Managing Wealth for a Life of Purpose
February 4, 2020
Over the next few weeks, we will be writing a blog series on our client mission statement, “Managing Wealth for A Life of Purpose”.

Even though this statement was established more than 10 years ago, we believe it is more relevant today than it ever has been. The rise of social enterprises, b-corp certifications and business-as-missions organizations show the thirst for meaning that exists in today’s business culture.

On the other hand, our broader culture continues to shift towards a more secular worldview, leaving more and more people searching for their identity in the fleeting moments here on Earth rather than in the eternal truths to which we hold fast. If we aren’t careful, we can slip into this identity crisis as well, latching ourselves to earthly things that don’t create lasting meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

A life of purpose goes well beyond the accumulation of wealth. Even though at Master’s we spend most of our working hours talking about money, thinking about money and planning with money, we understand that it is only a means to an end. We are here to help you use your money prudently and efficiently, so that you can leverage it as a resource while staying focused on what you have been called to do in your life.

As we unpack our mission statement in our next few posts, be thinking about how connecting to purpose has helped you make meaningful money decisions in your life.

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