The Buzz
Hello there! Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to open our newsletter. We continue to focus on mental health awareness through a variety of events. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to make an impact on the community level and shed light on mental health. Currently, we are looking for opportunities to connect with local newspapers or media outlets to further shed light on the anxiety epidemic happening in our community. Please share our newsletter with anyone who maybe able to help us. As always, thank you for beeing you!
Here's What Is Coming Up
Ask Us Anything!
Audrey Grunst, Owner of Simply Bee and Andy Duran, the Executive Director of LEAD, are excited to offer Ask Us Anything! Truly nothing is off limits! They will be talking all things teen, substance use, adolescent mental health, why young people do what they do and how parents can have an effective relationship with their teens.

When: Thursday, April 11th at 11am
Where: LEAD 270 E. Westminster Ave. Suite 200, Lake Forest
*Free: The public is welcome to attend, no RSVP required*
Decision Making Workshop for Counselors at Warren H.S.
On April 22nd, Audrey Grunst will be offering a Decision Making Workshop for School Counselors at Warren High School. This workshop will provide the counselors with ideas and tools to help guide their students to examine their decisions and make impactful choices.

To learn more about this workshop click HERE.
Parenting Series at the Gorton Community Center - Raising Resilient Children
Audrey will be presenting on how to raise a resilient child and touch on the pitfalls of Helicopter parenting. This event is co-presented with Montessori School of Lake Forest.

April 25, 2019 at 6:30p.m
Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest
For more information or to Sign Up click HERE .
Here's What Happened in February
Presentation at School of St. Mary
On February 6, Monica Bullock, LCPC, presented "Developing a Healthier relationship with our Body and Food" to the students at the School of St. Mary in Lake Forest. Her topics included creating a h ealthy relationship with food and eating, body image and body positivity and myths about food. 
Decision Making Workshop for Parents
On February 7, Audrey conducted a workshop for parents of students from Warren Township High School. The workshop taught parents a different approach to decision making that can help our kids make healthy choices.

For more information on this and other workshops click HERE
Embody Love Movement Workshop for Adult Women
O n February 9th, Simply Bee's yoga instructor Stephanie Bersh led a workshop t eaching women how to accept themselves as they are and begin to love even the most difficult emotions and body image insecurities.

For more information on this workshop click HERE
Viewing of Angst at Libertyville High School
Simply Bee had the privilege of having a resource table at Libertyville H.S.'s viewing and discussion of the documentary Angst. The movie is an eye-opening view into the anxiety-filled world that our children are living in.
For more information on workshops and public speaking engagements or more... contact or 224-424-0432