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  • Chris Cobb Builds Up the SEBC Annual Conference
  • Orange Park Reappoints Hans Wahl to Land Use Committee
  • Adam Edgecombe Drafted by the Florida Bar
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"The main ingredient of stardom
is the rest of the team."
- John Wooden,
Former UCLA & Hall of Fame basketball coach
As a former athlete on various teams, that quote resonates with me in many ways. As a college baseball player, I was fortunate to play on many great teams, with many great players. The success of those teams always depended on each player understanding his role and doing his job, as well as knowing the strengths of the other players on the team. As a lawyer at Jimerson & Cobb , the same principles apply to our law firm team. 
In the last few years, our law firm team has received numerous accolades, and our individual lawyers recognized for their talents in various publications. Most recently, Florida Trend magazine recognized our law firm team as one of the "Best Places to Work in Florida." These awards would not be possible without the requisite ingredients of stardom -- a strong team of lawyers and staff, who understand each other's strengths and push one another to achieve their goals.   
In order to better understand our team's strengths and accomplish goals, we have a two-part, mid-year business and personal plan review meeting that involves all our lawyers.  One reason for this meeting is to hold each other accountable for the goals set at the beginning of the year.  It also serves as a team-building exercise for our team of lawyers.
During part one of our meeting, lawyers discussed certain successes, both personal and professional, during the course of this year. They also articulated what they believed they were the best at or better than anyone else in our firm. Lawyers' responses ranged from handling appellate matters, to litigating non-compete disputes, to handling construction bid protests, to drafting contracts. Lawyers also commented on their experiences working with other lawyers in our firm.
I left this meeting with a renewed energy about my business and personal plan for the rest of the year, as well as a deeper understanding of the talents each of our lawyers can offer our clients.    
With about five months to go until the start of a new year, what is your team's plan for stardom? What will you do to keep your team focused on their goals and to invigorate them to finish the year strong?  

Best Regards,
J&C Named One of Florida Trend Magazine's "Best Places to Work" for Third Consecutive Year
For the 3rd consecutive year, we earned a coveted spot on  Florida Trend Magazine's  "Best Places to Work" in the small business category. The firm came in at #17, and was the second highest rated Jacksonville-based company. Florida Trend cited our office competitions to boost morale, such as office mini golf and pumpkin bowling, as something that makes J&C unique. 

“It is both rewarding and humbling to be recognized again this year,” said Managing Partner  Charles Jimerson . “This is a testament to our commitment to take care of our employees on a professional and personal level. We never undervalue the importance of team bonding and having fun as an office family."

Congratulations to the other honorees!
J&C Welcomes Associate Attorney Clayton Osteen
He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Florida State University, where he also played defensive end for the Seminoles, and later earned his J.D. from the Florida State University College of Law. Most of his spare time is spent hunting, fishing, traveling and playing golf. 
Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest associate, Clayton Osteen . Prior to joining J&C, Clayton, a native of Oxford, Florida, was the Deputy Chief Construction attorney at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).
Chris Cobb Presents Seminar on Construction Law at the Southeast Building Conference
Current Chairman of the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) Chris Cobb was invited to speak at the Southeast Building Conference's (SEBC) annual conference. The SEBC represents a powerful business-building opportunity for companies that want to reach the home building market in the South . Chris' presentation covered CILB licensing requirements, an overview of various Florida statutes pertaining to building construction, and new issues in contracting. Click here for a PDF of Chris' presentation, and please feel free to email him with any questions or concerns. 
Orange Park Committee Reappoints Hans C. Wahl
Hans C. Wahl was reappointed to a second yearlong term on the Town of Orange Park Land Use Planning and Policy Committee. This Committee makes recommendations related to Orange Park's economic development efforts and site plan review duties as assigned. Maybe we're biased, but the committee is lucky to have him back again - go get 'em, Hans!
Adam Edgecombe Drafted by the Florida Bar...
Well, Sort of.
Attorney Adam Edgecombe was selected by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners to draft an essay for the Florida Bar Exam. The thousands of 2018 Florida bar exam takers will have to successfully answer Adam’s essay to pass the bar exam and gain admission to the Florida bar. Adam was selected to draft an essay based on his years of service as a bar exam essay grader, a position to which he was appointed as a result of his outstanding score on the Florida bar exam in 2009.

To the future test takers:
May the odds be ever in your favor.
2017 Construction Law 101 Seminar
An Afternoon with Construction Law Experts
Tuesday, September 26th @ 1-4pm
Wells Fargo Building – 2nd floor
Space is limited.
Click here  to register TODAY!

Don't miss our third annual construction law seminar featuring presentations from our industry experts speaking on a variety of topics including:

  • Process of Construction Licensing
  • Construction Liens & Bond Law
  • Construction Defects
  • Detailed Provisions in Construction Contracts

This is a free event worth 4 hours of CE credit, and will be followed by a happy hour for networking with other attendees and the presenters.  

For questions or to request more information about the event or presenters, please email marketing@jimersoncobb.com.
J&C Legal Blogs
Are you keeping up with the latest information in business and law? J&C publishes weekly blog posts covering topics from construction law, business litigation, eminent domain law, community associations law and everything in between. Click here to subscribe today and stay up-to-date on the latest legal news from these areas:

Construction Industry Law Blog
Construction Projects in Florida and Indemnity Claims – Beware of the Statute of Repose

Construction projects typically involve many parties, from design professionals to contractors, to subcontractors, to suppliers. When a project goes south and there are problems, some or all of those parties may be responsible.  
In some cases, when there is a problem on a construction project, an owner may sue a general contractor, who then sues its subcontractors and suppliers. Those subcontractors may then sue their subcontractors, and on and on it goes. Those claims between the general contractor, subcontractors and/or suppliers often include claims for indemnity.  

