Happy May!
Enjoy our new video and see what students
think of entreprenurship!

While we all may have the urge to give into our fatigue as summer approaches, there is plenty to be excite d about and celebra te, such as the monumental success of many ingenious and creative startups featured in the Launchpad Lunacy competition!

But while the end of the pitch tournament would suggest taking a breather, it won't be for long. Off season will quickly turn to the start of the season again as we plunge into more events and celebrations. Enjoy reading over our monthly tips and lessons t o become smar t ANTrepreneurs, and book your calendars with our staples: Lunchtime LaunchPad and Tank Tuesday. Sure to peak your interest is our new upcoming panel featuring bold female entrepreneurs who burst onto the scene with interesting ide as and managed to achieve a great  deal of success. At the end of the month, we have our much anticipated ANTrepreneur of the Year Awards for 2015-2016! Get ready to get your glam on and celebrate hard working entrepreneurs!

For more information continue reading and discover many more interesting bits and pieces of information related to events happening this month!

The UCI Blackstone LaunchPad Crew!
What to look for at the Blackstone LaunchPad
Congratulations RePo Therapeutics!  
RePo Therapeutics is the recipient of $2,500 as our first ever LaunchPad Lunacy winner. Also finishing in the top four are Newport Flips, Detective Fish, and Sol Sisters. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible!
LaunchPad Lunacy: That's a Wrap!
Blackstone LaunchPad's first LaunchPad Lunacy, concluded April 18. One of the semifinalists, Khaila Amazan-Hall from Detective Fish, shares her experience.

Launchpad Lunacy definitely lived up to its name. It was such a crazy ride having to do weekly challenges back to back, but the experience definitely grew my confidence in both pitching and entrepreneurship.

One of our most difficult challenges was the customer pitch; as a video game development company, we had to convince the judges why our game was fun, and in such a limited time it was definitely hard to do.

Oddly enough, the final Investor's round was better for us,  as we highlighted the financial opportunities that the video game industry had.

I particularly enjoyed the Shark Tank style of the final round; the show that I would always watch brought to life with our pitch.

We were fighting for third place against the awesome company Sol Sisters, so we definitely had tough competition. Thankfully, we pulled through to third place and $1,000 since we got the highest simulated Shark Tank money of $50,000 for a 20% stake in our company.

The challenge was relating the relatively new industry that is videogames to judges looking into financial viability as well as growth opportunities and more. We have to balance both the creative side and the financial side: Creatively, what makes our game special, and financially how can our game make money? Having to answer these questions in the pitch also helped me answer these questions for my company in real life. In fact, the majority of the challenges had rubrics with criteria that could easily be applied to running our business in the real world.

I definitely believe that's what Entrepreneurship Competitions are all about. Even though winning is great, the lessons I'll apply to the actual business is what is most important. Thankfully, mistakes can be made in the safe setting that is the competition, but the real competition occurs in the business world, and thankfully I feel more prepared for it.
Microgrants Galore
 Ramin Rajaii and team from MindFull, and Diana Lofflin from Real Estate Stickies.

Congratulations to the winners of our second  w ave of micro grants, Real Estate  Stickies and  MindFull! They will both receive funds totaling $1,000 to support their enterprises.

If you would like to enter this contest, you're in luck; our third micro grant of the year is now being offered! We will once again be providing $1,000 in funds to the most compelling businesses. Fill out this form and have an appointment with a UCI BLP consultant to apply. Good luck!

Introducing Our First All Female Entrepreneurship Panel!

Versafit Among INC's Top Coolest College Startups in America! 

As we're sure you've heard, Versafit competed in INC Magazine's Coolest College Startups competition and advanced to the semi-finals.

Versafit helps to connect individuals for any fitness related activity; we would like to take a moment and congratulate them on being in the top four in the competition and representing the Anteaters so well!
Clockwise, from left: Breanna Bremer speaks on the importance of entrepreneurship and STEAM; Lamestation attracts students to learn how to program their own games; youngsters flood the BLP booth at the IPSF STEAM Carnival.  
Powering the STEAM Engine

With rising importance in the science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) fields, hard skills such as coding and research have become all the more essential in the 21st century. The Blackstone LaunchPad fosters participation in those skills through a complementary soft skill of entrepreneurship.

Blackstone LaunchPad has attempted to bridge this gap by reaching out to students when their STEAM passions come alive, such as Vital Link and Orange County Imaginology's STEM & the Arts Career Showcase in Costa Mesa.

