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Here's What Is Coming Up
May 16 - Ladies Seminar with Audrey/Teresa
On Thursday, May 16, join Audrey as she presents at the Ladie's Night Out event at Libertyville Bank and Trust. The event will also feature short presentations by Simply Bee's own Teresa Romano, as well as Ana Santos Gitzinger, the owner of Orinoco Fitness, and Nancy J. Lagerfeldt, CRPC at Wintrust Investments.

Call Denise Bossler at 847-367-6800 to RSVP.

May 18 - Walk to Cure Arthritis - Audrey Medical Honoree
On Saturday, May 18, Audrey has the privilege of serving as a medical honoree at this year's Walk to Cure Arthritis in Lake County, Illinois. The event will take place at Old School Forest Preserve, Shelter C, in Libertyville.

Call Kim Kempf at 312-690-9603 for more information.

Here's What Happened in April
Fresh Start Incubator Panel
On April 10th, Audrey sat on a panel for the Fresh Start Incubator to discuss business strategies with other successful entrepreneurs to guide attendants to fully understand what it takes to market to women without using the color pink.
Ask Us Anything
Audrey Grunst, Owner of Simply Bee and Andy Duran, the Executive Director of LEAD, sat down with local parents and opened the floor to any and all questions relating to all things teen, including substance use, adolescent mental health, why young people do what they do and how parents can have an effective relationship with their teens. After an amazing turn out, Andy and Audrey plan to do this again in the fall.
Decision Making Workshop for school counselors at Warren H.S.
On April 22nd, Audrey Grunst offered a Decision Making Workshop for School Counselors at Warren High School. This workshop provided the counselors with ideas and tools to help guide their students to examine their decisions and make impactful choices . Through a fun and interactive exercise, educators learned how to make decisions based on their values not just what they "should do."
Gorton Center Series - Raising Resilient Kids
On April 25, Audrey presented on how to raise a resilient child and the pitfalls of Helicopter parenting. This event was co-presented with the Montessori School of Lake Forest. Audrey got real with parents to say the unpopular opinion that is, to stop focusing on grades and performance and focus on how to create a space for your child to experience "real life" things such as being average, "normal" and practicing failure.
Workshop for Expectant Moms
On April 28th, Anna Netzel and Teresa Romano, showed expectant moms how to connect, grow and explore ways to feel your best during the most beautiful yet challenging times in your life.
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