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September 2021
Happy September 2021

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Fall 2021 Class Schedules

At the time of preparing this newsletter, the following senior colleges have posted class schedules for the fall.
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Note: MSC will present two Fall terms in 2021: Fall Term I (Sept 13 to Nov 5, 2021) and Fall Term II (Nov 8 to Dec 17, 2021).

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Coastal Senior College
Fall 2021 Brown Bag Series
facilitated by Jayne Gordon
Presenters: four CSC faculty members:
an artist, a diplomat, an architect, and a teacher

4 Mondays 12:00 - 1:00 pm on Zoom

September 27
Presenter: Winslow Myers
October 4
Presenter: Bob Rackmales
October 25
Presenter: Arne Aho
November 1
Presenter: Caroline Janover

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September 27, October 4, October 25, November 1
Winslow Myers, Bob Rackmales, Arne Aho, Caroline Janover

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OLLI Reflections Magazine
Eric Jensen

In the yellow morning
Before the breeze awoke
I’d canoe along the shoreline
With a quiet Indian stroke
Never lift the paddle
Never spill a drop
Silently I’d glide along
Silently I’d stop
Aimed myself with careful strokes
One course of very few
That showed no sign of human life
Within my easy view
Looking down I’d see a bass
Patrolling near his nest
And on a log along the shore
A turtle lay at rest
Small animals would let me pass
Without a sign of fear
As long as I moved quietly
And didn’t get too near
Now though my days are sometimes gray
And my canoe is gone
A smile will light my face when I
Remember yellow dawn

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Copyright ©2020 by OLLI at the USM
All rights reserved.
"Maxx and Mrs. Queen"
A book by Senior College at Belfast member
Janet Williams
(Raising funds for animal rescue)

Senior College at Belfast member Janet Williams, SC Belfast newsletter and Corona Chronicles editor, has written and published a book entitled Maxx and Mrs. Queen. This exquisitely illustrated and lovingly written tale will warm the hearts of children and adults who love and care for animals. Without giving too much away, it is the story of rescuing dogs and cats from life on the streets of London. The story winds its way from Buckingham Palace through the streets of London and St. James’s Park, bringing the homeless animals to safety, a Royal Fur Ball, and much more.

Please see the Maxx and Mrs. Queen website for more information about the book and how it came to be. Janet is donating all proceeds from the sale of this book to animal rescue.

Article by Nancy Perkins, Senior College at Belfast

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Don't Miss This!
Sea-Change: Shakespeare, Capt. John Smith & the New World Republic

Tuesday afternoons from 12:45 - 2:45
September 14 - November 2. 

Course Description
Shakespeare’s late “tragicomedies” counterpose Europe’s dehumanizing aristocratic values to conceptions of humanity that seek the common good and dignify productive labor. They converge in remarkable detail with quasi-republican currents among Puritan activists (who also embraced the revolutionary new sciences) and similar impulses within England’s American colonial projects, where Capt. John Smith led in the sharpening cultural clash. In equal parts history and drama, Europe and America, we explore Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Smith’s popular writings, and contemporary Puritan texts, revealing their common, America-focused hopes for a truly “New World.”

Course Fee $50

Format: lecture, discussion, film, Zoom

Required Book: The Tempest, William Shakespeare, any edition

To Register
Please complete our Registration Form and email it to [email protected]

Be sure to mention that you are a member of a Maine Senior College!

Select alternate courses/workshops as we cannot guarantee your desired course will have open seats when MSCN registration begins. 

Email OLLI at USM if you have any questions.

About the Instructor
After almost launching a career in something later called Evolutionary Psychology (MA, Cornell), Richard Welsh dedicated himself to issues-advocacy and election campaign work, moonlighting in historical and science feature journalism. Previously taught at OLLI and Midcoast Senior College, this course originates in a 23-year research effort, leavened by amateur acting and a long love of Shakespeare.
Visit OLLI at USM

Published by Harper collins
Pages 467 Price $28.99

Reviewed by Pat Davidson Reef

The Cellist is a new novel that covers many subjects: art, politics, mystery, murder, international banking, espionage, and patriotism.

