OBRL Newsletter, January 2021

From James DeMeo, PhD, Director of the
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Items for Discussion:

The Lost Year of 2020
New Article Challenging the Covid-19
"Pandemic" Narrative,
and The Growing Problem of Censorship

by James DeMeo, PhD

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The Lost Year of 2020

Greetings and good wishes to all from the OBRL rural enclave in the West Coast USA Siskiyou Mountains. In this first section, I wish to share some general thoughts and observations about the last year 2020, and this forthcoming one 2021.

2020 will go down as a Lost Year for most people in the USA, one where Big Government, Big Medicine, Big Media and Big Internet united to crush down the ordinary person, rob them of their freedoms and economic survival, and destroy the American middle-class. But they did it in such a smiley-faced manner so as to make everyone think it was "for their own good". And most people embraced the lies and Covid Terrorism which was daily heaped upon their heads by a compliant and devious mainstream media, driving many into abject panic, fear and hysteria. The old message of FDR during the even more terrifying years of World War 2, was "There is nothing to fear but fear itself". That was an empowering fact and slogan, which bolstered Americans and others around the world. It is something needing repetition today, along with strongly organized efforts to stave off the deep Emotional Plague which has recently captured much of our government, and its health and medical institutions.

I will start off below, by informing everyone of my new research paper summarizing many months of personal investigation into the data and claims surrounding Covid-19, an investigation that has led me to conclude that how, at best, it has all been one gigantic scientific and medical error, an iatrogenic disaster the likes of which the world has never seen before. At worst, at the basic assumption and foundational level, it is a Big Lie promoted by devious pharmaceutical houses and emotionally plagued "experts" in the US health and medical bureacracies, and in the political circius. This will all be made clear, if you take the time to read what I uncovered, in my private investigation. Those who know my writings, I am not someone who succumbs to empty claims or "conspiracy theory". But sometimes conspiracies do exist, either as emotional patterns that yield similar behaviors without plots and plans, or when evil people lay out plots and plans to wreak havoc upon the world for personal gain or power-drunkenness. Both factors are at work in this Covid disaster.
Covid-19 disease, it is claimed, threatens millions of lives in the USA alone, based upon PCR laboratory testing methods thought to be fully valid, where rising "case" numbers are thought to be meaningful, indicating people "testing positive" have active living viral infections predicting they will get sick or die, and will infect other people. On all those points, fortunately, I must defer in the strongest possible terms, to say NO, all that is FALSE, and openly state "the Covid Emperor Wears No Clothes." Details are given in my article referenced below, written for both the serious scientist or medical/health professional, as well as for the ordinary intelligent person who can read graphs and numbers, and follow rational logic and issues of causality.

Additional discussion will then follow on projects that were undertaken at OBRL, on fireproofing over summer, slow progress on video presentations to come, about a few lectures, and on the growing problem of modern censorship which will probably worsen over the coming years. Also I have some ideas on how to keep our lines of communication open.

So, let's get started, and thanks for your interest and support.

James DeMeo, PhD
New Article on Covid-19 Flaws and Errors

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19:
PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only,
and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

by James DeMeo, PhD.

This article is ready for free download
from either of these two services

The first page of this article is reproduced below
followed by the Abstract and a few of the Figures in it.
Click on the above links to get the full article.
Basic annual all-cause deaths data, when reviewed in light of a claimed Covid-19 pandemic and decadal expectations from annual increases in population growth, revealed no overall surge in USA deaths for 2020. Age-specific analysis also failed to confirm any significant increase in Covid-19 deaths among populations of high-risk elderly 65+ years as compared to all-cause deaths within the same demographic. The Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) "daily confirmed-case and confirmed-deaths" data on Covid-19 were also reviewed as plotted together on the same ordinate scale, along the vertical axis, revealing a less frightening perspective of daily confirmed death numbers from the claimed "pandemic" than is usually reported on "official science" and media websites with graphical and numerical exaggerations. Daily death/case ratios failed to affirm any significant growth or spread of an expected deadly viral pandemic, except for the initial period of March-April 2020, which quickly subsided. These direct reviews of the official CDC data, formulated within the existing paradigm of a claimed deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19 disease, expose multiple contradictions to basic causality and logic. Problems in PCR/Antigen tests and electron-microscopy for specific identification of SARS-CoV-2 are exposed, indicating cross-reactivity and confusions with other corona viruses and their DNA/RNA fragments, along with antibodies to them. The claimed Covid-19 tests thereby do not appear specific to the living SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is why lab-confirmed cases among asymptomatic people have soared to dramatically high numbers, while lab-confirmed deaths have not. Other contradictions in CDC data were identified, and can best be understood as deaths from ordinary seasonal respiratory disorders such as influenza or pneumonia being inappropriately reclassified as Covid-19. Soaring "case" numbers therefore would reflect herd immunity only, possibly as early as May of 2020. These conclusions are not confined to the USA data, but appear global.
Above Figure: Covid-19 deaths follow a wintertime seasonal pattern, mostly claiming the lives of elderly people 65 years and older, nearing their end-of-life with multiple co-morbidities. Covid-19 diagnoses are thereby confused with typical wintertime epochs of influenza, pneumonia and other respiratory
diseases and disorders, in periods of cold-wet conditions.

