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Forward Booking
New MDVMA Members
March, 2017
Chelsea A. Pollak, student
Garrett Smith, student
Anna Morrison, DVM
Sandra Andrulis, DVM
Edward P. Radue, DVM
Robert M. Thompson, VMD
Katelyn A. Heydt, DVM
Hanum Wensil-Strow, student
Erika D. Olney, student
Matthew C. Terzi, VMD
Barbara McGann, student(RVT)
Jennifer Lyle, DVM
Sierra D. Burrell, DVM
Animal Disease Surveillance
Karen L. Meidenbauer, DVM MPH
Animal disease surveillance is gaining importance and visibility across the public health community as concerns about zoonotic diseases rise. However, through research I conducted in early 2016 as part of the practicum for my Master in Public Health degree, I found that private practitioners were underrepresented in prior assessments of requirements for animal disease surveillance. To better understand the perspective of this important stakeholder group and assess the resources available to them, I conducted preliminary discussions with key practitioners. These discussions clearly revealed that there are significant gaps in animal health surveillance tools and practices that frequently limit practitioners' ability to rapidly respond to potential disease risks within animal populations of concern.
Forward Booking
As you may know, MDVMA is a proud Associate Member of Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) and we are very pleased to announce a collaborative program between PHP, Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and our association to implement the concept of forward booking in all veterinary practices in [insert state or province]. The MDVMA is partnering with 45 other veterinary medical associations in the US and Canada to make a difference.
Taking on D.C.
A Student's Perspective on the 2016 AVMA Legislative Fly-In, By Christina Betta
They always tell you to avoid religion and politics but three weeks ago, I broke that rule and attended the 2016 AVMA Legislative Fly-In. Some may wonder what ever possessed me to visit the District especially during the craziness of an election year. Ironically, my interest in policy began far from the United States. 
Dakota, a 10-year old castrated male Border Collie, was presented for emergency evaluation and treatment for intermittent right-sided epistaxis of 5 days duration, severe anemia, and ultrasonographic findings of a splenic mass with multiple target-like splenic and hepatic nodules. Dakota had been acutely lethargic and inappetant on the morning of presentation. Owners also reported a history of an episode of hemoptysis in August 2016 and of Lyme disease.
County VMA Delegates:
What do they do?
Did you know that each County VMA has a seat at the MDVMA Board? Did you know they vote? Do you know who your County Delegate and Alternate Delegate are? Find out!

According to the MDVMA bylaws:
The MDVMA Board is discussing how to improve upon its communications with the County VMAs and vis-à-vis. Communication and information is the key to all of our successes. The new MDVMA website will have a designated area for you to find information and events for your county VMA. Want to get involved? Contact MDVMA headquarters: 410 -268-1311.
Thank You 
Drs. Roa, Jeyakumar, Burgess, and I would like to thank the attendees and sponsors for their participation in the MVMA Wound Reconstruction lab. From the presenters' perspective this is an ideal format for teaching advanced surgical skills. It allocates time to introduce a technique followed by immediate lab demonstration and multiple attempts to practice the skill covered. This process is repeated throughout the day and we, as instructors, often can see the participants' improvement throughout the course.  
Risk Factor Article Summary
In a recent article published in JAVMA, Nett et al. (2016) found that membership in a veterinary medical association is positively correlated with less mental illness and suicidal ideation.
The authors also found that 9.1% veterinarians were experiencing severe psychological distress at the time of the survey and that 16.7% had contemplated suicide since graduation. These distressing numbers are higher than that of the general US adult population.
MDA Animal Health Program
As they say, "winter is coming," and with it could be coming a very contagious and infectious poultry disease. That disease is avian influenza. Over the last two years, a very virulent strain of avian influenza, especially one deadly to turkeys and table-egg chickens has caused catastrophic poultry losses, and brought economic instability to the States infected by this virus. So far, Maryland poultry have not been infected.
The Role of the Veterinarian in the FARM Program
The FARM program is nothing new to dairy practitioners but it may be new to some of you. The FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) program is an effort by dairymen, co-operatives and processors to establish guidelines and best practices for the well-being of their animals and to provide assurance to customers that dairies are providing the highest standard of care. Some of our clients have been involved with the program and undergoing evaluations for several years now depending on the co-op they ship to.
Upcoming MDVMA Events
Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Conference will be held at the Howard County Fairgrounds, Thursday, May 18th. Exhibitor Set-up and Registration opens at 7:30 am. Sessions begin at 8:00 am.

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131st Annual Summer Meeting at the Clarion Resort Ocean City, MD on Sunday, June 18th to Tuesday, June 20th. Sunday's program is an all-day session presented by Donna M. Raditic, DVM, DACVN, CVA

Integrative Medicine and Nutrition Consultants. Topics include: Nutrition in Practice: See Spot, Feed Spot; Reaction by Canine Consumer; Canine Cancer Conundrum; Feline Friendly Nutrition; and Thinking outside the litter box, Supplementing your practice.
The Monday and Tuesday programs are a multi-track program for both Small Animal and Equine. The CE program will cover a multitude of interesting and timely topics.
This year we have added a Monday morning session for Retired and Semi-Retired veterinarians. We have provided special pricing as a stand-alone program or as a part of the full program.

The breakfast and presentations will be included in the full-registration fee or
Monday afternoon and all-day Tuesday, Dr. Valerie Ragan will be providing the Career Transition Workshop. We have provided special pricing as a stand-alone program or as a part of the full program.

For more information and registration please visit .
Our Power of Ten class will be meeting at both the MAVC and the Summer Conference. Enrollment for our 2017-18 class is open. Please visit .