Dear MCPK Families,

We have made it through three weeks of social distancing and remote learning pre-k and for many of us, three weeks of working from home, caring for our families, cooking every meal and home schooling…ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. Treat this as a real Friday and find a way to celebrate your success and your part in what we are all doing to keep our community safe. 
This week we moved toward a regular school day schedule of activities. We hope the structure of our program is making life easier and more consistent, while keeping kids learning and growing the MCPK way—through exploration and play. I thank you for all the feedback you have sent us and for your active participation in our learning community. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming, so we can adapt and grow our program to meet everyone’s needs. 

The supplies for our Take-Home Kits are trickling in—understandably since they are non-essential. We should have them ready for optional pick-up early next week. I will send detailed instructions on how to pick up your bag safely and we will provide online options if you would prefer to print activities out at home.  

One reminder about all of our activities— we do not want families to go out to stores to purchase materials or use scarce ingredients wastefully . Everything is optional and open to interpretation—use found objects to sub in for art supplies: sticks, stones, leaves, chop sticks, newspaper, mud, water, etc. Make your own version of recipes with whatever you have in excess (probably canned beans and almond milk). Recyclables make the best school supplies! I personally, am hording my salt and flour like Golem—no salt dough happening in my house (but we do have kinetic sand and amazon ordered play dough instead).

Stay safe, cut yourself a break when you can and hug the kids from me.

Be well,

Ms. Amy

Just a few of the amazing photos of our students learning and having MCPK FUN at home! Great work families!
...and scroll down to the bottom; It's gym class with Mr. James!

Do you have photos of your virtual learning and fun?
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Just in case you missed is a FUN video from Mr. James.

The Bumpy Bus