Health and Safety Protocols in Action

We spent time this week with our school photographer capturing some images inside the classroom. In each room, in all grades, the implementation of an adherence to our Health and Safety Protocols was abundantly clear. For example, in Kindergarten, teachers donned face shields and markers were sanitized before being handed to students approaching the board; in Middle School art class, students used supplies from individual boxes labeled with their names; and in Middle School technology skills, students were sitting two computer stations apart to allow for proper physical distancing. All the while, the deep level of student and teacher engagement remained fully evident! Check out some of the images below.
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Grades 2 and 3 Dive Into Math Activities
Grades 2 and 3 enjoyed some fun math activities this week! In Grade 2, students reviewed and practiced place value skills with “French fries.” Students were given a place value chart and a baggie of cut-up sponges (French fries) that represented base-10 blocks. They used their sponge blocks to represent numbers on their place- value chart. Students were also given the option to create their own numbers and show them with their manipulatives.

Also, Grade 2 students start each day with "wake-up work." This week they dove into their STEAM bins and made some incredible creations. Take a look here!

Grade 3 students were also reviewing and practicing place values skills. First, they played “Place-Value Yahtzee,” and put place-value skills to the test by creating the biggest numbers they could while fitting them into the given categories. Next was a game of BINGO, where students had to find a number based on the clues Ms. Palmer gave them.

The Science of Reading
Each day, Lower School Director of Academic Support and Literacy teacher Colleen Congel records call-and-response word game activities for the Pre-K class from the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Program. Students watch and respond to Ms. Congel with help from their teachers. Phonemic awareness is the understanding that spoken words are made up of individual sounds, which are called “phonemes.” Students learn to isolate sounds, manipulate sounds, blend sounds, and segment sounds into spoken and written words. Ms. Congel and the Lower School teachers instruct all literacy based on the Science of Reading. 
Upper School Dancers Combine Practice and Fresh Air

Upper School Composition and Performance students took to the lawn this week for class. In the video, you can hear Mrs. Koziara instructing her simulcast learners as they watch demonstrations and learn from home.
It's Always Sunny in Pre-K!

Pre-K students embarked on their sunflower-head exploration unit this week. By removing and examining sunflower seeds from dried sunflower heads using various tools, students are developing fine-motor skills, hand strength, and coordination (pre-writing skills). Students also engaged in conversations about the parts of the flower and what plants need in order to grow, while negotiating how to share the bowls in which to collect the seeds.
Sound Bite
Thanks to Mrs. Mirakian for sending in this clip of the Upper School Orchestra rehearsal!
Inspired and Inspiring!

Grade 4 student Gavin was inspired byan in-class lesson last week during which he observed homemade pendulums. That inspiration led him to go home and create his own, a process that includied lots of coding, with his EV LEGOS. Wow! So impressive and an inspiration to us all!
Virtual Homecoming 2020

We are excited to bring you Virtual Homecoming 2020! It kicks off on Monday, September 28, with our first-ever Virtual Homecoming Fun Run 5k and runs through Saturday, October 3 when we’ll have an update from our head of school and a chance to catch up with some MPH current and former coaches. You are invited and encouraged to join us for all of the fun and festivities! Please see the schedule for the full list of activities we have planned for you!

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