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Prophesee is the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems. Prophesee’s patented technology breakthrough introduces a new computer vision paradigm based on how the human eye and brain work to dramatically improve the efficiency of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.
Ultra High-Speed Counting
With Prophesee’s Metavision® event-based vision sensor, objects are counted in real-time as they pass through the field of view, triggering each pixel independently as the object passes.
The true value in this solution is that high performance can be obtained at unprecedented low-cost and low-power envelopes.

Watch this silent video demonstrating:
  • 1000 obj/s Throughput
  • Greater than 99.5% Accuracy
  • Velocities above 10 m/s 
  • Results obtained on and in mobile-compute cost and power envelopes.
TQ Systems
TQ Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial computer modules using the standard form factors COM Express, SMARC and proprietary System on Modules (SOMs). They offer the widest selection of architectures including ARM and x86 to address the growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) market.
Powerful ARM QorIQ Layerscape Modules for high end communications, 3D/4K graphics
TQ Embedded, known for their precision engineered industrial SOMs, and their in-house process for true long life availability offers new powerful ARM Layerscape modules.

The SOM highlighted here, the TQMLS1028A features:
  • ARM Cortex A72 (QorIQ Lyerscape)
  • 2.5Gb Ethernet and 4 ports of TSN Gb Ethernet
  • Graphics with 3D GPU, 4K support
  • Extended temperature
  • Long term availability
  • Low power and Security functions

Applications :
TSN switch, router, gateway, edge server
TQMLS1028A SOM mounted on production ready baseboard
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