Dear MCPK Community,

Even during these stressful times, there is so much joy happening at the Pre-K each and every day.

The kids are loving working with each other and engaging with the materials inside and outside! Somehow they manage to make us laugh on the hardest days and make the challenges worth all the effort.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine tomorrow and please keep each other safe.
When life gives you lemons, make slime!
Please make sure that your child's mask fits properly over his or her mouth, nose and chin. Masks should fit snuggly to the face, but still have a bit of room on the sides. They should sit on top of the bridge of the nose and go under the chin, which helps prevent the need to adjust the mask throughout the day.

We encourage you to have your child use the lanyard we provided for them at the beginning of the year. This helps children keep track of their masks and gives teachers the ability to help a child adjust their mask safely.

We ask that you continue to encourage your child to put their masks on and take them off independently at home. The less adults have to handle masks, the better.
We also recommend that you send a second mask for the day in case the mask gets wet or dirty--they get pretty yucky!

Remember that we have back-up masks on hand. If you forget your child's mask or notice that the one they are wearing is ill-fitting or uncomfortable, please ask someone at drop-off to assist you with a temporary replacement.
Holiday Gatherings and Travel Advisory
Please use extra caution when attending gatherings or events. Governor Murphy has recommended that people refrain from traveling out of state for the upcoming holidays. Keep in mind that if your family travels to a state on the restricted travel list, your child will not be able to attend MCPK for 14 days. There are currently 45 states and US jurisdictions on the list. In regard to our neighboring states, here is the information provided:

"Neighboring states Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware meet the criteria for New Jersey's travel advisory. Due to the interconnected nature of the region and mode of transport between New Jersey and the three states, a 14-day quarantine is not reasonable in all instances. Non-essential travel to and from these states, however, is highly discouraged at this time. New York and Connecticut are also discouraging non-essential travel to and from New Jersey, but are not mandating that travelers quarantine due to the interconnected nature of the region and economy."
Important Dates in November:

WED 11/25 Half Day for Thanksgiving

THUR 11/26 & FRI 11/27 School Closed for Thanksgiving Break