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In 2015, a job applicant challenged Target Corporation's disclosure form and filed a putative class action FCRA lawsuit known as Just v. Target Corporation, Case No. 15-cv-04117. This case claimed that Target Corporation's addition of certain statements in their disclosure and authorization form are not factually related to the disclosure consent under the FCRA."  Read More
In an effort to keep our clients in compliance with federal background screening laws, we have revised our paper disclosure and authorization form here. New compliance states that the disclosure must be on a separate page from the applicant authorization. For clients that utilize a paper form please implement this disclosure immediately. For clients that utilize our online "paperless" disclosure no action is needed.   Read More

First impressions are everything, especially when selecting vendors for hire. There are many prerequisites to consider when engaging a background screening organization to provide vital information such as employment background checks. The employment background check industry is relatively new and it contains thousands of organizations providing screening reports to employers.  Read More

The Fair Chance Act mandates for employers completely remove the question on the employment application inquiring about past criminal history and waiting until further along in the hiring process to inquire about this information. While this may seems pretty straightforward, this is not the case as there currently is not a federal "ban-the-box" law. There are instead states with a specific policy that may contradict a county with its own specific policy. From there, a city in that county might even have a different interpretation of the same law. This is why an infographic is needed to explain each state, county, and city's requirements in order to be in compliance with "ban-the-box."  Read More