Photo Credit - Lisa Renee Ludlum
November 2020
Photo Credit - Samantha Enslow
We are thankful for...

Community voices that speak up loudly for the Lagoon - Dr. Leesa Souto

Teachers and parents that connect kids to nature - Nicole Broquet

LagoonWatch monitors who step up weekly and "science" - Kara Woods

Natural, resilient living shorelines that protect us & the lagoon - Caity Savoia

Our board members who support our programs - Kate Zehnder

Fishermen that are helping us advance ropeless fishing gear - Julie Albert

Mangrove volunteers saving the Lagoon one plant at a time - Kim Zarillo

Lagoon advocates that don't give up - Steve Sharkey

...and so much more like sunrises over the Lagoon, mullet jumping, ospreys soaring, mangrove propagules sprouting...but most importantly we are thankful for all of you! The community that is committed to learning and adapting and helping save the Indian River Lagoon.

We appreciate YOU.
Mark your calendars for #GivingTuesday 2020, Tuesday, December 1st! Needless to say, 2020 has been a challenging year for us all. One that has caused everyone to reevaluate processes and make programs as efficient as possible. The steadfast support of all of you, our members, donors, volunteers, and supporters, have kept us going. Join the international #GivingTuesday movement and show your support of MRC's science, education, and restoration programs. You can support today, or any day leading up to December 1st.
Be Floridian Now

Fertilizer Survey Results
MRC has been surveying visitors of the Be Floridian Now website (n=620).

We found out some really interesting things...
The Word Cloud above visually represents the words most frequently used to answer the question “Why did you visit the Be Floridian Now website?” The larger the word, the more frequently it was used. 

The survey also found…

  • Overall, more respondents did not know their community had adopted a fertilizer ordinance (54%) than those who did.

  • Significantly more Brevard County residents knew about the presence of a fertilizer ordinance (61%) than residents in Martin (39%) or St. Lucie Counties (31%). Yay Brevard! 

  • In Brevard County, there was an equal number of respondents who fertilized the lawn themselves as those who hired a professional (50%). More St. Lucie (52%), Martin and Indian River County respondents (57%) fertilized the lawn themselves and more Volusia County respondents hired a professional to apply fertilizer (65%).

  • On average, respondents in St. Lucie County fertilized more frequently (4.83 times/year) than those in Brevard (3.77), Volusia (3.71), Martin (3.47) and Indian River (2.57) Counties. Let’s get this down to 1 application/year! 
Your Membership is More Important than Ever!
MRC typically receives 65% of our unrestricted revenues from events and contributions. With the COVID impacts to our events this year, we are short on operating revenues. We need your donations more than ever! If you love what we do and you have never contributed. Now is the time. If you want to be part of the MRC family that advocates, restores, teaches, shares, and embraces this lagoon, now is the time to join us.

Each and every member plays a vital role in contributing to the protection and restoration of the Indian River Lagoon. Our members are our boots on the ground advocates, tireless Lagoon educators, and most stalwart supporters. This fall, we invite you to stand with these fearless folks and become a member of the MRC family, taking the step to demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the legacy of the Indian River Lagoon for generations to come.
December Lunch & Learn Webinar
"Right Whales in Peril: Is Extinction Avoidable?"
with Julie Albert
December 1st, 2020
12pm - 1pm
Held via Zoom Webinar
Registration for Zoom Required!
Join us for our Lunch & Learn Webinar, "Right Whales in Peril: Is Extinction Avoidable?" with the MRC's Julie Albert! The North Atlantic right whale population is fewer than 400 individuals, with about 85 breeding females. Their greatest risks are entanglements in commercial fishing gear and vessel strikes. By the year 2040, it is believed they will no longer be able to reproduce. Register today to find out what's being done to save them and what can you do to help bring them back from the brink!

The seminar will end with a live Q&A session, but we also recommend that participants to please email any questions you might have that relate to this topic to the MRC's Nicole Broquet at by November 30th.

This is a free virtual event, but you must register to receive the zoom link and login information. If you are unable to register, we will be live streaming it through the MRC's Facebook page!
3rd Annual Indian River Lagoon Health Update
with Dr. Leesa Souto
December 8th, 2020
Zoom and Limited in Person
Join us on Tuesday, December 8th, for the 3rd Annual Indian River Lagoon Health Update! This program will be presented by Dr. Leesa Souto, Executive Director of the Marine Resources Council, and will include updated water quality and habitat scores and the tributaries that lead to the Lagoon. The event will both be held as a live webinar and in person at the Lagoon House for a limited number of participants. To accommodate demand & scheduling, Dr. Souto is presenting the same material during the day (12:00pm) and evening (6:30pm) sessions.

All attendees are asked to please make a love donation to attend, any amount you can - $1, $5, or $500. Your donation will help fund this lagoon health report and add vital fisheries data. Thank you for your support!
The Lagoon House will remain closed to the public through 2020, however we are still here doing the hard work of saving the Lagoon.
Call us at 321-725-7775 to schedule an appointment.
Nov. 25th-26th: Happy Thanksgiving! MRC on vacation
Dec. 1st: Lunch and Learn Webinar - North Atlantic Right Whale Update
Dec. 8th: IRL Report Card Health Update
Dec. 24-25th: Merry Christmas! MRC on vacation
Jan. 1st: Happy New Year! MRC on vacation. Goodbye 2020!
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