Above Figure: Soaring Covid-19 "confirmed cases" do not predict "confirmed deaths". No causality can be inferred from such widely divergent data streams. Lab-testing by PCR is highly flawed, and does not predict who gets sick or stays healthy, much less who lives or dies. Soaring cases indicate Herd Immunity only!

This article is ready for free download
from either of these two services

OBRL Activities in 2020 and 2021:

The onset of the Covid-19 hysteria in early 2020 created special problems for us, as it did for most everyone. We were able to continue with the following activities:

Conference Lectures: At the start of 2020, it appeared I would have a full schedule of seminar lectures, several in the USA and one overseas. While two of these events proceeded without problems, the panic and lockdowns with forced masking requirements cancelled many of them.
* I was invited to give a lecture and book-signing at a local Barnes & Noble Bookstore, where my talk on The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science, also the title of my new book, were well received. This was before any ideas about forced masking or lockdowns were being demanded. The book can be purchased from: http://naturalenergyworks.net
* Two invited lectures were given at the Hayden Idaho meeting of the Energy, Space Technology Conference. One on "Orgone Energy Experiments, Proof of Cosmic Life Energy", and another ib "The Implications of Cosmic Ether to Modern Astrophysics." Videos were made, but have not yet been prepared for public distribution. Those interested to view them should contact the organizers by the website below, to get on their mailing list for their announcements. https://energyscienceconference.com
This event was attended by many people, and given the friendly and non-hysterical attitudes in small-town Idaho, no masking was required and nobody got sick.
* A third conference invitation was made for me to speak at the Weston Price Foundation's "Wise Traditions" Conference. It was originally scheduled for Portland Oregon, but the violence of the Antifa/BLM terrorists in that city, and the new masking requirements were both so extreme the event was switched to Atlanta Georgia, where at the time no masking was required. Closer to the time of the event, however, the Hotel demanded masking and so the event was cancelled. Two other major events were also cancelled.

Online Book and Meter Sales: Throughout this epoch of Covid hysteria, we continue to sell our books and meters to the public in both the USA and overseas. Our offerings of books on the subjects of Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy, and the history of orgonomy continue, including my own books, can be reviewed and purchased by going to our Natural Energy Works website: http://www.naturalenergyworks.net
We are still offering my large book Saharasia as a special sale item within the USA, and will continue doing so. Normally it sells for $34, but now is offered from Natural Energy Works for $19.95 plus shipping. We cannot offer this sale outside of the USA.

Fireproofing the OBRL Facility: As reported in a prior Newsletter from September 2020, there were widespread arson fires set across the West Coast states, from Northern California, across Oregon and into Washington. These fires had apparent connections to the never-ending Antifa/BLM riots in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, and several of the firebugs were caught by police. Three such arson fires broke out within a few miles of the OBRL facility, giving everyone in our neighborhood quite a fright. Thousands of homes and businesses were burned to the ground, adding to the Covid hysteria and misery. For such reasons, we initiated a major fire-proofing effort, such that our facility could withstand a wildfire should it come through our property. Remaining brush and forest litter were cleared from around the main buildings, crushed rock and brick were laid down, and the existing fire-pump and water-tank system, put into place more than a decade earlier, were upgraded. Additional work will resume on this project in summer of 2021.