The showcase kicked off with a VIP reception on April 14, featuring Assistant Director Breanna Bremer. In front of glowing letters spelling out "CONNECT," she made the case for ANTreprenurship and STEAM enabling dynamic change.

"Rather than driving participation in [the STEM] hard skills - which again, we love and admire - we focus on another set of skills," she explained. "Soft skills like clear communication, an evidence based approach to imagination and creation, and a triple bottom line appreciation of not just profit, but helping the planet and people in the community is not only valuable to starting the next high tech company, but engaging and promoting advancements in society."

The following three days, Orange  County area entrepreneurs and educators demonstrated how STEAM supported their missions. Rendering objects from trains to Darth Vader masks, 3-D printers demonstrated the force of STEAM and entrepreneurship to students and their families. And if that wasn't enough, ANTrepreneurs like Brett Weir of Lamestation educated the youth about programming their own video games.

Such was also the case just two weeks ago, at the Irvine Public Schools Foundation STEAM Carnival. Other startups like iBesties and organizations like Academic Chess, laying out a life-sized chess set, had their own time to shine. Meanwhile, youngsters arriving at BLP's booth enjoyed our iconic trampoline (aka "the launchpad"), while others posted a sticky note with the problems they hope to solve to a five foot banner. 

By the end of the event, the banner was hidden by the field of post-its, hinting that the need to power the STEAM engine has never been greater.
Thank You for a Night Full  of Angels!

Great game. Great food. Great people. Boothing at the UCI Night with the Angels was amazing! We had a lot of fun informing people about Blackstone LaunchPad and hanging out; thanks to everyone that was able to come out!

See more pictures  here .
Get your Glam on! Announcing ourANTrepreneur of the Year Awards 2016! 

As the school year finally winds to an end, the time to celebrate the ANTreprenurial community has arrived! Our second annual awards show will celebrate startups of all stages of development on a variety of categories. 

Nominees and their friends and family are welcome to attend the celebration at The Cove, on May 31, from 6-9pm. RSVP to attend the event here.

Interested in nominating a startup or ANTrepreneur? Look out for the link on our social media.

Join the Fun at Lunchtime LaunchPad Events! 

Lunchtime LaunchPad is here! Each week (Mondays at 12pm and Thursdays at 12:30pm) we bring in guest speakers to talk about entrepreneurial topics.  Pizza is provided!
Arteen Asgharzadeh 
and Arsia Sarlak
Joyrun and Guerilla Marketing

Arteen Asgharzadeh is a recent UC Davis undergraduate and co-founder of Russell Parke/Romper LLC. He secured three angel investors, committing $100,000 collectively for the project, created a business plan for two lifestyle startups, and is currently working on a virtual fitness training platform.

As an entrepreneur, Arteen believes that guerrilla marketing is crucial in pushing your minimal viable product. This discussion focuses on his recent project, JoyRun, which he created with fellow UC Davis alumni Arsia Sarlak.
Scott Kitcher
CleanTech OC and the Non-Profit World

Scott Kitcher is a seasoned strategic corporate growth advisor, financial services executive and investor of 25 years. After years of experience in the financial world, his interests have dove tailed into clean technology, where he has focused his energy and expertise since 2007.

This discussion revolves around his newest business, CleanTech OC, a non-profit trade association that focuses on the economic growth of clean technology and the development of sustainability in the greater Orange County area!
A Lap Around Ring Road: Drinks All Around!

As the end of the quarter approaches, little time remains to enjoy easy access to free refreshments!

Every other Wednesday we'll be tabled at Ring Road to hand out free root beer floats. The more the merrier, so brace yourself like Imminent Ned and come out with your friends, roommates, or fellow students to combat the heat!

Watch the Replays on Tank Tuesdays!

Get your ruthless pitching fix with Tank Tuesdays! Join us in our office from 12-1pm, where we will gather to watch a Shark Tank episode and hold a prize giveaway. Bring a meal and check out who shares their companies with sharks. Be ready to take a huge bite, and hunt for your next venture!

