Student Scientists Recognized

Seven student scientists participated in Sunday's Central New York Science and Engineering Virtual Fair and we are proud to announce that all seven were recognized for their outstanding effort! Below is a list of all participants and the name of their project, along with the recognition received. Click the image on the left to see screenshots of awards. Great work, students! And many thanks to Ms. Foster for her commitment to supporting our student scientists!

Jake Aretsky, "An Efficient Liquid Cooling Garment"
Alexa Rose Battaglia, "Combating Crown Gall: Prevention of Cancer in Plants"
Elise Eng, "What's Your Frequency? RF Radiation Levels in Cell Phones and Headphones"
Amitees Fazeli, "Water Purification" 
Genevive McGuire Griffin, "A Butterfly Journal"
Ferial Migeed, "Glyphosate Removal"
Matthew Roberson, "Utilizing a Photographic Method for Measuring Sky Glow"
Junior Level Medallions (Three tiers)                                                                                
Honors: Amitees Fazeli
High Honors: Genevive McGuire Griffin
Highest Honors: Alexa Rose Battaglia
Specialty Awards                                                                                                                                          
SU Earth Science Dept Award: Amitees Fazeli             
IEE Electrical and Computer Awards                        
Matthew Roberson
Elise Eng
Lockheed Martin Awards
Matthew Roberson
Elise Eng
Jake Aretsky
SUNY ESF Best Environmental Science Project Award: Matthew Roberson       
SUNY Cortland Chemistry Award: Amitees Fazeli         
Terra Science and Education Awards - Junior Division                   
Alexa Rose Battaglia
Ferial Migeed                                                                                       
Terra Science and Education Awards - Senior Division
Jake Aretsky                                  
NOAA Award: Amitees Fazeli          
Office of Naval Research Naval Science Award: Ferial Migeed  
US Metric Association: Elise Eng     
Yale Science and Engineering Association Award: Matthew Roberson   
Senior Level Medallions (Three Tiers)                                                                                                             
Honors: Matthew Roberson
High Honors: Elise Eng
Highest Honors: Jake Aretsky         
Additional Awards                                                   
SUNY ESF Scholarship: Matthew Roberson                 
Broadcom Masters: Alexa Rose Battaglia                    
NYS Science Congress: Amitees Fazeli, Genevive McGuire Griffin        

April 16, 2021
Tickets are on sale now here!
The 50 for 50 Raffle is Back!

Thanks to our friends at Skaneateles Jewelry, one lucky raffle winner will receive this 18K rose gold ladies Tacori “Dantela Collection” morganite and diamond pendant with stud earrings, valued at $3,950! Fifty hand-painted wine glasses will be available for purchase at the event. Each is numbered; if your number is drawn, you're the winner!

Our robust silent auction features authentic autographed memorabilia including an "Avengers End Game" poster, Taylor Swift sheet music, and a Kobe Bryant poster, deluxe gift baskets, a variety of travel opportunities, MacKenzie-Childs servingware, and so much more! And some of your favorite MPH employees will be serving as guest auctioneers! Stay tuned for more information on auction items and other event details!
Final Reminder!

If you are planning to utilize bus transportation next school year, you must submit your bus request directly to your home district by Thursday, April 1. Click here for contact information for local district transportation offices.

Libro de Mascotas

Third-grade Spanish students were so eager to share about all the pets in their family that they created a 3rd-grade "Libro de Mascotas" (pet book) featuring a story for each of their pets. Every student had an opportunity towrite and illustrate a page with a description of their pet and ofan adventure with their special friend. This activity is an example of how Lower School Spanish students learn with Acquisition-Driven Instruction that is student centered. Click on the image to view the photo gallery.
 Let’s Wipe Out the Pandemic!
Now that we have “canned” and “socked” the pandemic, it’s time to Wipe Out the Pandemic! On April 5, when you come to campus for the schoolwide COVID-19 testing day, please bring:
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Soap
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Trash bags
for the Ronald McDonald House of CNY. These specific items are on their most-needed wish list. The Ronald McDonald house helps reduce the stress and financial burden associated with families who must travel far from home to access medical care for their child.
Let’s practice our core value of kindness by giving back to the community. Sharing with others is good for our emotional health, and it is a great way to “pay forward” our appreciation to Onondaga County Health Department for providing the COVID-19 tests that are helping keep our MPH community healthy and safe.
Kindergartners Enjoy a Sweet Visit from Miss Critz
Known to Kindergarten students as “The Beekeeper,” Amy Critz visited the class earlier this week to share her interest in one of Mother Nature’s other bountiful gifts, maple sap. Kindergarteners learned how maple trees are tapped and sap collected, then boiled to syrup, bottled, and graded (golden, amber, dark, very dark). The young scientists asked probing questions and concluded their lesson with a taste of Miss Critz’s freshly bottled amber syrup. View the video on the left and the photo gallery below!
Three Student Artists Are Top in the Nation

