June 2022
Register for Summer Classes Now
Registration for MAC's summer term 2022 opened on May 23 at 12:30pm. Summer classes, arts camps, and activities are now available to view online here.

While Summer Session A classes are filling up fast, you still have time to see our Session B program offerings and decide which classes you want to enroll. Registration for Summer Session B will begin on Monday, June 27 at 12:30pm online, in-person, and by phone at 503-823-2787. Session B classes run from July 25 to September 4.
PP&R's Statement about Early Registration
As part of our Parks Levy commitment, we are working to improve access for underserved communities, which include but are not limited to people of color, seniors, teens, households experiencing poverty, immigrants and refugees, and people living with disabilities. PP&R provides information to local community organizations who share early registration opportunities with their community members. 

Interested organizations can email parks.recreation@portlandoregon.gov to register as partners or to learn more.

Early Registration is available one week prior to general registration at 12:30pm. Partner organizations and their community members can inquire about early registration through the Customer Service Center (503-823-2525) or by calling or visiting a recreation or arts center. 
Let's Dance!
Humans danced before there was a name for it. Dance connects people. Dance is instinctive. Dance springs from a human desire for personal expression and social interaction. On Thursday, June 9th, after years on hiatus due to the pandemic, MAC’s dance program was back in action with a packed house of excited audience members. Dancers of many ages and stages waited in the wings with baited breath, some performing for the first time, some no stranger to the stage. Lights up, Music on…Time to Dance. Thank you to Patrick Browne, Dana Christy, Kesli Schnitter, Sue Ceswick, and all the MAC students who shared their time and talent with us. If you want to get involved in the MAC Dance community and move your feet to the beat, please keep an eye out for the Fall guide. MAC will offer an array of dance opportunities for almost every age. Let’s move and groove together. Dance on!  

Aimé Kelly, Dance Program Coordinator
Arts Pods Are Back This Summer
We are thrilled to announce that the Arts Pods, MAC's mobile arts program piloted last year, are back this summer! This week we launched our first three sites at Cully Park, Columbia Park, and Lents Park. We aim to serve the Portland community with three arts vehicles (or pods) in 25 different locations over the course of 10 weeks, in partnership with Free Lunch + Play, and through the generous support of the Multnomah Arts Center Association and the Olseth Family Foundation.

Each Pod will stay at one site from Tuesday to Friday and then move on to the next location. What's new this year is that we are also including four apartment complexes in service delivery both in East and West Portland neighborhoods, in addition to City parks.

The Arts Pods program is part of an emerging "Hub and Spoke" model that MAC is developing to bring community arts experience throughout the City. We serve the community by going to them and meeting them where they are. We help them play and create while serving the diverse needs, backgrounds, comfort levels, and creative skills everyone possesses. Our focus lies upon creating quality arts experiences and on the process over product.

One of our goals is to remove cost and distance as barriers to connecting with the community while making community arts more accessible and inclusive. Our youth-focused arts activities will include but are not limited to nature art, paper crafting, printmaking, painting, drawing, multimedia collage, jewelry making, basketry, and textile. Many thanks to Craton Highways, Summer Arts Pods Coordinator, for all his tremendous work to make this program such a success from the start!

Upcoming Art Exhibit
 Al Crane
"Temporary Nature: Double Exposures" - Photography

Jana Charl
“A Crack in The Concrete Where A Wildflower Grows” - Repurposed Found Object Artwork
Two Person show of Repurposed Found Object Artwork and Photography
July 1 – August 6
Reception: Thursday, July 7, 7-9pm

Multnomah Arts Center is proud to present a combined exhibition of works inspired by nature, but with different perspectives. The exhibition which runs from July 1 to August 6, 2022, features works by Jana Charl and Al Crane. Jana Charl’s sculptures reflect upon both the whimsical and the discarded, finding beauty in items thrown away. Al Crane’s photographs explore double-exposed images (created in-camera) that reflect nature in a metaphorical way. An opening reception will be held in the gallery Thursday, July 7, 2022 from 7-9pm. We are located at 7688 SW Capitol Hwy in Portland.
Mug-Making with the Rosewood Initiative Staff
In collaboration with staff from the Rosewood Initiative, we were able to pilot a community engagement project through art making and team building for this partner organization. Mug-making was among the top arts activities that this group of women community leaders was eager to learn and team build through, and we worked together to make it happen! "It was a great experience! I would love to have something like this for my community," exclaimed Abidah who is a Rohingya community organizer based in East Portland. Through their experience-based narratives, we intend that our Rosewood community learns more about MAC, its specialized arts programs, including the Arts Pods program, and its inclusion efforts, making arts more accessible to everyone. We thank our community partners for participating and sharing their experiences with the Rosewood community. We also thank MAC's own Visual Arts Lead, Virginia McKinney, for prepping and instructing this two-week workshop.
Meet New Gallery Specialist
Megan Hatch (she/her) is the new gallery specialist at the Multnomah Arts Center. In this role, she will be supporting the community-based gallery, annual art sales, and related programming.

“This gallery is a unique and essential resource in Portland,” said Megan. “It provides access to the arts and exhibits opportunities to artists that do not exist in the same way anywhere else. I’m thankful and thrilled to be able to support the vitality of our city in this role.”

Megan has many years of experience in arts administration and nonprofit leadership. Prior to moving to Portland, she founded and led the Art of Healing, a multidisciplinary arts program that existed under the umbrella of the Institute for Health & Healing in Minneapolis, MN. This multi-gallery program included exhibit-related classes, performances, and collaborations with community organizations in the city. “I have been an advocate for equity and access to the arts since I was a young adult. I know what it is to not belong; I also know what it feels like to find a home in the arts.”

Additionally, Megan is a visual artist with a degree in Studio Art. She moved to Portland in 2012 and has been working in community as a leader at Legacy Health, while continuing to make art and volunteering with a local art organization. She looks forward to contributing to the health of the city’s diverse communities in new ways in this role at the Multnomah Arts Center, because “the arts are essential to our collective thriving.”

Megan lives in northeast Portland with her partner, Alec Esquivel; their world-traveling cat, Chia Pet; and their cheese-adoring dog, Cora.
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