Tips to Sharpen Your Startup
How Entrepreneurs Cope with Their Day-To-Day Stresses  
Being an entrepreneur is without a doubt, an extremely taxing career. As such, it's important to have a plan of action to help deal with the daily stresses of being an entrepreneur. Eight entrepreneurs talk about how they deal with the day to day stresses of creating and sustaining a venture:
  1. Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, tends to focus on family and routine.
  2. "Taking our lumps as we grow is how we learn"- Jayson Rapaport, Co-Founder of Birds Barbershop.
  3. David Simnick, CEO of SoapBox Soaps, compares business management to participating in a marathon; it's important to stay focused and invested in the end goal, or else you'll burn out.
  4. CEO of Ring, Jamie Siminoff, believes in "having a long-term mission that matters." Instead of thinking of the short-term difficulties, focus on the end goal.
  5. Aaron Firestein, co-founder of BucketFeet, believes that remembering the start is good motivation to make it through tough times and get to the end.
  6. Founder and CEO of Shoptiques, Olga Vidisheva, finds motivation to persevere with her team.
  7. On a similar note, Gautum Gupta, co-founder and CEO of NatureBox, finds solace in watching his team succeed. He also emphasizes keeping a strong focus.
  8. Founder and CEO of Namely, Matt Straz, also agrees that his team is what keeps him going.
Overall, it's clear to see that there's a variety of things that keep entrepreneurs focused on moving past the occasional tough times that inevitably occur. If you're interested in reading the rest of the article, you can access it here.  

Happy Mother's Day!

We all know that the most important woman in our life is our mother. Here are some extraordinary female entrepreneurs from around the world that can be equally as inspiring as our moms.  These women around the globe are empowering one another through their businesses by...
  1. Creating second chances
  2. Bringing their communities together
  3. Challenging traditional roles
  4. Being a source of income to help out families 
If you want to hear more about what these women are doing, check out these empowered women here .
Seth Godin  on 
Why Uniqueness Rules

TED is a host of insightful, inspiring, and touching speeches and performances by members of every field of interest. In this video, marketing guru Seth Godin explains that given the world's fast pace--and with so little time to do everything--the unorthodox becomes more interesting.

Entrepreneurs Aspiring to Succeed

What are your perceptions of what a successful entrepreneur looks like? We encourage you to challenge your perceptions and we promote that ANYONE can be an entrepreneur. Here are two of the many traits common among successful entrepreneurs, and they may surprise you:
  1. Living frugally: We tend to forget the lifestyle they were forced to live to in order to achieve our goals. Whether it may be wearing yesterday's clothes or settling for toast come mealtime - it's all about priorities. 
  2. Introversion: When we envision the ideal entrepreneur we may reference movies - they might be a natural people-person or powerful at delivering inspirational speeches. The reality; most entrepreneurs are introverts. When communication is seamless and increasingly moving away from a face-to-face interface, introverted entrepreneurs have the ability to thrive limitlessly.
Leave behind all your preconceived notions, because entrepreneurs come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. They may possess distinct traits but that is what truly brings them together: the desire to bring their ideas to life.

Read more qualities  here.

Providing a Path to Pitch Perfect Preparation

One of our interns, and founder of the clothing startup Sol Sisters, Shelby Anderson, was asked about her mindset for presentations. She placed fourth in our LaunchPad Lunacy competition and second in the RECESS Pitch. Her response is below.

I think when it comes to delivering a pitch you can honestly never be too prepared. One main thing that always helps me when I am getting ready to pitch is creating an outline.  Though it may seem obvious, it really does help to have some form of structure. You can think about all the important points that you want to include before you are standing up there in front of a judging panel and audience. With the stress of the situation, your mind can get jumbled and you can forget to include points that are very important to your presentation.
Sol Sisters founder Shelby Anderson.
I usually don't recommend "winging it" when it  comes to pitching. Having some form of organization is best, even if it is only a few bullet points on a notecard. By organizing your pitch ahead of time, you can help reduce the anxiety of pitching. You are already up on stage, presenting in front of a group of people, which can be scary. So by outlining ahead of time, you are cutting down on the stress of the situation by knowing what you want to say and in what order.

Another thing that I believe is important for a successful pitch is timing. If you are pitching and you feel like you are speaking too slowly, you are probably at just the right speed. Often times we speak quicker and blur our words together because we are nervous and this can have a negative effect on how the judges view your presentation. If you are speaking too quickly and not enunciating, the judges won't be able to understand you and that can count against you in your score. So when it comes to practicing your speech ahead of time, make sure to think about your timing and enunciation.