Congratulations to Abigail Hinshaw, Alex Fung, and Juli Teres! After competing regionally in the Scholastic Art Competition, these three students have been recognized nationally as being in the top one percent of student artists. There were approximately 230,000 pieces of high school work entered into the National Scholastics Competition, and only 2,000 pieces were awarded. Artwork was chosen by a panel of judges and experts in the field for their excellence in originality, technical skill, and emergence of personal voice and vision. Visual Art and Design Chair Teresa Henderson commented, "In such a challenging year it is even more impressive that these students were able to push themselves to take creative risk, build on critique, devote a lot of extra hours, and develop concept." See their award-winning work below!
Juli Teres - 12th Grade - Silver Medal - Digital Art - "The East and The West"
Abigial Hinshaw - 10th Grade - Silver Medal - Photography - "Reaching"
Alex Fung - 10th Grade - Silver Medal - Photography - "Bitter Sweet"
The Domino-Toppling Craze

Mr. Zlomek’s 6th-grade technology students took some time off from electronics on Tuesday to learn about the Bob Speca domino-toppling craze. In 1976 Bob established the first official world record for the most dominoes toppled in a chain reaction by setting up and knocking down 11,111 pieces at the young age of 18. This led to a long-lasting competition among domino builders around the world. This craze is generated by standing up dominoes in sequence, to set the stage for a chain reaction. In 2012 Bob broke another record by coordinating a human mattress domino event with 850 people and mattresses.
Students learned about potential and kinetic energy while building their domino masterpiece. They recognized that having a steady hand and a solid surface helped to not cause a chain reaction before the competition began. Students worked together on communicating, thinking critically, and analyzing the situation. They competed in groups to see which group could build a successful course from start to finish. See some photos of the students at work by clicking the image above.

MPH Global Offers Many Opportunities to Performers

Reminder! Take a look at upcoming offerings by browsing through the full summer course offerings brochure. And visit the MPH Global webpage to learn how to register for upcoming masterclasses with MPH alumni Carrie Manolakos and Noah Kellman.
Video shooting by Simon Fortner and JJ Braverman.
Video editing by Simon Fortner.
Warm Weather Provides Outdoor Music Venue

Monday's spring weather offered our performing artists a chance to perform in the STEAM Park. The Wind Ensemble has formed a Korean Percussion Ensemble inspired by the native Korean group “Samul Nori.” They perform on four different instruments:
  1. Kkwaengwari, a small hand-held gong
  2. Changgo, an hourglass-shaped drum
  3. Buk, a barrell drum
  4. Ching, a large gong

The piece in the video on the left is called “Tongsalpuri,” and it is used in Korea as an instructional piece. Our students collaborated to create an expanded arrangement including terraced entrances, a solo battle, and a stirring accelerando near the end of the piece.
Writing and Acting in First Grade

First graders have been practicing writing complete sentences and stories in Literacy. After reading classmate Eleanor's story, the students took turns acting out the roles in the story. Take a look at Eleanor's story on the left, then enjoy the video clip below!
Fifth Grader Takes Initiative!

Last week, 5th grader Nora met with Ms. Abdo to propose a community service project to support the local Syracuse Boys and Girls Clubs. They plan to team up with the MPH4MPH Club to move this initiative along. We appreciate Nora’s dedication to this cause!

