Volume 7 / Issue 3 | March 2020
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: Why study the Trinity? ... Is God guilty of genocide? ... New this summer: "What Every Christian Should Know About the Angel of the L ORD " ... and more!
Why study the Trinity?
There’s little doubt the doctrine of the Trinity is mysterious. Some would say it’s mind-boggling, or that it violates logic. After all, it claims that God is three and yet one. How is this possible? In this first installment of a series on the Trinity -- excerpted from What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity -- this article offers three good reasons to study this vital doctrine.

Is God guilty of genocide?
When God instructs the Israelites to annihilate seven nations inhabiting the Promised Land to make room for His chosen people, He uses unambiguous terms. In passages like Deuteronomy 7:1-2 and 20:16-17, God tells the Israelites: “you must completely destroy them … you must not let any living thing survive.” What's going on here? Is God engaging in genocide?

Defining the Trinity
How do we biblically define a term that never appears in the Bible? While it's true the word Trinity does not appear in English versions of Scripture, that doesn't mean the doctrine is missing in action. So, it's important to show how the Bible describes one true God in three persons. It's not easy -- but it's well worth the effort.

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The Apologist’s Tool Kit  equips you to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect. This easy-to-read reference addresses some of the most commonly challenged Christian doctrines, from the existence of God to the authority of Scripture. Each chapter concludes with probing questions, talking points, and references for further reading.

Check out Missouri Baptist apologists
Did you know there are 18 Missouri Baptist leaders equipped and ready to help you defend the Christian faith? Check out the pastors and lay leaders who make up the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network.

Coming this summer
This summer, the Missouri Baptist Convention releases a new resource for personal or group study: Jesus Before Bethlehem: What Every Christian Should Know About the Angel of the L ORD . This 335-page resource explores dozens of Old Testament Christophanies , or appearances of the preincarnate Christ. Written for pastors and laypersons, the study is designed to show how the eternal Son of God has always taken a personal interest in those He created to be His imagers on earth.

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