Finally, make sure to thank the judges. Go up and shake their hand and tell them "thank you for taking the time to be here", no matter how you placed. They took the time out of their busy schedules to come and judge your competition, so make sure to convey your appreciation. If the competition went well, be a humble winner; if it did not, be a gracious runner up. 
If you are passionate about your product or business, that will show through in your pitch, so make sure to just be organized, speak slowly, and be thankful and your pitch will go well.
A Lesson Visualized
Opportunists Apply Here!
Below are some startups looking for some members to join their team! See the instructions below to apply for these student run businesses!
A Message from Youngry
Hello Anteaters! We'd like to introduce you to Youngry, a media company that is dedicated to helping "young and hungry" entrepreneurs thrive. The company was created by Ankur Garg (COO of Shredz with over ten years of leadership experience in building brands and guiding innovative start-up companies) and Ash Kumra (award winning entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and recognized twice by the White House as an entrepreneur making an impact).

There is currently an immediate opening for a marketing intern at Youngry; as an intern, you will be: 1.) helping create a national entrepreneurship social media marketing program to promote successful college and early stage entrepreneurs and 2.) Assisting the marketing team with necessary background research on projects and other preparatory tasks.

The requirements for applying are as follows: 1.) Be excited about social media, 2.) Have a passion to develop leadership skills, 3.) Be interested in personal development and self help.

If the above interests you, please send your resume to Ash@Youngry.com. 
Fancy Search Engine Optimization?

Echo Media Group is looking for a search and social media specialist . This person will support the team by conducting keyword and link building analysis, website and social media audits, compiling reports, as well as any other tasks that need to be completed.

The candidate must have knowledge of integrated SEO and marketing campaigns and a basic understanding in search engine algorithms. The ideal person must be passionate about search, social media and be willing to adapt to that dynamic world.

Responsibilities include : daily support of SEO-related tasks while ensuring daily requirements are met; perform ongoing keyword research and data analysis; ongoing monitoring and reporting on key metrics, conversions, crawl statistics and errors; help execute integrated SEO/social and public relations campaigns; perform competitive analysis; assist with executing strategies for content development to SEO goals; coordinate off-page SEO activities including social media, link building and blogger/media outreach; evaluate and monitor search results and performance across the major search engines; prepare reporting dashboards for clients and management; communicate regularly with the team and management on project development and results; and research and keep up with SEO best practices and industry trends.

Qualifications include: hardworking individuals with a self-starter mentality and the ability to prioritize tasks; ability to analyze data and identify solutions based on the findings; basic ability to comprehend HTML, CSS, best practices for SEO, and technical SEO; intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office skills; strong communication skills; ability to multi-task; ability to perform advanced Internet searches; understanding of paid social media campaigns and paid search "AdWords/Bing"; proficiency with Google Analytics, Keyword Research Tool, and Console, six months to one year experience; and BS or BA degree preferred.

Echo Media Group is an equal opportunity employer. Please email resumes, cover letters and salary requirements to info@echomediapr.com.

Ventures in the Court
Serious Side Projects

We are Serious Side Projects, an upstart
hoping to break into  the board gaming industry. Our current  project is Psychosis, a very dark take on tabletop gaming in which you play as young children suffering from various mental disorders, trying to escape an orphanage asylum. Each character's mental disorder works like a class in an RPG and they use these abilities to outlast other characters and avoid the Phobias that lurk in the shadows. We invite you to learn more and enjoy our game. And just remember, it's all in your head...
ANTrepreneurs:  Nathaniel Dalerio, 
Michael Porras

From Max's Black and White Portrait series
Max Li 

Looking for stunning grad photos? Look no further!
Specializing in lighting and exposure, photographer Max Li's experience is rooted deep in taking snapshots of Irvine, national parks, newlyweds, and more. These pictures become not just still moments in time, but works of art demonstrating the beauty of our world.

Max is open for project calls from San Diego, to Orange County and Los Angeles.

  Website | (619) 792-8171


In the U.S, 10 million people suffer from depression each year. Globally, mental illness will cost $16 trillion by 2020. But put simply, depression makes people miserable. 

C urrently, the gold-standard, one-on-one therapy, is too costly and labor-intensive to keep up with growth in demand. Innovative solutions are needed to improve mental health treatment. Because 85 percent of the world's population have wireless access, mobile technologies are poised to enable personalized self-care and relieve workforce shortages. 

