June Newsletter
Make Your Voice Heard! Take the Weekly Pastor Poll!
We’re inviting you to participate in a new initiative we’ve been working on in partnership with Barna and Gloo, our research and technology friends.
They have developed the COVID-19 Crisis Toolkit: a set of FREE tools and resources created to help you get a pulse on your people and your communities while also allowing you to hear from other leaders across the U.S.
You are encouraged to take the Weekly Pastor Poll— every week . Taking the poll not only allows you to lend your voice to the nationwide conversation, it also unlocks the national aggregate poll results, providing you with insight into how other community leaders are feeling and responding to this crisis.
Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register your church by CLICKING HERE. Already have an account with Gloo? Use the link to get connected to Stone Mountain Baptist Association.
  2. Take the Weekly Pastor Poll.
  3. View and compare the poll’s results weekly on an interactive dashboard.
  4. Browse the other free tools available in the platform that can help you know and engage those you serve
Let’s prepare our network for the next generation of ministry, together.
Return to God
The prophet Malachi, called for the people of God to return to Him! Today our nation is troubled and the only one that has the answer is God! I want to ask you as a church leader to join the Stone Mountain Baptist Association in asking the people of God to return to God! To shut the doors of your prayer closet and ask God to intervene on our behalf.

Our focus as an Association of Churches in the months to come in our communication and our meetings will be to return to God and to pray! You are encouraged to join us!

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The Lord is Calling His People Back
The church is passionate about returning to public gatherings for worship, but will the church go back to things as they had been? The Lord is calling his people back to him.

CLICK HERE to read recommended steps to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting leading up to the restart of public worship.
Get to Know Your Neighbors and Pray for Them
Bless Every Home provides the tools for members to get to know their neighbors by name so that they can begin to build relationships with them. Members will receive scheduled reminder emails with a prayer prompt and a list of five neighbors to pray for each day.

Stone Mountain Baptist Association has registered which covers the first two months free for our churches. The cost, starting month three for our churches, is only $15 monthly which covers your entire church membership. Your church will be able to track the prayer and outreach of your members to their neighbors. Bless Every Home will provide helpful resources at no cost to equip your members to Pray, Care, and Share the Gospel with their neighbors.

CLICK HERE  for more information and to register your church.
Is Your Church Ready for a Come back?
What is your church going to do when you return to services in your building? How about promoting that your church is planning a BIG CELEBRATION for the Sunday you return to public worship!

CLICK HERE   to download your COMEBACK Sunday resources our graphic artist made just for you!

Thursday, June 11th at 9am
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Join Dr. Richard Bumpers, Pastor John Mark Oliver and Pastor Tyrone Barnette as they address the topic of reconciliation .
Dr. Richard Bumpers
Regional Evangelism Consultant at Georgia Baptist Mission Board
Pastor John Mark Oliver
First Baptist Conyers
Pastor Tyrone Barnette
Peace Baptist Church
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