Q: I’m torn between saving for the future and enjoying my life right now. What should I do?

A: The two aren’t mutually exclusive. We think saving for retirement and other goals is critically important. It shouldn’t be postponed in most cases. But life should also be enjoyable, and spending time with the people you love is why many of us are saving in the first place. Enjoying life doesn’t have to be expensive or grand. We love this quote from Jerry Seinfeld:

“I’m a believer in the ordinary and the mundane. These guys that talk about ‘quality time’ — I always find that a little sad when they say, ‘We have quality time.’ I don’t want quality time. I want the garbage time. That’s what I like. You just see them in their room reading a comic book and you get to kind of watch that for a minute, or [having] a bowl of Cheerios at 11 o’clock at night when they’re not even supposed to be up. The garbage, that’s what I love.”
As Ryan Holiday shares in this piece , we can enjoy our life and family in the midst of our work, even as we are saving and planning for the future. Success is about balancing priorities.