Vol. II # 1     
    March 20, 2013 


Gabriela Bernal

"I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and brilliant coach. Mary has provided me with advice, practical tools and an increased insight into my leadership development needs. With Mary's guidance, I feel more confident in my ability to turn challenging opportunities into successful endeavors. I am certain that one day I will look back on my career and identify my experience in working with Mary as pivotal to my professional development.

Gaby Bernal

Site Manager, Vista Health Center

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers


"The Santa Rosa Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors had just finished a tremendous retreat where we created numerous new goals and strategies.As Executive Director it is my job to deliver results. Mary started the process by helping me focus my ideas and understand the big picture. Then with Mary's guidance I established very specific action plans that detailed exactly what steps I needed to take and how to best utilize my team and their talents to lead Visit Santa Rosa and achieve our goals."
Brad Calkins
Executive Director
Santa Rosa Convention & Visitors Bureau



"Mary is very focused on uncovering the need behind the need, a tried and true practice that is so effective in obtaining the clear picture so that expectations are met. Once the real need is uncovered, the path becomes less cluttered, ready for action, communication, results, and the reward of accomplishing your goals."

Charlene Lennon

Director of Sales

Santa Rosa Convention & Visitors Bureau



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I am proud to be an ISO-Certified Management Consultant. I have held my professional certification for over 25 years now, and I am one of approximately 500 Certified Management Consultants in the USA. I maintain my certification with continuing education in my areas of specialization, practice management and ethics. For more information about the certification, visit the Institute of Management Consultants website.


Three of my executive coaching clients are featured in this issue. People who want to grow professionally and refine their skills as leaders and managers are invariably exceptional individuals. They not only challenge my skills as a teacher and coach, but inspire me with their passion and willingness to learn. (At heart, I am apparently a teacher, following in my mother's footsteps, although her field was anatomy/biology.) 
In the column to the left you will see comments from Gaby Bernal. I am delighted to say that Gaby represents a "second generation" of clients, in that I previously worked with Naomi Fuchs, the visionary CEO of the Santa Rosa Community Health Centers, some twenty-five years ago when Naomi was starting her career in health care management. I am honored to be continuing this long-standing professional association. 
created this Quarterly Newsletter last year in response to requests from people who wanted to hear more about my work with clients. Although some of my projects are of a sensitive nature and require privacy, others I do have permission to share with you. 
This newsletter's publication is timed to coincide with the First Day of Spring ~ March 20, 2013. May this auspicious date mark the refreshment of your commitment to creating joy, meaning and satisfaction in your work.

Please contact me with your news,
ideas, and inquiries. I love hearing from you!

Mary Luttrell               

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"To love what you do, and feel that it matters -
 how could anything be more fun?"
Katherine Graham
The Washington Post