To this effect, we have created MindFullâ„¢, a mobile application backed by medical professionals, for the management of depression and for boosting mood. It presents more than 30 evidence-based therapies - such as tai chi, omega-3 fatty acids, and bright light exposure - as daily tasks for users. These are portrayed as interactive, "flippable tiles" that display more information, provide scientific evidence, and suggest local resources. 

Please visit  www.mymindfull.com to take back control of your mental health!

ANTrepreneurs: Ramin Rajaii
Bardia Bahadori, Hudson Hughes, Suriel Ortega

Detective Fish

Detective Fish is a gaming software development startup that will create fun games for gamers anywhere.  You like to play video games, which is why we love making them. We're a game development company based in UCI that will create innovative games that everyone can enjoy.
  • Our mission: t o become the next big developer dedicated to the art of gaming.

Khaila Amazan-Hall, Will Perez
What to Know!
Lunch and Learns 
at The Cove

If you are at all interested in entrepreneurship, it would be in your best interest to come out to our Lunch and Learn events this month. We will have our Experts-in-Residence (EiRs) at these events every Friday from 12-1pm. They will be hosting Q&As and informal talks; be sure to come by because you won't want to miss this opportunity!
1 Million Cups 

1   Million   Cups  is an awesome event, and a great platform for feedback on your pitch. 
Each week two entrepreneurs give a six minute presentation, followed by a 20 
minute question and answer session led by the audience members. It is a friendly environment for early startups to gain valuable help from the community. 
The event is free, and coffee and tea are provided. Each 1MC is held at The Cove on 
Wednesday mornings, beginning at 8am.
If you would like to apply to be a presenter, please apply here.
Do You Know TEA?
The Entrepreneur Association's mission is to develop and foster entrepreneurial spirit and passion at UC Irvine. We at TEA believe that it is our duty to educate students and spark their innovative fire by providing workshops, programs, resources and connections in a network of startups. We believe in solving problems. We believe in serving others. We believe in carving our own path. 

We are now offering an opportunity to become more involved with the Rotational Internship Program, in which students will work directly with our executive board members and UCI Blackstone LaunchPad.
For more information, visit teauci.com or contact Asher Yeh at ashery@uci.edu.
This Weekend: TEDxUCI 2016!

TEDxUCI is proud to present our main event of the year in Costa Mesa! This Saturday will be a  celebration of  UC Irvine's core values and vision that foster our compassion, curiosity, and creativity.

The day of brilliant speakers will include, among others, Director of the UCI Sustainability Initiative Abigail Reyes, founder of Velox Biosystems Dr. Weian Zhao, and Ben Teller, founder of Cuck Fancer. Hoping to see you there!

We've Gotten Together (and Feel Alright)

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Hill! Working  together will provide ANTrepreneurs access to a platform to sell their startup goods and services to a broader audience.
Dan Jenkins leads ANTrepreneurs through retail essentials such as branding, invoicing, and inventory in a workshop on April 25.

The university bookstore and UCI BLP  have  already held two programs: a workshop on retailing by MBA Executive Mentor Dan Jenkins and product presentation with The Hill's manager, James Trujillo. Be on the lookout for more events--and your favorite Anteater venture's product--on campus soon!

A Step Forward for Green Business!

In light of UC Irvine's  achievements in the realm of  sustainability, Net Impact and the Paul Merage School of Business are hosting the UCI Sustainability Symposium! The event will be held on Thursday, May 19, from 6:30-9pm in the School of Business.

A s firms become more  environmentally conscious, st udents, faculty, alumni, and community leaders will gather to foster discussion regarding sustainability as a business advantage. Among those to be more green will be speakers Neil Sahota, World Wide Business Leader and Master Inventor at IBM's Watson Group; Evan Marks, executive director and founder of The Ecology Center; and Derek Sabori, founder and CEO of The Underswell and former Volcom Vice President of Sustainability.

If you are a UCI student, faculty, or staff, use t
he  discount code UCISS16 to register for free! Alumni and other members of the Orange County community pay $15. Sign up here .
New Prime Connections

Amazon and Blackstone LaunchPad have joined forces to create a new program, Amazon Launchpad! Exclusive to startup products, this platform has been proven to increase sales traffic 46 times as much as an average new product launched within the same timeframe.

If you wish to take advantage of $300,000 of in-kind marketing and sales support, and sell physical goods, apply for the Blackstone LaunchPad Collection. Eligible applicants must be ready to ship within 90 days, have a US bank account and distribution, and be a participant in their campus Blackstone LaunchPad program. 