Click here to read more about indemnity claims and Florida's statute of limitations and statute of repose.
Pool Contractor's Ability to Work on Pool Electrical Wiring in Florida

The Final Order marked the first time disciplinary action was taken against a CPC for replacing existing pool light fixtures. Prior to the ruling, it was common practice for a CPC to perform this type of electrical work on pools.

Click here to learn how Certified Pool/Spa Contractors (“CPC”) can stay in compliance with the laws and regulations of the construction industry when dealing with electrical work.
On March 29, 2017, the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (“CILB”), issued a Final Order,  Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Construction Industry Licensing Board v. Michael E. Seamon, disciplining a Certified Pool/Spa Contractor (“CPC”) for replacing existing pool light fixtures. The Final Order adopted and was based upon an Order of the Division of Administrative Hearings in Case No. 16-2845, recommending disciplinary action against the license of a Certified Pool Contractor (“CPC”) after an employee of the CPC was electrocuted while replacing existing pool light fixtures at a residential home in Bay County, Florida. 
Condominium Law Blog
By:  Hans C. Wahl
On July 1st, the 2017 amendments to the Florida Statutes affecting community associations became effective. These legislative amendments to both the  Condominium Act  &  Homeowners Association Act  are substantial.

In this three-part blog series, Hans Wahl breaks down the details of these legislative amendments.

Part I  focuses on changes to the law concerning estoppel certificates.

Part II  focuses on changes to the law concerning financial reporting requirements, criminal penalties, and official records.

Part III  focuses on changes to the law concerning conflicts of interest, member voting rights, use of debit cards, and other issues.
Prohibitions Against "SLAPP" Suits:
What Associations & Their Managers Need to Know

Both the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act and the Condo Act contain prohibitions against so-called “SLAPP” suits; SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.” The condo anti-SLAPP suit statute is found at §718.1224, and the homeowners’ anti-SLAPP suit statute is codified at §720.304(4).

While these statutes are important for associations and their management to understand, most people probably have no clue what a strategic lawsuit against public participation is, let alone how the law stands to affect associations.
Business Litigation Blog
Are Punitive Damages Available for Fraudulent Transfers in Florida?

In Florida, fraudulent transfers fall under the Florida’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (“FUFTA”). The Florida statutes comprise the FUFTA, and the statutes lay out the elements needed to assert a FUFTA claim, as well the types of remedies that will be afforded when bringing a FUFTA claim. 
This article is designed to postulate what types of remedies are awarded in a FUFTA claim, and answer the question of whether or not punitive damages will be included in those remedies.
What Sort of Credit Remediation is Available to Alleged Debtors After Dismissal of an Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition?

By: Charles B. Jimerson & Suzanne H. Clark, CEDS
Involuntary Bankruptcy is used by some creditors to force an alleged debtor into bankruptcy. From the perspective of a debtor, an involuntary bankruptcy carries serious consequences, including loss of credit standing. The impact on a debtor’s credit report and to her credit score can follow a debtor for years, even if the Involuntary Bankruptcy proceeding is dismissed after a debtor shows the creditor did not have a right to pursue the action. 

Click here for more on Involuntary Bankruptcy.

When Two Become One: Legal Considerations in the Mergers and Acquisitions Process – Part III & IV

Earlier this summer we began a seven-part series on the legal consideration for buying, selling, or merging businesses, in which Kayla Haines introduced the mergers and acquisitions process, generally and briefly explaining the six most important steps:

(1) engaging a financial advisor;
(2) entering into a non-disclosure agreement;
(3) negotiating the term sheet or letter of intent;
(4) due diligence;
(5) drafting and negotiating definitive documents; and
(6) the closing.

Catch Up on This Blog Series

Part I - Basic Overview of the Merger & Acquisition Process
Part II - Engaging a Financial Advisor & the Drafting of the Engagement Letter

Eminent Domain Blog
Pre-Trial Settlement Strategies in Eminent Domain Proceedings

You have already engaged in pre-suit negotiations with the condemning authorities. However, the parties were simply too far apart to agree on the compensation for taking of your property. Perhaps the parties came to an impasse, and the condemning authorities filed a petition in eminent domain, seeking a determination of the taking and the compensation through the courts.
Click here for valuable insight to help you prepare if you find yourself in this scenario.
Firm News
Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentric of Firm Biz
Painting of the Paws with ImpactJax
Football season is upon us, and with that comes an electrifying energy that will take over Downtown as the Jaguars run out onto the field. To prepare for the upcoming season, attorney Adam Edgecombe and marketing manager Ashley Ruiz  acted as team captains joining other members of ImpactJax for the Jacksonville Chamber's annual Painting of the Paws event. Hundreds of volunteers came together to show off their Jaguars pride (and painting skills) to touch up the jaguar paws leading fans to Everbank Field on game day. We're happy to report Adam and Ashley's teams successfully painted between the lines - you can see their works of art on Bay Street right next to the new Daily's Amphitheater. 
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy
Who doesn't love a little baseball and (office) family bonding? CBJ took the staff out the Jumbo Shrimp ballgame, and after having our fair share of hot dogs, chicken tenders and popcorn, the night came to a close with a fireworks display you need to see to believe. To top it all off, the Jumbo Shrimp beat the Mississippi Braves 2-0. Get out to the ballpark and get your Shrimp on! Click here for their upcoming schedule.
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