For 2021?
At present we have no firm plans to offer any kind of public event until the lockdown-masking hysteria is ended. We will, in a few more weeks, have an offering of older videotapes from our archive, including for a seminar given in 2015 at Southern Oregon University. Those will be announced in a forthcoming newsletter when available. We also have considered to offer a general on-line seminar using Zoom, but no decision has yet been made. Our laboratory research will resume.
The Growing Problem of Internet Censorship,
and How We Hope to Overcome It

The problem of censorship is serious, and growing exponentially over 2020 and into 2021, as internet companies and mass media, in cahoots with Big Medicine and Big Pharma, and with the Democrat Party, have increasingly censored and forbidden open discussion on several major topics. Criticism of the Covid lockdowns and masking is forbidden. Criticism of Covid theory, or of PCR test accuracy, or anything that goes against the mainstream views, is forbidden. Criticism of the Antifa-BLM terrorism is forbidden, but not the actual coordination of terror activities, they are permitted. Criticism of the Biden Crime Family, their taking billions from the Chinese Communists is forbidden. Open discussion of the major election fraud is forbidden. And criticism of the censorship is forbidden. It is a perfect storm of tyranny in which the Democrat Party has taken the lead role. I can think of many things I don't like about the Republicans and Trump, but on those above issues, lets be honest and clear about it, the Democrats get all the credit and blame, certainly for the censorship, and in most cases for the actual things the censorship is aiming to silence. This is new in American history, and quite dangerous.

I have personally been hit with irrational censorship many times in the past. Twice my internet OBRL-News was hacked and taken down by computer savvy leftists who hated me and Reich, even while making public pretenses to the opposite. I was thrown off an academic discussion group once for challenging historical falsification of Middle East history, within five minutes of making my first public post. My first blog on Blogger, a Google-owned company, was taken down after I wrote two factual, well-referenced articles critical of Obama, before he was elected. On Facebook, my postings garnered nearly 3000 "friends" and 680 followers, but then I was shadow-banned, where a posting would go out to only 1% of those who wanted my writings. Twitter did the same. As a protest against the internet billionaires censoring my materials, I set up an account at Parler, only to see that taken down by a conspiracy between Amazon and Facebook. Then I made an account with Gab, and it was censored by PayPal and Visa, forbidding them from participating in the public marketplace, and effectively destroying them, for a time at least. And on it goes, the effort to transform the USA into a Soviet-style one-party dictatorship.

In December, Yahoo Groups shut down, and so I was left only with this account with Constant Comment (CC), where I pay around $800 per year to sustain a good mailing list of those who asked to get my Newsletters and postings. I don't have the time to organize Newsletters very often, as doing so with CC eats up a lot of time with formatting and such. So I can do maybe 10 Newsletters a year. Do the math, I pay $80 to send this out to you, and it is lucky if enough people buy a book or two, or donate a bit, to cover such expenses. Truly, I never got involved in orgonomy as a means to get wealthy, but such efforts as I have carried out for more than 50 years now, cannot continue at a chronic financial loss.

At some point in the near future I will probably set up an account at Groups.io, which will charge a fraction of what CC costs, and then shorter but more frequent postings can be sent out. Since everyone on this mailing list either voluntarily joined Yahoo which was later transferred over to CC, or directly signed up for CC, I will assume everyone is OK with making such a transfer to Groups.io. I don't like the system of "third party active links" used by CC, which keeps track of who clicked on what, so going to Groups.io bypasses that issue which some rightly objected to. But I must do this not only for financial reasons, but also because I do not wish to be vulnerable to, or to be silenced by censorship, by anyone. The research projects I do are already controversial, and so attract the attention of fanatical finger-waggers and toadstool tyrants. Having a back-up system as with another internet service, outside the domain of googlefacebooktwitteramazon becomes increasingly necessary, to keep independent of those internet billionaire barons and their Chinese communist allies. And as a point of fact about that last sentence, below I offer three well documented articles with weblinks. I wish they were wrong, but increasingly find them believable.

James DeMeo, PhD

Thanks for your support and interest in my work.

Please consider to purchase the books from Natural Energy Works,
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That is how the bills are paid, equipment is purchased, and research progresses.

Good wishes to all in these trying times, and please share this Newsletter within your own social networks.


James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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