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November 6, 2015
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pharmaceutical  drug bottling plant needed a pneumatic vibratory solution for their process which was FDA air tool oil compliant or require no lubricant at all for operation
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Vibration Equipment for All Stages of Production
CVT Turbine Series: Efficient, Quiet & Powerful
Offering very low air consumption and requires no lubrication, Cleveland Vibrator offers a wide variety of construction types, sizes and force outputs. With the ability to handle large and small applications, this pneumatic powered series provides a vibratory option that is features low noise levels and the ability to operate in hazardous areas.
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Did You Know
Did you know that improper lubrication can inhibit efficient unit performance or ultimately cause premature failure of an air piston vibrator?

*Field Photo - 1350 VMS sent in for repair lubricated with grease as opposed to suggested light-weight 10 weight oil.