Learn more and sign up here by May 15 to advertise, sell, and deliver your product to a global market. 
Mark Your Calendar 
Get Organized! Mark Your  Calendars! 
Wednesday, May 11th: Irvine Business Networking Event at Sandler Sales. 7:30am - 9:00am. RSVP.

Wednesday, May 11th: 1 Million Cups at The Cove. 7:45am.

Wednesday, May 11th: OC Product Managers Success Stories. 6:00pm. Tickets needed, RSVP. 

Wednesday, May 11th: TIMEOC Meeting at PeopleSpace.us. 6:15pm.

Thursday, May 12th: Lunchtime LaunchPad at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad. 12:30pm.

Thursday, May 12th:  How to Do Financial Projections that Your Investors Will Believe at The Cove. 6-9pmRSVP.

Friday, May 13th: Lunch & Learn at The Cove. 12-1pm.

Friday, May 13th: Inventors Forum: Speaker Series at The Cove. 7-9:30pm.

Monday, May 16th: Lunchtime LaunchPad at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad. 12pm.

Tuesday, May 17th: Tank Tuesday at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad. 12-1pm.

Tuesday, May 17th: OCTANe Technology Investor Forum at Hotel Irvine. 12:30pm. RSVP.

Wednesday, May 18th: 1 Million Cups at The Cove. 7:45 am.

Wednesday, May 18th: USC Business Mixer at MESA. 6:00pm. RSVP.

Wednesday, May 18th: Girlboss Presented by UCI Blackstone LaunchPad at The Cove. 7-9pm. RVSP.

Wednesday, May 18th: Startup Grind Orange County with Tina Aldatz of Savvy Travelers at Twenty Eight Restaurant and Lounge. 6-8pm.  Tickets needed,  RSVP .

Thursday, May 19th: Lunchtime LaunchPad at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad, 12:00pm.

Thursday, May 19th: UCI Sustainability Symposium at the Paul Merage School of Business.  6:30-9pm. RSVP.

Friday, May 20th: Lunch & Learn at the Cove. 12-1 pm.

Monday, May 23rd: Lunchtime LaunchPad at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad. 12pm.

Tuesday, May 24th: Tank Tuesday at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad. 12-1pm.

Thursday, May 26th: Lunchtime LaunchPad at UCI Blackstone LaunchPad. 12:30pm.

Thursday, May 26th: LAdobe's 10th Anniversary with Guest Speaker Colin Smith. At General Assembly LA. 6:30-9pm.   RSVP.
Thursday, May 26th: May Tech Coast Venture Network Mentoring Night at the Eureka Building. 6-9pm. RSVP.

Tuesday, May 31: ANTrepreneur of the Year Awards at The Cove. 6-9pm.

Wednesday June 1st: 1 Million Cups at The Cove. 7:45am.

Wednesday June 1st: TIMEOC Meeting. 6:15pm at the Eureka Building.

Wednesday June 2nd: Irvine Chamber Webinar. 12pm. RSVP.

Wednesday June 8th: 1 Million Cups at The Cove. 7:45am.

Wednesday June 15th: OC Mixer at NV Lounge. 6pm. RSVP.

How to Get Involved 
It is easier than you think. Scan the list and let us know your interests. 

1 Million Cups:
Want to present at our weekly event to share your startup with the community? 
Office Hours:  Share your wisdom with students  here .

Event Speakers Apply here .
Lunchtime LaunchPad Guests: 
Share your experiences with students during lunch  here.
Mentor/Venture Coach:  Learn more here .

Event volunteer:  Volunteer at events  here .

Peer 2 Peer Mentor:
Are you interested in mentoring fellow students? Apply here

Does your company have internship opportunities to offer to our entrepreneurs? 
Please submit positions here.
Some Launch Highlights

The Atlas 

Looking like you're carrying the world on your shoulders never seems to be fun or worthwhile. This launch implies otherwise. 

The Horseman

Yee haw! Getting up high with this launch also means the time to ride off into the sunset.

The Cowabunga
This individual's launch clearly displays his enthusiasm and experience in launching enterprises. It also demonstrates his capacity to have some rad moves when jumping off the community pool's diving board.

The Han Solo

Frozen in carbonite, or frightened by heights? This launch was frozen in time, but we can't tell if he was captured by a bounty hunter or expressive about his enterprise.

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