The Winter Carnival Warm Up
Weather Ices Original Plans, But the Show Goes On Indoors
Winter couldn't decide if it was spring this week, so what was left for Winter Carnival organizers was a field of slush hardened to ice and coated with a dusting of snow. While the Carnival thrives on the inhospitable, this particular brand of winter misery wouldn't allow for many of the planned outdoors activities. So, overnight, the show was moved indoors with, fear not!, plans to revisit the outdoor carnival on March 5.

There was still hot chocolate with little marshmallows, still karaoke, still the culminating Tug O' Wars between classes. It just all happened inside (save for Ms. Henderson's class sledding project, which you can see evidence of in the MPH Photos of the Week, below). Lots and lots of screaming, too.
MPH Photos of the Week
Too icy for an outside Winter Carnival? That sounds like a GOOD DAY FOR SLEDDING in sleds made out of nothing but cardboard, tape, a little ingenuity, and a lot of disregard for physical wellbeing.*

*just to be clear, there was plenty of regard for physical wellbeing, especially with Ms. Henderson saying over and over and over, "No, you can't start at the top of the hill in the sled that is not a sled but actually a cardboard tube you get stuffed in and subsequently roll/slide down the hill while we all pray your head doesn't pop out of the tube."**

**not an exact quote but you get the idea

US students tried out their cardboard inventions Friday on the back hill with a wide array of results ranging from "we need another push" to "that went all the way into the soccer field!" to "I don't think it's safe, but it's definitely fast," much to the enjoyment of an audience of excitable MS students.
Spring Gala | Celebrating Great Teachers at MPH
This year’s Spring Gala will honor and celebrate the achievements of MPH’s educators while paying special tribute to teacher and coach Don Ridall. Don recently announced his retirement from teaching at the close of the 2021-2022 school year after 46 years at MPH. 
Plans are underway for a fabulous celebration on Friday, May 20, at Owera Vineyards in Cazenovia. Proceeds from this event will directly support strategic investments to our academic programs, facilities, expanding scholarship assistance, and enhancing resources to support our faculty and staff. 
To make this event a success we need our MPH community to join in.

Here are few ways you that can support the event:
  • Donate a live/silent auction item. Gift cards, baskets, getaways, experiences, concert tickets, etc., are always needed for the silent and live auctions. Email Karen Belgrader, associate director of philanthropy and engagement, to connect with the Philanthropy and Engagement department if you’re interested in donating.  

  • ATTEND the event | tickets to the celebration go on sale on April 1. 
  • Purchase an ad in the event program.
  • Congratulate your student on their impending graduation.
  • Gain visibility for your business or organization.
  • Send a message to our fabulous faculty thanking them for all they do for our students.
  • Congratulate Coach Ridall on his retirement.
  • To place an ad in the event program or participate as a sponsor, see our Gala sponsorship packet.
  • Send us memories or photos of the impact our faculty and staff have had on your family’s MPH experience.
We are grateful to all who have already agreed to participate this year. Many thanks to our Gala Planning Committee members for sharing their time, talent, and resources with us. If you’d like to be involved or have any questions, please contact Karen Belgrader at or call 315-430-3376.
MPH Gala Planning Committee:
Karen Belgrader, Associate Director of Philanthropy and Engagement
Sophia Battaglia P’25
Theresa Heath P’28
Amy Hogan P’20, P’22
Melissa Marrone P’29, P’32
Meghan McBennett ‘01
Swati Murthy ’01, P’34
Shelbi Pisciarino P’21, P’24
Jennifer Rubin P’24
Karen Trivelpiece P’22
Claire Myers-Usiatynski ’72, P’05, Former Trustee
Amy Wildhack P’22, P’23, Trustee
Katie Rey P’34
Kelly Rose P’35
It's That Time of Year! Reenrollment for 2022-2023
The Office of Admissions will begin the annual process of reenrollment the week after Winter Break. Reenrollment materials will be available online beginning in early March. The deadline to reenroll will be March 24. Packets will also be mailed home to provide additional information and instructions to help with submitting your child’s reenrollment for 2022-2023.
SAT Prep Offered | Starts February 27
All-ONLINE SAT Prep classes from MPH fit our students' busy schedules and feature the high-quality instruction you'd expect from our fantastic community programs to get ready for the upcoming SAT tests.
SAT Prep starts February 27 and features a Sunday Zoom class that is recorded for anyone who can't attend at that time.
The Scene Around MPH
Jenga with
a French Twist

