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Please Join Us for the (6 p.m.) “Late Late Show” This Friday Night! 
Please join us this Friday evening, May 14, at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom to watch the amazing work of this year’s fifth-grade class! In keeping with MPH Lower School tradition, the fifth-grade students have written, directed, acted in, filmed, and edited their own feature presentation. This year’s fifth-grade play is a family-friendly comedy that parodies a late-night talk show, complete with “celebrity” guests, commercials, and lots of laughs!

5th-Grade Watch Party 
Meeting ID: 863 8231 7016 
Passcode: 5thGrade 
Join Zoom Meeting 
Keeping All of Your “Ducks in a Row”

Click here to see a full calendar of end-of-year happenings as the month of May seemingly speeds up and launches us into the month of June!
In Their Words…Lower Schoolers Give Seniors Special Send-Off
One of the most special features of the tight-knit MPH community is the closeness students feel toward one another — even if many years separate them in age. The relatively small size of our student body certainly plays a role, as do the natural collaborative partnerships that develop and mentoring that occurs between “bigs” and “littles” with schoolwide projects or shared classroom topics. It’s no surprise, then, that at Wednesday’s All-School Meeting, the last one of the calendar year to include seniors, these “almost graduates” received a send-off like no other: a special farewell video from the Lower Schoolers. Special thanks to Ava Benedict ’22 for putting this send-off together!
Pinball Mania!
Pinball mania has taken over MPH. The Upper School Broadcasting class started their livestreaming unit by playing pinball on the Syracuse PINheads Twitch channel. With viewers from Syracuse to Germany, students learned about creating online content, scheduling, programming, and interactivity during livestreams. But the machine in Mr. Zlomek's classroom (a machine from 1995 called “No Fear”) has taken on new life as students are learning about amusements engineering in Grade 6 Computer Literacy, shot geometry in Mrs. Reeve's math class, and the business of pinball in Mr. Spear's Entrepreneurship class. Some faculty have even started to swing in during lunch to unwind and play, and students have been able to enjoy it during their breaks. If rumors are true, a second machine may make its way to campus for some extra fun before the end of the year.
Learning While Crafting
First graders had lots of fun practicing writing and crafting their Mother’s Day gifts last week. Click on the image to see a full gallery of these Grade 1 students hard at work (and proud as can be!).
Grade 7 Scientists Roll Up Their Sleeves in Preparation for…Dissection!

Students in seventh grade have begun their study of the nervous system by observing sheep brains. They have discussed the functions of each of the major portions of the brain and will soon move on to the analysis of sensory input — and a dissection of cow eyes!  
COVID-19 Vaccines for Ages 12–15 Now Available in Onondaga County 
The Onondaga County Health Department has just opened three clinics for young people, ages 12–15: 

  • Thursday, May 13: 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Oncenter 
  • Saturday, May 15: 9:00 a.m. to noon at the Oncenter 
  • Monday, May 17: 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at PSLA Fowler High School 

You can register for appointments here
Intramural Athletes at Play — on Thursdays in May!
While the Modified sports season is underway this spring, students in Grade 6 are not quite “of age” to participate. No worries! This spring has brought with it a new opportunity (each Thursday) for sixth graders to enjoy an after-school intramural program, which also welcomes their interested fellow Middle Schoolers in Grades 7 and 8. The coed offerings began last week with about 15 students and include, in addition to soccer (pictured here), basketball, baseball/Wiffle ball, and Ultimate Frisbee! 

Double the Fun in Grade 6: 
From Hispanic Culinary Treats to an Ecosystem Designed in Chalk
~¡Buen Provecho!
The sixth-grade Spanish class just finished a unit on food. Students researched different dishes from various Spanish-speaking countries and regions and presented them, with a few students also sharing authentic family recipes passed down from generations. A few recipes the class learned about included paella, tostones, arroz con dolce and pasteles. Sixth graders sure were hungry after this lesson, and some students actually prepared their dishes for their families. Your hungry Snapshot editors are personally craving those alfajores, which are chocolate-coated cookies with dulce de leche in the middle.
~Give a Sixth Grader a Piece of Chalk, and…

Grade 6 science students were presented with a (fun!) challenge, which they happily accepted; it may have helped that they were required to tackle it outdoors — and with chalk in hand! They were asked to draw an ecosystem and label 10 abiotic members and 4 biotic members.
Middle School Model United Nations (MUN) Hopefuls Learn from Their Freshman Mentors

Last Saturday was the JDMUN training conference for Middle School students. The freshman MUN students here at MPH recruited, helped train, and attended the conference with our Middle School MUN hopefuls. The students did an amazing job at the conference, discussing topics ranging from empowering youth affected by global terrorism to building sanitary cities! 
Our Grade 9 MUN students: Asriel Anderson, Omaia Gaines-Howard, Caroline Mezzalingua, Jeffrey Pisciarino, Thatcher Thomas, and Ayden Whitted.
Our Middle School participants: Jacob Temes, Owen Reckess, Johnathan Howard, Jesse Beach,* and Caleb Smith.*
(* = trained with the group but were unable to make conference due to conflict)
Wellness Week Revisited: Scavenger Hunt!
As part of Wellness Week, the Roots and Shoots Club held an outdoor scavenger hunt (with sidewalk, path, and fence boundaries delineated in the instructions that were handed out). Some of the unique items that teams were challenged to locate included — but were not limited to — “an example of human-made erosion prevention”; “something requiring pollination”; and “evidence of animal or bird shelters or homes.” Any team that came back with photographic proof of at least eight of the things on the list (during the two days the hunt was held) was entered into a raffle for a hydro flask. Pictured here are some of the winning team members. 
New “Dining Room”?
Our Bridge students (Grades 4/5) took advantage of a break in precipitation one afternoon in this damp month of May and changed their lunch location to the STEAM Park. What a nice shift in mindset a change of scene can provide!
Important Message from the Health Office
An ongoing gentle reminder, in case you missed it in the last two editions of Snapshot: Please schedule your student’s yearly physical and necessary vaccinations now to avoid a mad dash in August and September. New students in all grade levels, and current students who will be entering Grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, are required by New York State to have a physical on file in the Health Office two weeks before the start of school. There are also specific vaccinations required for Grades K, 6, 7, and 12. Please communicate with your child’s health care provider or the school nurse if you have any questions about what is due or whether your child will need a physical. Thank you!
Just for Fun: 
If four-leaf clovers are considered good luck, what about…
While displaying multiple four- and five-leaf clovers on the white card, this sixth grader happens to also be holding a six-leaf clover in the other hand, having just found it in the STEAM Park! Lucky Lola!

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