Daniel Silva, the author, has written about Gabriel Allon in 21 books. Allon is always the hero but each book has a different subject of intrigue and mystery. One of the recurring themes in Daniel Silva’s books always deals with art because his hero Gabriel Allon, is an art restorer, artist, and collector of art, as well as being a “master” detective.

Gabriel Allon is the James Bond of the art, detective, mystery genre. He is part of the Mossad, the Secret Service of Israel, who gets invited to solve crimes all over the world but he takes his love and interest in art with him, as he solves political problems, murders, and spy intrigues in different countries.

This incredible story focuses on the murder of a Russian billionaire art collector, Viktor Orlov, who lived in London and had published a newspaper that featured articles against Russia in it. He also had enormous funds in the RhineBank, a very large Swiss bank, who laundered money, and was run by the Russians. At one time the RhineBank supported the Nazi regime and has a ruthless reputation. Viktor was so important he received monthly reports on the figures of the RhineBank’s financial activities, as well as his own accounts.

The book opens in the present and we learn that a Russian reporter, Nina Antonov, has just delivered some papers to Viktor Orlov, in his London mansion, leaving immediately.

Sarah Bancroft, manager of the Isherwood Gallery of London, arrives with quotes on a current artwork which she wants to sell and is shocked to find Viktor dead at his desk. She notices white powder on the papers in front of him. Bancroft, a retired C.I.A member, before becoming a London gallery art dealer, recognizes international trouble and calls Gabriel Allon for help.

Gabriel arranges to meet Nina Antonova, a strong suspect in the murder of Viktor Orlov, in Amsterdam, where she is hiding. They agree to meet at the Van Gogh Museum in the room where the painting of Van Gogh’s yellow flowers is located. Nina is saved by Gabriel and is whisked into a Safe House. She was just a messenger used by Russia to get inside Viktor’s house. The author, Daniel Silva, paints words in his books like Van Gogh painted images on his canvases in the use of colors and detailed descriptions of places across the globe.

However, there are so many characters in this story, I had to keep a “post-it” tab list of characters to keep track of them!

But a key to the whole story is Elizabeth Brenner, “The Cellist” who is an important accountant/comptroller working for the RhineBank and knows what is going on inside the bank. She knows the bank is under Russian control. She knows about the stability of the bank itself and how much they need money. She knows about Viktor’s money and how it is used.

Elizabeth understands that the bank needs Viktor and Viktor needs the bank and Russia controls everything. She prepares monthly documents for Viktor on the activities of the bank and his own accounts. (In her spare time she plays the cello. It calms her down and gives her beauty in life.) Low key and behind the scenes, she has a brilliant mathematical mind and is a gifted musician. She plays long passages on the cello without the need of music sheets. Precise and accurate, she is German and does not confuse facts with fantasy. A loner, she is highly self-disciplined and not intimidated by anyone or any country. She knows clearly what is going on behind the scenes at the bank, and plays her cello for joy in the healing force of creativity that it brings to her life.

Another name to remember (among many) is Arkady Arkimov, leader of The Haydn Group. Arkady and The Haydn Group represent a private investigative organization that is trying to bring down democracy behind the scenes, never getting caught, always looking helpful, but always letting the chips of blame fall on other countries and people.

The locations found in this book include London, Switzerland, Zurich, Germany, Russia, Israel, Amsterdam, and America. At one point the reader is taken to Delaware in America and the author implies Allon saves the current president’s life. (She dies this without using the president's name.)

If you love art, detective stories, politics, world travel, fast dialogue, lots of action, and James Bond mysteries, you will love Gabriel Allon in this book !!! If you want to find out who killed Viktor Orlov you will have to read the story. I recommend it highly.
Phil and Eric AARP Fraud Watch Network Show
Thursday, September 9, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

AARP Maine Fraud Watch volunteers Phil Chin and Eric Seltzer invite you to participate in a virtual scam and fraud watch series. Scammers are using innocent older Mainers as inadvertent accessories to their crimes to both steal money and to insulate themselves from being discovered by the authorities.

These discussions are open to all via their 30 minute Zoom meet. You do not need to be an AARP member to join the conversation.

For more information please visit:

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