Holiday Fun and Games
It was a festive Friday on campus, with holiday activities around every corner, from the game of Senior Jeopardy! (above and right) with tiebreakers decided by paper-rock-scissors, to holiday movie viewings, to gourmet hot chocolate, "Minute to Win It" in the theater, and the popular-but-chaotic game of "Long Ball" outside.
Climate Change Information in Good Hands with Seventh-Graders' Resourceful Website
Seventh-graders Langley Foster and Ariella Shever have been hard at work since 2020 developing a website that looks at the challenges of climate change and provides resources for people interested in learning more about the subject. Titled Earth in Our Hands, the site connects visitors to children's books on the topic of climate change, offers links detailing actions steps, and includes links to research. According to Langley and Ariella, the site will continue to be updated as they learn new information.
MPH Photos of the Week
A festive week on campus included winter concerts for the Middle and Upper School on Tuesday, as well as the Lower School on Friday. Each student was allowed two family members in attendance, and concerts with live-streamed for those who couldn't attend.
Online Drivers Ed and SAT Prep Offered
All ONLINE Drivers Ed and SAT Prep classes from MPH fit our students' busy schedules and feature the high-quality instruction you'd expect from our fantastic community programs.

Drivers Ed begins January 31 and features pre-recorded chapter reviews, along with assignments and quizzes. Parents/guardians provide support for the required 24 hours of driving time and submit weekly logs.
SAT Prep starts February 7 and features a Sunday Zoom class that is recorded for anyone who can't attend at that time.

All classes are recorded and will be available up to 7 days if a class is missed.
The Scene Around MPH
Poetry Out Loud Winners will Represent MPH
Last Thursday, December 9, the MPH English Department sponsored the school-wide Poetry Out Loud competition. This competition requires students to memorize and recite a poem of their choice. Ten Upper School students participated. The contest winner was Alex Fung, Grade 11, who recited “The Universe as Primal Scream” by Tracy K. Smith. Ferial Migeed, Grade 9, who recited “The Luggage” by Constance Urdang, was the runner-up. Both Alex and Ferial have qualified to represent MPH at the regional competition in February.
Trail Maintenance Club Works Hard to Prep for Winter
Ileana Anghel and Ben and Molly Pratt with the Trail Maintenance club helped clear the Nature Trail of fallen leaves before the snowfall. Clearing the leaves will set the trail up to be in better shape for the spring. Trail Maintenance will be taking a hiatus until the spring, but we look forward to getting out there when the weather turns so as many people from the MPH Community as possible can enjoy this great MPH feature.
Grade 6 Scientists Launch and Analyze Straw Rockets
Sixth-grade scientists were given the opportunity to design their very own experiment using the straw launcher, which uses pneumatic force to launch mini straw "rockets." Variables students selected included launch angle, plunger height, straw length, or mass of play dough at the straw's end. And, one can see the students experienced why teams of scientists are often needed to collect consistent data. 
Roots and Shoots Planning January Can Drive
The Roots and Shoots club is planning to hold a can drive January 6 and 7 for MPH parents to drop off any cans they have collected during the holidays. Students would be collecting cans from parents in the morning drop-off line. They are hoping to then exchange these cans and donate the money to the Sierra Club.
It's been quite a few weeks for the Roots and Shoots club. Here's a signed note from Grade 2 thanking club members for reading books about nature and the environment to the class.
Calculator Coding the TI-Rover

Mrs. Reeve's sixth-grade class extended their learning of the coordinate plane by integrating some computer programming into their lessons. The students used Python coding on their calculators to program the TI-Rover to not only go to various pre-marked locations on the coordinate grid, but also programmed them to get a cone and bring it back "home," which was the origin.  

"Most people are slowed down by the perception of themselves. If you're taught you can't do anything,
you won't do anything. I was taught I can do everything." 

– Kanye West
Join the MPH Community in Honoring Veterans
Wreaths Across America
Each December, veterans are remembered and honored by wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as at more than 2,500 additional locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea and abroad.

Join the MPH Community by sponsoring a veteran’s wreath or volunteering to place wreaths on Saturday, December 18, at a local cemetery. Find a location near you. If you should have any other questions, please email [email protected].

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