This Week's Alumni Guest Speaker

This week we welcomed Steve Goldman '09 to our All-School Meeting. While he was a student, Steve was a member of the soccer team, the Rolling Stone, the Broadcast Journalism Club, the Spanish Club, and the Barber Shop Singers.
Steve attended St. Lawrence University and graduated with a B.S. in physics. He then moved to the United Kingdom and received his Ph.D. in astronomy.
Steve is a postdoctoral fellow working for the Space Telescope Science Institute. His recent work focused on searching for sun-sized stars toward the ends of their lives in nearby galaxies. These stars produce a tremendous amount of dust and contribute up to 30 times the mass of the Earth back to the universe in one year, and up to 85 percent of their mass in this final stage. This phase is extremely important for understanding the origin of cosmic dust and how stars and galaxies evolve over time.
Busy in Grade 2!

Last week, 2nd graders presented their work from their biography projects. Students created written reports and then posters about the people they researched.

This week, they wrapped up their science unit on the work of water on the Earth's surface. The final experiment challenged students to use materials to prevent erosion on their "mountains" made of cornmeal. Students made observations about what materials worked best to prevent a landslide and discussed real-world applications. Take a look at the photo gallery on the left to see biography and science projects.
Return to the Art Classroom

The MPH Pandemic Response Team recently approved a proposal submitted by Lilly Fordmann and Amy Abdo that will allow some Lower School classes to take their art encore class in the art classroom. Armed with detailed safety protocols, Ms. Fordmann was excited to open her classroom door to students, and the students were equally thrilled to be there, as evidenced by Hugo, who is showing off his latest work of art!
Middle Schoolers Map Out Walking Trails

With temperatures on the rise, Mr, Spear is encouraging the entire MPH community to get outdoors. And to help our students and faculty discover that perfect on-campus walking trail, our Middle School Leadership Team has mapped out several options to enjoy. All options include descriptions, estimated times, and distances. The Courtyard Trail offers an indoor route with a detour through the STEAM Park. If you want to venture out to Jamesville Road, look no further than the Curtis Trail, aptly named for the originator of the “brisk walk.” The CEL trail is similar, but without the distance. Want something without all the traffic? Check out the Foster trail, which wraps around the back of the school providing magnificent views of the Lower Field and beyond. Kudos to the students on the MS Leadership Team, who took time to map out trails and write up descriptions!

Anxiety on the Rise: Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety

Presenter: Barb Shepard, LMHC, PLLC

Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. EDT

Join Barb Shepard, LMHC, PLLC as she discusses how to help adolescents cope with stress and anxiety. Barb’s presentation will cover:
  • Stats about the rise of anxiety in teens, and why kids are trending toward more anxiety symptoms today than in the past.
  • Normative stress vs. a clinical anxiety diagnosis (and risk factors that can cause this).
  • Warning signs for parents to watch out for in their children.
  • Techniques for how parents can support kids with anxiety through fostering self-confidence to work toward fears rather than avoidance.
  • How COVID has posed unique challenges for kids this year and how adults can help.

Barb is a licensed mental health counselor and owner of a private therapy practice in Fayetteville, NY. She specializes in therapy for teens and adults with anxiety disorders. She is a graduate of Le Moyne College (B.A. psychology and philosophy) and Syracuse University (M.S. clinical mental health counseling). Barb brings more than ten years of experience in diverse settings to her clinical practice, including youth residential treatment facilities; foster care; outpatient substance abuse; intensive mental health treatment within special education programs; and several years as a private practice owner. Barb has been featured in,, and other media outlets to provide education and resources about best practices for treatment of anxiety. More information about Barb can be found at

Zoom details forthcoming.

State-of-the-School Report

If you missed this week's State-of-the-School report, click the link on the left to access the recording.
Entrepreneurial Skills in Grade 1

First grader James's vivid imagination led him to build a soup shop to sell his specialty: noodle soup. He and a few "employees" had many customers lining up to purchase the delicious soup using mulch chips as currency. The store was a success!
Lucky Ducks!

A pair of ducks made an appearance in front of MPH at morning drop-off on Thursday. While they seemed to approve of our core values, they clearly failed to use the crosswalk when Mr. McCusker attempted to assist their crossing!

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