It wasn’t the Tour Eiffel, but we certainly saw a lot of towers in French this week. French 2 students asked and answered questions in French while playing the game Jenga. Each block in the tower was numbered, and the numbers corresponded to questions in French. Students answered a variety of questions based on which number they pulled. Several towers fell over, but we certainly heard a lot of French with this game. 
Illustrator and Comic Book Convention Entrepreneur Visit Comics & Cartoons Class
Artist and illustrator Emily Swan visited the Comics & Cartoons class, via Zoom, to talk about arts education, creative processes, and collaboration. Emily, a Corning, NY, native, is a freelance illustrator and comic book convention entrepreneur who is known for her expressive, cartoony style. As the host of the Doodle Crew livestream series on Twitch, she brings together illustrators from all over the world to do live drawing demonstrations and talk about current events. During her lecture she described her journey as an artist and took student questions about everything from how to develop a freelance business to her favorite ice cream flavor (mint chocolate chip). Comics & Cartoons, taught by Ryan Zlomek, is a course that teaches graphic design and online marketing skills using the mediums of sequential art and animation. 
For more information about Emily Swan you can see her work online here:
From Curling to Karate: US Students Wow Grade 2
Two upper school students visited the second graders in the last two weeks to tell the students about their extracurricular interests. Senior Andrew Warren explained how his family enrolled him in karate around 5 years old as a way to help him channel his energy in a positive way. His dedication to karate and martial arts led to him earning his child black belt at the age of 9 and his adult black belt by 16. He went on to win the World Championship for the USA team in his age group at the age of 16.  Much to the delight of the students, Andrew showed them some basic blocks, stances, punches, and kicks. The second graders had many engaging questions as many currently participate in karate lessons themselves.
Junior Rhys Denno presented to the class about his three years participating in the sport of curling. Many of the students have been watching curling in the Winter Olympics this month and asked how the sweeping helped. 

Rhys explained that the friction of the sweeping on the ice surface causes the ice to warm, allowing the granite stone to move faster toward the "house" or target. Rhys showed the students a curling stone, a sweeper, and the gripper shoes that he uses. The second graders appreciated all of these learning experiences and have made valuable connections with their upper school mentors.  
The Wheels on the New Bus Go Round to Skaneateles
MPH added a new bus, Number 6, to the fleet this week. The white Chevy with red MPH lettering serves the Skaneateles area and has already taken a weeks' worth of trips back and forth to the lakeside village.
MPH Swimmers Head to State Qualifiers
MPH swimmers, numbering three Grade 9 students and one junior, performed so well at the Sectional meet last week at Nottingham High School that they'll be representing MPH (through a partnership with the Oneida team) at the state qualifying meet this weekend at Nottingham.

MPH's Team:
Ruby and Rainbow Butler | Grade 9
Sun-Jin Shah | Grade 9
Tae-Jin Shah | Grade 11
Hoops Starts Sectional Tournament Tonight
Winners of their last four and six of their last seven, the MPH Varsity Basketball team finished its regular season with a 10-9 record and an invite to sectionals as the 10 Seed in the section.

They'll open tournament play tonight, February 18, at at 7-seed Copenhagen (12-7) at 6 p.m.
Coach Ridall Announces Retirement from Soccer |
Coach Ridall was featured in a wonderful story in about him officially announcing his retirement from coaching this week and naming Tim Goldman, '11, his successor.
Grade 11 Planning Trip to See Fences
On Tuesday, March 1, all Grade 11 students will go to Syracuse’s Red House Theater to see a performance of Fences, a play by American playwright August Wilson. Set in the 1950s, the play is the sixth in Wilson’s “Pittsburgh Cycle,” a series of works examining, decade by decade, Black American lives. In 1987, the play won both the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play. The junior class’s day trip marks the first time since the pandemic began that an entire class will have attended an off-campus drama production. 
MPH Model UN Blood Drive a Record-Setter

MPHMUN's campus Red Cross blood drive was incredibly successful last week, with 21 first-time donors and numerous repeat donors contributing a total of 41 units, which, according to the Red Cross, could save upwards of 123 lives.
MPHMUN Sophomores Work with Up-and-Coming MS Team Members
Middle School MUN club had a simulation conference on World Hunger. MSMUN is a mix of students from Grades 6 to 8. Students prepared during club time and practiced public speaking and research. The club leaders are sophomores in MUN and organized the simulation.

As delegates in the General Assembly, they discussed, debated, and wrote a resolution to address world hunger. Among their solutions were encouraging hydroponic agricultural, improving distribution systems, and teaching urban roof-top farming to help reduce urban hunger specifically.
We had great experience and shared pizza to celebrate!

Middle School Participants: Elle Rubenstein, Peter Rubenstein, Anya Reckess, Own Reckess, Lilah Temes, Langley Foster, Eli Race
MPHMUN Team Leaders: Ayden Whitted, Asriel Anderson, Thatcher Thomas, Jeffrey Pisciarino, Caroline Mezzalingua
Chairing: Jorge Niederhoff
Save the Date (and Start Shopping) | We Have a Date for Prom
We have confirmed a date and location for prom!
Saturday, May 14 from 7 – 11 p.m.
Springside Farms in Fabius, NY

Manlius Pebble Hill School |