Fire Safety Week at MPH, Pt. II
Fire Safety Week was so amazing this year, we had to break into two parts to not leave anything out. When we left last week, kids were trying on firefighting gear and learning how to be safe in the kitchen. Things got really exciting later in the week.

First up were gear relays, organized by our Core Health team, during which students practiced their stop, drop, and roll technique, hauled hoses to put out paper "fires," tried their best to maneuver around the gym in full gear, and even rescued stuffed animals.

Later, New York State Trooper Mark Bender and his K9, Ada, visited campus to educate students on police and police dogs. Ada has been part of the State Police since 2019. Trooper Mark explained the areas that Ada is trained in, including the different jobs and scenarios in which you may see a police dog. Students also had the opportunity to pet Ada and ask Trooper Mark questions.

The highlight of the week came Friday when Lower School students took tours of emergency vehicles including a fire truck, police car, and ambulance to learn about different aspects of each vehicle and meet emergency responders. Each student had an “emergency vehicle passport” in which to record new information they learned and receive a sticker for visiting each vehicle.

Our youngest and newest students also had the opportunity to meet Nurse Christine during the week to learn about the different tools she has to help students feel better. Students were able to use a stethoscope, oximeter, and thermometer.
New Staff Profile
Gabby Goeglein | Grade 2 Teacher

Gabby Goeglein is a recent transplant to Central New York. She has worked in K-5 classrooms in Seattle, WA, and worked remotely with students in Cambridge, MA. An eager reader and writer, Gabby loves to share her knowledge of language arts and their intersections with social and emotional learning with her students. Outside of the classroom, Gabby is an avid reader, hiker, home chef, gardener, and chihuahua parent. She is excited to spend this year getting to know second graders at MPH!
New Staff Profile
Jeanne Hudson | Learning Specialist
My name is Jeanne Hudson, and I am very excited to be a part of the MPH community. I grew up in Manlius and taught reading and enrichment in the Tully schools from 1985 to 1990. My family was transferred to Connecticut, and I accepted a reading specialist position in the Pawling School District in Dutchess County, NY. After 32 years of teaching grades K-12, I retired in 2018 and taught one year in New Fairfield, CT. I relocated back to the Syracuse area two years ago. I have extensive experience teaching reading, and I am a certified Wilson Practitioner and Therapist.

My eldest son, Ryan, is married (Christine), and they have a son (Hunter) who just turned two years old.  
My other son, Andrew, is engaged to be married (to Lindsay), and they reside in Liverpool. Teaching is my passion, and I look forward to a successful year at Manlius Pebble Hill School.
MPH Photo of the Week
Grade 3 conducted a science experiment this week immersing gummy bears in different solutions. Students each had a cup of water and a cup of a solution (Sprite, vinegar, sugar water, or salt water). Students predicted what would happen to the gummy bears when soaked. Would they get bigger or smaller? Would their weight or length change?

Photo by Alyssa Palmer
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Note for Lower School Parents Regarding Halloween Costumes
Fall Festival Spirit Week is coming October 25-29
Lower School students will not wear Halloween costumes to school this year.

Items such as Halloween masks, wigs, hats, etc., often require continued face touching, adjustments, and/or close-up adult assistance, and these variables present safety concerns with COVID-19 transmission.

In lieu of not being able to wear Halloween costumes, students have the option to participate in Fall Festival Spirit Week days from October 25 to 29. More details will be shared soon.
The Scene Around MPH
Spanish Club Members Gets to Know One Another in Spanish
Spanish Club officers presented to the club this week as the club went through some getting-to-know-one-another exercises involving learning the lyrics to "Bailando." The club meets every Tuesday and partakes in activities focused on Spanish-speaking countries. Officers are President Parmees Fazelli, Vice President Elise Harshbarger, Secretary Jay Hoke, and Public Relations Officer Nick Trivelpiece.
Using EKGs to Learn about Neurobiological Complexity
In the Neurobiology of Sleep class, students develop an appreciation for all the activities our brains accomplish without our even consciously thinking about each activity. For example, recording a basic EKG using Vernier probes and software and better understanding the measurable electricity running across our skin helps students appreciate the power of our brains and the extraordinary machine we get to walk around in every day.
This week's Quote of the Week is from Ben Pratt '22 on behalf of Jason Zencka’s advisory

"Believe you can, and you’re halfway there."
– Theodore Roosevelt
Amitees and Parmees Fazeli
Are Sectional Tennis Champs
Amitees and Parmees Fazeli are Section III Div. IV Doubles Sectional Champions after defeating a pair from Clinton 6-0, 6-0, this past week at Oneida High School.

Next up for the girls is the state qualifier, Tuesday, at Drumlins.
Healthy Options Plentiful at Salad and Deli Bars
Brock & Company staff do a wonderful job of providing MPH students with a wide variety of hot options daily, including gluten-free choices. But they've also expanded salad and deli-bar options this year for those days when tater tots aren't served.

Both bars feature everything from sandwich meats and cheeses to daily selections of beans, greens, tofu, and more. To see our weekly menu check out This Week at MPH every Monday.

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