“X” Diana Furukawa is a local artist interested in exploring the contrasting forces of this place through her photography– its growth and decay, geometry and chaos, tragedy and resiliency.

The Magic City Monthly

January 2023

A Piece of Our Past

Early view of lower Penobscot Avenue showing on the right is the HAM Rush building and the John Rush building. Across the street is the Charles Rush building. All had early businesses. In distance, top right, Mountain View Hotel. Parade is probably Labor Day when all the mill unions marched. 

Photo courtesy of Millinocket Historical Society Curator, Trudy Wyman 

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The Millinocket Town Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30. Meetings are held in-person in Charles Sanders Council Chambers and remote access available via Zoom. CLICK HERE for more information regarding town council meetings! Please considering joining these meetings are participating in the discussion. All are welcome!

Millinocket Fire and Rescue has been selected to receive $1 from every Bloomin' 4 Good bouquet sold during the month of

January 2023 at:


843 Central Avenue, Millinocket ME

Let's get some seeds planted!

You have one week left to support the Millinocket Fire and Rescue.

Municipal Updates

Public Works

  • The Crew has been busy with the recent storms, plowing and cleaning up the downtown area.
  • A few members of the crew have assisted the rec department in flooding the ice rink.
  • We have encountered yet another sewer plug on Iron Bridge Rd due to non-flushable wipes. Another one on Penobscot Ave required multiple visits for tree roots and heavy paper build up.
  •  A storm drain was temporarily repaired at the intersection of Forest Ave and Central St. A more permanent repair will be made in the summer.
  • On going light repairs are being made by the crew on their trucks while we continue looking for a new mechanic.
  • Would like to remind the public and contractors to not push snow into roadways or sidewalks after the town has cleared the right of ways. This continues to be a problem year after year and is a quick way to narrow our streets to one lane width.

Transfer Station

  • The grindings from the brush pile have been hauled away.
  • A couple small signs have been hung on the gate building and the compactor building, reminding users that the recycle building is open.
  • I had the opportunity to inform a few members of the public myself about the Recycle building being open.
  •  PERC had asked if we could haul them some loads of shingles for their incinerator. Three loads have been hauled this far.


  • Cemetery gate closed at the onset of the snow season. Will be closed until spring.

Bryan Duprey, Director of Public Works

Town Clerk and Tax Collector

  • Dog License Renewal Reminder: last day to Renew Dog licenses is January 31st, 2023 – $25.00 Mandatory Late Fee February 1st, 2023.
  • 2nd Half Taxes Due Date: 1/29/ 2023 – Interest begins: 1/30/2023
  • 1st Quarter Sewer Billing for 2023 – Tentative Bill Date: January 27, 2023; Due Date: 2/27/2023; Interest Date: 2/28/2023
  • All IF & Wildlife Licenses and Registrations are now available.
  • 2023 Transfer Site Stickers Available: Millinocket Resident - $20; Non-Resident - $10 (Annual Entrance Fee)
  • Personnel Appeals Board: Two (2) Vacancies for a 3-year term
  • Recreation Advisory Committee: One (1) vacancy for a 5-year term 

Diana Lakeman, Town Clerk

Waste Water

  •  We would like to remind the residents of Millinocket to please NOT flush wipes, paper towels, grease, plastics, Q-tips or anything other than toilet paper into the sewer system. Even the "flushable" wipes will clog the sewer system. These items are causing extreme plugs to the sewer system and costly maintenance to our pumping stations. We would like to thank the residents for this consideration.

James Charette,

Waste Water Treatment Facility Superintendent

Fire and Ambulance Department 

  • Second Assistant Chief Farrington and I attended Basic Life Support for Obstetrics.
  • Working with Dept. heads on upcoming Winterfest Parade and working with other various other organizations for additional events during Feb. school vacation.
  • Have started getting requests for sand or sand buckets under our Sand Bucket Project which is underage Friendly Millinocket.
  • In the process of renewing my Local Health Officer certification.
  • Assistant Chief Cote conducted OSHA/DOL annual mandatory training for Fire, EMS, Public Works and Airport personnel.
  • Second Assistant Chief Farrington and Assistant Chief Cote conducted annual snow sled rescue training for all FD personnel.
  • Assistant Chief Cote conducted annual Hazmat Awareness Level training for all FD employees, also second Assistant Chief Farrington will be doing annual fit test for employees as well during this training session.
  • Had major malfunction with one of our new Stryker Cots and is covered by warranty awaiting parts to repair unit.
  • Working on presentation on Substance Abuse Resources and holding spaghetti feed to benefit Millinocket Fire EMS Outreach Program.

