Raise the Curtain (and Gather ’Round the Tent!) for… Fiddler on the Roof!
 “…this will probably be the first show in MPH history where the actual (real-time) sunset is a part of the design!”
Next week, the MPH Performing Arts Department will present an outdoor, drive-in, in-the-round production of Fiddler on the Roof, 7:30 p.m. each evening, Thursday through Sunday, June 3–6. With most schools live-streaming their shows this year, this in-person/drive-in format certainly represents an anomaly. Despite the limitations related to the pandemic, performing arts faculty and students alike felt it important to find a new way to safely present a musical. Just as all those engaged in the arts at MPH have done throughout this unusual year, those involved in Fiddler… have experimented in uncharted waters to develop truly innovative plans that simultaneously uphold the School’s Health and Safety Protocols while prioritizing the critical presence of in-person creative expression and shared experiences.

Click here to read more and learn details about the troupe’s innovative preparations, to discover just how this will all work, and to learn about how to reserve your (free) vehicle/pod tickets. Click on the image below to enjoy a less-than-two minute take on the "making of" this production.
Follow this link to TicketLeap to reserve your vehicle/pod’s (free) ticket!
Please Join Us (Virtually) for the Annual Multicultural Fest!

Mark your calendars! Next Wednesday, June 2, our MPH sophomores will bring to us the seventh annual Multicultural Festival (MCF)! With Ms. Chhablani’s guidance and support, this event is put on by Grade 10 each year, with this year’s theme exploring “Diversity Within.” New to MPH, Ms. Rai has also contributed her assistance to this year’s event organization. The MCF will take place outdoors and kick off with a 45-minute show at 10:15 a.m., a feature that will enjoy some in-person audience support — a student and faculty audience will be selected by “lottery” — as well as lots of virtual viewers. (Families, feel free to join us virtually for the morning show! Streaming details to follow; be sure to keep your eye on the MCF website.)

 In the afternoon, there will be outdoor “table visits” (displays and presentations), with Middle and Upper Schoolers making the rounds in predetermined groups to maintain our physical-distancing protocols. New on the docket for those table visits this year is something titled “Conversations Around the World,” whereby attendees will have the opportunity to have a 10-minute conversation with someone from France, Rwanda, Pakistan, and China, allowing students to get to know other cultures and people through direct and engaging exchanges! Note: Seniors are welcome back to campus for the festival on Wednesday, assuming they adhere to their usual DHA/check-in protocols.
New Reading, Math, World Language - and More! - Summer Programs through MPH Global
Be sure to check out the many updates related to our MPH Global program! Registration is now open for summer reading, math, world language, and writing offerings. To learn more and register, please visit the MPH Global Website

Also, coming up in June: Guest Artists Melissa Gardiner (Jazz) and Andrew Bergevin (violin & viola) will be presenting MPH Global masterclasses. Details and registration for these can also be found on the MPH Global Website. 
“Never miss a chance to dance…”
Families of juniors and seniors: Please follow this link to read more-detailed and up-to-date information about the Junior/Senior Prom being held on June 7. The document also includes some very important reminders about expectations and conditions for attendance. Please note that your children have access to the same info through Google Classroom. 
As Time Remaining for this School Year Wanes…
…Be Sure to Mark Your Calendars!
Click to see a recently UPDATED calendar of end-of-year happenings. This new version reflects a few time changes and provides a few more details about certain events.
LS Head for a Day
Third grader Conor L. enjoyed his day as head of the Lower School last Friday. (This opportunity is an annual auction item.) He worked with Ms. Abdo to plan a day of fun for his class, which included a pyramid-building challenge, extra recess time, an ice cream dessert, a class viewing of an Ancient Egypt documentary on National Geographic, and the game of his choice during PE. The third-grade class agreed that the day was perfect. Thank you, Conor, for your exceptional leadership!
Caught in Motion!

A big "thank you" to MPH’s spring coaches,
Amy Hogan, William O'Malley, and Matt Twomey- Smith
Thank you to our professional photographer, Chuck Wainwright (also an alumnus), for the team's golf photo.
MPH friend Dan Mumford captured some action shots of our track team. Enjoy the gallery at your leisure by clicking on the photo above.
Photo captured by Coach O'Malley.
Grade 8 Fest!
Last Thursday, eighth graders had the pleasure of using the last block of the day for something special and somewhat celebratory: a mini ice cream social of sorts. They made use of the outdoors to simply enjoy the weather, eat ice cream, listen to tunes, and take on some faculty in kickball. As these students are quickly approaching the end of their Middle School years, the dedicated social time seemed a fitting way to mark such an important milestone.
Embodying the Core Value of Agency
Fifth Grader Anya Freeney prepared a presentation to teach her classmates about the meaning and importance of Juneteenth — on her own time. We love how our MPH Students take the initiative to learn and inspire. This is “agency”!
Kindergarten Korner!
~Look what's been hatching in Kindergarten! 
Kindergarteners have been learning about living things. They have focused on learning what a habitat is and have explored various plants and animals. The students researched their favorite animal and made a diorama showing their animal in its habitat, and then in art class, each made their specific animal out of clay. Later, they did a wonderful job presenting their animals and habitats! Our Kindergarten students also learned about the life cycle of chickens and the development of the chicken embryo. The exciting culmination happened this week when our chicks began to hatch! Yes, the rumors are true: Kindergarteners are chick-hatching experts! Be sure to check out the gallery of photos here
~Through a Spanish lens…
Last week, these young (K) learners also had the chance to play outside during Spanish class to practice colors, numbers, and listening to directions en español! What’s not to love about being in Kindergarten?

