March 29th, 2019
The Marketplace is Open!
In order to try to fulfill customer demands for oysters we are trying something a little new this ordering cycle. If you would like to purchase oyster please have your orders confirmed by Sunday at 8pm . This allows us to finalize orders with the vendor to meet the Thursday distribution deadline.
"They taste better than their adult vegetable."

Microgreens are Back!
For those who don't know Aiden's story, Glacier Greens started as a summer homeschool project to learn about starting and running a business. Now it is a full fledged business, selling microgreens to Juneau residents. This week he has Sunflower, Broccoli, Radish, Cruciferous Mix Salad Sampler and Salad Mix microgreens available.
Try adding them to sandwiches, wraps, tacos, pizza, and salad!
Gardening in Southeast 101
The UAF Cooperative Extension is offering a Gardening in Southeast Alaska 101 course in April. This course is for " folks who want to learn the basics of how to grow a successful food garden in this region" as well as "seasoned Juneau-area gardeners who are experiencing challenges that some good fundamental practices may help overcome." The course will cover topics like: seed starting, botany basics, plant nutrition, soils, composting, garden design/planning/construction, hydroponic basics, vegetable and fruit crops, maintenance, harvest, processing and storage. Those interested can register HERE . Session starts April 3rd.
A Bit of Housekeeping . . .
Downtown Distribution:
April means Folk Fest!

LOCAL FOODS AND GREAT MUSIC! For those of you who pickup downtown, we will still be distributing out of the JAHC during Folk Fest. We will begin shifting distribution to the back of the building through the bright orange delivery doors. Please keep an eye out for distribution day reminders and we will keep you up-to-date on any changes.

Need to change pick up locations?
Email us at
The market closes 8pm on Wednesdays!
Distribution Day is every Thursday!
Please pick up your orders between 4:30p-6:30p at the pickup location you selected.

Need to change pick up locations?
Email us at Colin@saltandsoilmarketplace or call 907-302-3841.

Hooked Seafoods (Valley)
2315 Industrial Blvd.
Juneau, AK

Panhandle Produce (Lemon Creek)
5381 B Commercial Blvd
Juneau, AK

JACC (Downtown)
JACC Building, Main Hall
350 Whittier Street
Juneau, AK

Alternatively, we can deliver your order to your doorstep for a small fee of just $5 ! During checkout, simply specify on the left hand side under 'Delivery Options' how you would like to receive your order.
The Salt & Soil Marketplace | 907-302-3841