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Please help us welcome to the DRD team, Memo and Erik!  Memo is our newest journeyman carpenter and has been off to a great start.  Erik is our new full-time plumber.  We are very excited to add his expertise to the team. 

We also want to wish a very happy birthday this month to our very own, Amber Linse!
Few components of a house have changed quite as dramatically in the last 30 years as the lighting that illuminates its rooms. It's been quite a jump from the familiar pear-shaped Edison bulb, with its tungsten filament and homey yellow light, to the high-tech light emitting diodes of energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Homeowners can be forgiven if they're confused and want to cling to the known, even though it is woefully energy inefficient. Remodelers, who often are installing new lighting for their customers, can be confused too by some of the performance inconsistencies of LED bulbs, which are poised to pass compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs as the most popular energy-efficient bulb choice among consumers.

Far and away, LEDs are the way to go, but they do have a learning curve, so here's what you need to know to ensure you use the right bulb in the right place.

  • Energy Efficient: LEDs are five times more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, and four times more efficient than the spiral compact fluorescent bulbs that are so roundly disliked by consumers for their wonky looks, delayed turn on, and unreliable dimming.
  • Long-Lived: LEDs are the Methuselah of light bulbs. They can last 20-plus years and even the best CFLs top out at 10 years.
  • Safety: Because LEDs run significantly cooler than incandescents and CFLs, there is less risk of burn injuries in handling them. Human skin burns at 140 degrees, notes Centennial, Colo.-based architect Doug Walter, and incandescents can reach into the 200-plus range. CFLs run at a somewhat lower temperature, but still dangerously hot. LEDs come in at a relatively cool 120 degrees. Walter sees another safety benefit to LEDs: "Especially for seniors, every time they have to get up on a stool to replace a bulb it's a falling hazard." With the long lifespan of LED bulbs, most homeowners can retire their ladders.
  • No Delay: Unlike CFLs, LEDs respond immediately when the switch is flicked; there is no warm-up period as the bulb gradually lights.
  • Broad Color Spectrum: LEDs are available in colors ranging from the familiar warm yellow hue of an incandescent bulb to a brighter but still warm hue, through a variety of cooler tones all the way to daylight. When they first came on the market, their bluish-white light garnered a lot of pushback from customers who didn't like the color, finding it too stark for comfort. Engineers have been able to address the cold light of early LEDs and create bulbs that produce light on the warmer end of the lighting spectrum, replicating the hue given off by incandescent lights.
  • Environmentally Friendly: LEDs contain no hazardous chemicals, unlike CFLs, which contain small amounts of the heavy metal mercury, a known toxin that should always be disposed of through a qualified recycler. LEDs can be tossed in the regular trash for disposal-when it eventually burns out.
  • Unaffected by Cold: LEDs perform just as happily when temperatures plummet, unlike compact fluorescents, whose light output suffers when temperatures dip below freezing.
Source: Remodeling Magazine, January 2017 Issue


Here are some of the latest reviews we've received through GuildQuality within the past quarter.  

Review by Bill H.
"D.R. Domenichini Construction did a fantastic job on our kitchen remodel, we are very, very please with the result..." Read more

"D.R. Domenichini Construction pays close attention to schedule detail and they are very communicative with status..." Read more  

"Efficient, timely, thorough, professional all while providing excellent craftsmanship."

Review by Anonymous
"Communication: detailed description of the scheduled work for each day provided in advance of beginning the project and daily updates of progress and the next day's activities as we went along."


The intent of our Car Guy Corner has always been to discuss my latest acquisition or project. But in this issue, perhaps I should change the name to Car "Gal" Corner. 
Click here for a picture of my wife Gina's latest acquisition.
It's a 2003 Corvette Convertible. It is an Anniversary Edition. The cool thing about this car is that it has only 9,112 original miles!
Bring on the sunny weather! 


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