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Join the MTM-CNM Thankfulness Initiative
 to raise funds and awareness for the 2015 MTM-CNM Family Conference!



Novelist, Marcel Proust once wrote, "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Although Myotubular Myopathy and Centronuclear Myopathy bring challenges into our lives and while we affirm that there is a valid need, at times, to share our tears and wounds for healing and empathy, nevertheless many of us also are deeply grateful for the people and experiences that have made us happy and have nurtured our souls in the thick of these struggles.



Therefore in that same spirit of appreciation, this November, all MTM-CNM families are invited to tend the garden of gratitude and participate in a powerful initiative to raise funds for the 2015 MTM-CNM Family Conference, which is taking place July 24-26 in Chicago, Illinois!


How It Works


During the month of November, you can make posts either once a week, every day, or simply whenever you have time--No pressure!--that express why you are thankful in the midst of life with MTM or CNM, and include a link to make tax-deductible donations to MTM-CNM Family Connection, Inc!


It will look something like this:


MTM-CNM Thankfulness Initiative FB 


Simply copy and paste the text below:


The MTM-CNM Thankfulness Initiative: [Write what you're thankful about relating to life with MTM-CNM]


To support the MTM-CNM Family Conference and help connect our families, please consider making a tax-deductible donation at


You can even share your friend's statuses (with permission) to really get the message of our community's collective thankfulness out there! We'd also love for you to share your statuses in our FB Conference group and on our FB MTM-CNM Family Connection page. We'll mirror those publicly shared statuses on our website.


You can also promote this event on Twitter, using our special hashtag and shortened website link as in the example below. 




Every time you make a post about who or what makes you thankful, it will be as though you're planting another flower of hope and joy in the garden of our MTM-CNM community. Please join us on this journey of thankfulness! Let's shower and inspire the world with our "blossoms" and show everyone just how strong our hearts and souls can be! 


Gratefully yours,
The MTM-CNM Family Conference Planning Team!
MTM-CNM Family Connection, Inc.
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