Chief Thomas Malcolm,

AEMT, FLSE, EMA Director

Public Health and Safety Officer

Millinocket Fire Department

Parks and Recreation

  • Parks and Recreation has been working diligently to open the skating rink as the weather permits.

Jody Nelson, Parks and Recreation Director

Community Initiatives

  • Submitted two applications to Efficiency Maine– one for two chargers in Veterans Park, one for two chargers in the Municipal Parking Lot
  • Planned and hosted a Spaghetti Supper to raise funds for the Millinocket Fire/EMS Outreach and Prevention Fund alongside SaVida Health, Chief Malcolm, Asst. Chief Cote and the Town Manager

Amber Wheaton, Community Initiatives Director


  • The Airport has been busy keeping the runways plowed and ready to fuel!

Jeff Campbell, Airport Manager

East Millinocket Police Department

  • As we move into 2023 we can say that 2022 was our busiest year on record. We surpassed 10,000 calls for service, with over 4600 of those calls being in Millinocket. East Millinocket PD handled over 400 more calls in the Katahdin Region in 2022 than the previous year. We are continuing to complete our audit of 2022 incidents and expect to have full statics in the coming weeks. We are most proud of our increased community involvement and engagement in 2022 and we look forward to even more as we move into the new year. Public Safety is facing critical staffing concerns all over the State and Country and we are fortunate to have a very dedicated team to patrol the Katahdin Region.
  • We do want to issue another reminder to citizens of the parking restrictions during the winter months. Failure to comply with parking regulations could result in your vehicle being town, especially if its hindering snow removal. Its crucial that we all do our part to help our friends at Millinocket Public Works in keeping our streets clear during inclement weather as their job is hard enough during storms.

Town of Millinocket and SaVida Health Host Community Supper

On Tuesday, January 24th, the Town of Millinocket and Savida Health partnered together to host a spaghetti supper. The supper raised around $300 for the Millinocket Fire/EMS Outreach and Prevention Fund.

There was discussion around the topic of recovery, along with resources for those affected by substance use disorder.

The Town and SaVida Health would like to thank all those who attended the event and donated to the Millinocket Fire/EMS Fund! They would also like to thank the Nazarene Church for graciously allowing us to host the event in their Fellowship Hall.

The Town of Millinocket is currently seeking volunteers to help with various events and projects! Join our team to help make our community a great place to live! CLICK HERE to sign up online or stop by the Town Office to sign up person.   We are looking forward to meeting all community members who want to help make a difference!

Bissell Brothers Brewing Makes a Generous Investment in Millinocket Students

The Town of Millinocket Events Committee partnered with Bissell Brothers during marathon weekend to start a scholarship fund for the Stearns High School graduates. They generously donated $4 of every pint of their brew sold that weekend raising $2,750! The Town of Millinocket Events Committee is so grateful to Bissell for showing Millinocket some love. More details about the scholarship will be coming soon.

"We had such a fun time in Millinocket for the race, and we already have our wheels spinning for 2023. I love it up there. We are so excited to be able to contribute to the Scholarship Fund and hope that this will help kick this excellent idea off!" - Hester Bissell, Director of Employee Wellness, Bissell Brothers

The Town of Millinocket is officially on Instagram! Click here to follow the Town of Millinocket for the latest and greatest.

Texting Coming Soon!

The Town of Millinocket has registered with Constant Contact for a new texting feature. This allows further communication from the Town directly to your cell phone. This feature will be used for reminders of meetings, events and safety concerns for the public! We encourage you to call Amber Wheaton, Community Initiatives Director, (207) 447-4100 to sign up for our contact list or email her at cid@millinocket.org



Did you know? Recycling was reopened at the Millinocket Transfer Site on October 31st, 2022! Please recycle all cardboard, tin cans, milk jugs, colored plastic containers, paper & magazines.

For further information on recycling in Millinocket, please read the pamphlet here.

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