October Edition 2017
"2017 NABOB Fall Management Conference"
If You Missed the...
2017 NABOB  Fall Management  Conference

Tune in for highlights from  the President on...

October 24th, 2017
2:00 p.m. (EST)

Register with knickens@nabob.org
Plan to attend next October 2018 when NABOB...

"Celebrates  42 Years of Broadcasting Excellence
and Community Service"
"Media Learning Series"
From the President's Office...On October 24th, 2017 at 2 PM (EST) - Jim Winston , President of NABOB and its Foundation will conduct our  "Executive Leadership Webinar".


"What NABOB Offers You...
Now and Next Year"

Contact knickens@nabob.org to register by October 23, 2017. This series is free for NABOB member stations and MSI graduates. 
"NABOB Highlights"
"Media Sales Institute (MSI)"
The Next MSI is ... June 4 - 14, 2018

The Media Sales Institute (MSI)  program was developed in 1999 by Personal Selling Principles, LLC (PSP) in Beltsville, MD and launched at Howard University, Washington, DC in 2000. The curriculum was designed for recent college graduates interested in pursuing a career in media sales. Since inception, the MSI has expanded to four other institutions of higher learning.

In 2016, The NABOB Telecommunications Education and Management Foundation partnered with PSP to launch the first MSI open to Military Personnel (Post 9/11), Career Changers and Recent College Graduates.

The NABOB Media Sales Institute (MSI) at the Atlanta University Center (AUC) partners with: Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Spelman College. Visit
"Moments  In Media"...


Featured story provided by the...

Does radio, as an advertising medium, drive that search or influence online behavior?


Featured story provided by the...

As TVB noted back in April...the FCC  first announced the TV spectrum repack deadlines , TV stations being repacked now have yet another quarterly filing obligation. 



Google "tech disruption" and you'll be served more than 42 million results in under a second. Disruption is clearly a core narrative of our age...


"We found that technology empowers and inspires Gen X enthusiasts while Millennials find technology more stressful."


Airbnb is now on a mission to increase awareness about the company's economic benefits in communities of color.

"Career Connections"

Entercom-Charlotte: Entertainment Account Executive

Glory Communications:   Account Executive 
Columbia, S.C.

Contact:   acampbell@wfmv.com

The Media Audit:  Entry Level Outside Sales Representative

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