“Take a break with some beautiful [Paul Di Folco] music!”
~Mr. Montas

The accomplished pianist Paul Di Folco (who happens to be an MPH sophomore) is giving us a chance, as Mr. Montas puts it, “to take a break from the fast pace of the end of the year and enjoy a live performance of some beautiful music.” On Saturday, June 5, at 11:00 a.m., Paul will perform a recital of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations, a remarkable undertaking. Feel free to join those of us planning to be in the virtual audience here
MPH Musicians Participate in Festival
Congratulations to our MPH instrumentalists who participated in the 2021 New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Festival. These individuals each prepared (and submitted for evaluation) a video featuring a solo and a preselected number of scales or rudiments. We are so proud of your hard work, courage, and commitment to growing as musicians!
~MPH strings students who participated included Jesse Beach (Gr. 7), Owen Reckess (Gr. 7), Alexa Rose Battaglia (Gr. 8), Sun-Jin Shah (Gr. 8), Mia Sakonju (Gr. 8), Alex Fung (Gr. 10), Kari Maxian (Gr. 10), and Paul DiFolco (Gr. 10).

~MPH band students who participated included Langley Foster (Gr. 6), Sabine Concepcion (Gr. 7), Luke DiFolco (Gr. 7), Dan Ford (Gr. 7), Dash Goode (Gr. 8), Ferial Migeed (Gr. 8), Neha Chhablani (Gr. 10), Isabella Bird (Gr. 11), and Leo & David Antonevich (Gr. 12), who performed a piano duet.
Spring Virtual Instrumental Concert! 
Speaking of instrumental music, if you were unable to join us on Wednesday evening to see our MPH instrumentalists of all ages in action, we encourage you to spend about 45 minutes to enjoy it now. It will be well worth your time. Thank you to all of our hardworking musicians and to Mr. Huyge and Ms. Mirakian for guiding each down their respective musical paths. 
Bringing (More) Goodness to the STEAM Park
Last week, the Roots’n’Shoots Club planted vegetables in the middle box within the STEAM Park. What an educational opportunity for those club members and for all those who spend time in this area of campus; we will enjoy being spectators of this wholesome and healthful kind of growth!
Pinball Video Highlights Core Values amid (MPH) Politics
Last week’s All-School Meeting was the setting for Student Council presidential and vice presidential candidates to present their stump speeches, and the meeting opened with a unique introduction, thanks to junior Simon Fortner of MPH’s Light & Magic. Simon had taught himself the software program Blender and then challenged himself to produce a video using 3D animation. Inspired by the pinball machines in Mr. Zlomek’s classroom, Simon spent about six hours creating this pinball video, in which he manages to integrate the School’s core values, a fitting choice of inclusion, as this prefaced the political speeches and students’ chance to vote; the video provided yet another reminder for both candidates and voters to keep authenticity, respect, curiosity, kindness, and agency in mind. We encourage you to spend 37 seconds to see for yourselves! (Well done, Simon!)
Grade 2 Adventures with Shapes Continue!

Last week our second graders continued their adventures in the world of shapes. This time they explored a new realm; they used clay and toothpicks to form three-dimensional shapes.
MPH Junior Delivers Inspiring Rendition of Anthem
Last Friday night the Syracuse Mets (AAA baseball team) were treated to more than just having their in-person fans there for support. MPH’s own Anna Abrams was on hand and delivered an inspiring rendition of the National Anthem prior to the start of the Mets’ matchup against the LeHigh Valley IronPigs. Classmate Mary Smorol can be credited with capturing this special occasion on video. (We recommend you crank up the volume to get the full effect!) Way to go, Anna, and thank you, Mary!
Important Message from the Health Office
An ongoing gentle reminder, in case you missed it in the last few editions of Snapshot: Please schedule your student’s yearly physical and necessary vaccinations now to avoid a mad dash in August and September. New students in all grade levels, and current students who will be entering Grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, are required by New York State to have a physical on file in the Health Office two weeks before the start of school. There are also specific vaccinations required for Grades K, 6, 7, and 12. Please communicate with your child’s health care provider or school nurse if you have any questions about what is due or whether your child will need a physical. Thank you!
Just for Fun: Behind the Scenes of an All-School Meeting

MPH Light & Magic was at it again this week! The opener for this week’s All-School Meeting was an inventive (literal) stick-figure puppet show that was produced by Simon, Jacob, and Annabel, and that included a few cameo voiceovers (you’ll have to click the photo to see and hear for yourselves!). The 52-second creative skit portrays a few MPH adults in a rather humorous light as they scramble to get ready for the weekly All-School Meeting.
It’s always fun to begin the day with a laugh; thank you, Light & Magic!
To view more by Light and Magic click here.

Stay up-to-date on MPH happenings by visiting the MY MPH Portal, our Facebook page and our Flickr feed!

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