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Hello Kitty Collins
One for My Baby! 

If you're a hopeless romantic like me, my new show is perfect for you! Tune in Sunday nights at 6:00 PST to hear love stories and requests from listeners around the world.

Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

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A "Rocky" Start

Meet Josh Hayes, an industry-leading storyboard artist, graphic novelist, children's book author and supporter of Martini in the Morning. 


His career may be unique, but his love for the Great American Songbook and dedication to helping Martini in the Morning thrive is no different than yours. 


Click here to read more about Josh and to see exclusive pictures from his work.

They Make it Martini
featuring Kitty Collins
Ever wonder about the driving forces behind Martini in the Morning? Curious about who keeps it ticking? 

There is an entire team of volunteers who give of their time and talents to help keep the music alive and entertaining for the MITM community. 

Click here to learn about weekend presenter Kitty Collins, how she got involved with the station and what new things she has in store.
Cocktail Corner 
Daddy-O's Martinis
Love Potions 


Valentine's Day may be over, but there's no need to let the celebration end.  


John Apodaca of the Daddy-O's Martinis was recently in the MITM studio and shared many delicious cocktail recipes that are perfect for showing that special someone you care...or for just enjoying yourself!  


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A Note from the Editor...'ve opened the newsletter email and you're wondering if it's worth your time. YES! Like every issue, the pages this month are packed with informative and entertaining stories about the community you love -- Martini in the Morning.


Since you've gotten this far, don't give up now! Be sure to read each section where you'll find interviews with MITM artist Erin Boheme and Hollywood storyboard artist Josh Hayes. You'll learn more about MITM's weekend presenter and host of the new "One for My Baby" show, Kitty Collins. Oh, and let's not forget Brad's favorite not his "Ramblings" section...but the Daddy-O's cocktail recipes! Don't miss the exclusive video of the preparation of one of Brad's favorite martinis.


We've also brought back the popular "Find the Olive" contest for your chance to win a signed copy of Erin Boheme's new CD (see the box to the left for details).


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What will I ramble about this time?
Brad - My Thoughts Exactly
 Defining Success
My contribution to this month's newsletter was going to be a "State of the Station" report of sorts. But the more I tried to put the words on paper, the more frustrated I became. We've had SO many good things happening of late, yet not the kind of things that traditionally define success in business.  
This RADIO STATION is so near and dear to me and to all of us who've fought tooth and nail to make it work. As it turns out, the most measurable signs of success have been some of the most personal. Please click here to read more about some of the people who've provided the greatest return on investment for this little business.
Lounging Around

with Erin Boheme

Martini in the Morning artist Erin Boheme has just released her second album, "What a Life." What were her inspirations behind the songs and what does this new step in her journey mean to her?

Click here to find out. You'll learn more about Erin and see a video from her recent in-studio interview.  
Friends Indeed
Dixie Juhlin with original MITM Morning Sidekick Michelle Briddell Here at Martini in the Morning, we like to think of ourselves as one big happy family. You know, the kind of family that puts the FUN back in dysFUNctional. But when a member of our family is struggling, we do our best to rally the troops. Three members of our family are having health challenges and we wanted to bring them to your attention so you might keep them in your thoughts and prayers. First, Dixie Juhlin, mom to former MITM morning "Sidekick" Michelle Briddell (photo above), continues her battle against cancer. And you've undoubtedly heard us talk about Jennifer Cooley, who, in the midst of her own battle against breast cancer, came from her home in Utah to join Team Martini in the Orange County Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Jennifer continues her life-saving treatment. Last but not least, Liz Thomas in Indiana is also undergoing cancer treatment and as with Dixie and Jennifer, we encourage you to keep them in your heart with good thoughts, prayers and encouragement. We ARE family!
last  MITM Martini Glass  call
One of our regular sponsors, Susan Moeder, owner of Bennacht Counseling and Consulting in Fort Wayne, IN, recently shared an observation: 
You're sighing...I can tell the monthly fiscal roller coaster stresses you out. Understandably. 
We're working to prevent the "E Ticket Ride" and that unmistakable sound of groveling by working ahead to match sponsors with sponsorship opportunities. March is full of such opportunities. If you'd like to sponsor a feature such as Sinatra at Six, the 2 Martini Lunch or the Weekend Lounge or even sponsor a day or an hour (for as little as $1), please click here
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Brad "Martini" Chambers

Erin Boheme - What a Life