Spring 2018  |  Volume 12, Number 2
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Tillamook Forest Center
Inspiring people to connect with the Tillamook State Forest.
TFC Staff
Fran McReynolds
Interpretation & Education Coordinator
Denise Berkshire
Lead Interpreter/ Educator
Luke Wahl
Visitor Services Coordinator
Jen Warren
Visitor Services Assistant
Megan Lacy
Facilities Coordinator
Christian Hargrove

Seasonal Educators
Cam Amabile
Sara Fischer

Facilities Assistant
Matthew Goolsby

Pacific University Work Study
Josh Shoop-Long
Mackenzie Walgren
Executive Director, Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust
Ross Holloway
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A busy winter brings big changes 
The new education pavilion
TS Gray Construction is making the dream of an education pavilion come true.
The center grounds were buzzing with activity during the seasonal closure. Visitors to the center this spring will notice big changes.
Construction has begun on the long-awaited forest education pavilion. During the spring, access to the Riverview Trail from the building will be limited. We appreciate your patience as we await the building's opening in the fall. For more information on the project, please read the article from the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust.
Loading logs from the center site
Turner Logging loads timber onto a log truck in the entry driveway at the Tillamook Forest Center.
Visitors may also notice the forest feels more open. Over the winter, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) foresters contracted with Turner Logging to selectively thin the forest. The forest immediately surrounding the center suffered from overcrowding and the disease laminated root rot. "Removal of the infected trees will help stop or slow the spread of the disease, saving the remaining trees," explains Joe Travers, ODF Timber Sale Contracts Unit Forester based in Tillamook. A more open forest provides remaining trees space to grow larger and healthier while allowing sunlight to reach understory plants. The growth of smaller trees and shrubs in the coming years will create a more vertically layered forest with abundant wildlife habitat opportunities.
New gift shop items_
Nature-themed Sock-It-To-Me socks, Tattly temporary tattoos, and Fifty-Fifty insulated water bottles (not pictured) are just a few on the fun new items coming to the gift shop this year.
Though this spring will require patience in waiting for the pavilion to be built and for the undergrowth to fill in under the trees, there are some exciting new additions to the gift shop that visitors can see right way. Stop by to see all the changes!
Seeking volunteers for 2018
With career experience abounding in natural resources, forestry, and fire, it's no wonder that new volunteer, Kristy Lund, fits well here at the center. She strengthens our already stellar team with her strong interest in cultural resources, archiving, and interpretation. Kristy's family ties to the Reeher homestead, as well as her hobbies in gardening, timber framing, and programming with Oregon State University and Food Roots, will greatly accentuate the center's story and staff skill sets.
Do you have a strong passion for cultural or natural resources like Kristy? Fill out a volunteer application today and see what we can build together for the future of the center!
With a little help from our friends
Thanks to great volunteers who made a difference on February 10.
Over the course of the year, center staff place notes into the gratitude jar that sits in our office. When we share the notes with one another at the end of the season, it is a powerful reminder of the community effort necessary to make any work succeed. In the spirit of the gratitude jar, we are grateful for the contributions of so many community members, including:
  • Volunteers who give their time and talents to the center. One example is this year's cleaning party where in one half day volunteers provided 60 hours of work vacuuming, cleaning windows, tagging gift shop merchandise, and getting the center ready to open
  • Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) administrative staff from the Area and District offices who stepped in and helped us when we were overwhelmed last year
  • ODF Salem facilities staff who provided extra assistance in keeping center systems going
  • Businesses such as the Tillamook location of CHS Nutrition, which goes to extraordinary efforts to transport and load the wood pellets used to heat the center
  • Contributors to the center's pavilion fund, whose generosity made it possible to start the pavilion project in December
  • And many others
A heartfelt thanks! It makes a person want to sing!
Fran McReynolds
News of the Trust
Thanks to the generosity of a number of local foundation grants, industry partners, like-minded organizations, and individual donors, the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust (TFHT) raised enough funds for construction of an education pavilion adjacent to the Tillamook Forest Center. Crews began working in late December and the building is progressing steadily as weather conditions allow.
Construction of the forest education pavilion
Construction crews are making good progress on the education pavilion.
For a sneak peek at the progress, TFHT and center staff will be hosting two open houses this spring on Saturday, March 24, 12 - 2 PM, and on Friday, April 27, from 2 - 4 PM. A grand opening will be held in mid-late summer.
To help furnish the pavilion with seating and technology, we have launched Please Take a Seat, our 2018 fundraiser to achieve this goal. You can purchase a bench for $200 (or an individual seat for $100). Bench sponsors will be recognized on a plaque in the new pavilion and also at our annual Root Ball fundraising event, scheduled for September 22. For more information, and to make a donation, please call the center at (503) 815-6800. 
The non-profit Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust, which formed in 1999, serves as catalyst for public/private partnership in support of the Tillamook Forest Center and developing tools and experiences that help Oregonians better understand and appreciate the Tillamook State Forest and all of Oregon's State-owned forests.
Discover spring in the forest with exciting programs
Paper house on the burn table After a mild winter, spring is in full swing at the Tillamook Forest Center. Beginning March 24, interpretive programs will be led each weekend by our knowledgeable naturalists to help you discover all the delights that this season brings, whether you are interested in wild birds, wildflowers, or wildfires. In April, celebrate Oregon Arbor Week by planting a tree with us or help release fish into the Wilson River for our annual steelhead release. In the month of May we will kick off Wildfire Awareness Month with National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, where you can meet Smokey Bear or see a live burn table demonstration. For more information about our upcoming programs, keep an eye on the Program & Event Calendar .
 (503) 815-6800    |  (866) 930-4646