May 2020
Make a Difference
Soooooo, did you ever think you’d have to spend this much time in your house? Has the Honey-Do list actually been exhausted for the first time since the week you got home from the honeymoon? Are you on the third round of Hallmark Channel reruns and would REALLY like something constructive to do?

How about boxing food for families in distress? Every County has opportunities to serve as a volunteer. It’s not an actual deployment, but you would be meeting needs of frightened people trying to figure out how to feed their family. You could start with your County VOAD/COAD website or your local food pantry.

You will be blessed... and it’s more rewarding than sitting around waiting for the gym to open.  
Baseball fans are simply taken aback by the fact that for the first time in the history of baseball the National League West is still in a 3-way tie for first place in the Division. The San Francisco Giants, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres are in a dead heat for first place. That has happened in the past but the tie is usually broken by the 1 st  of April. Never have the three teams battled for the Division lead this late into the season.

Attendance has dropped off for all three teams and management is trying a variety of things to get fans back in the stands. The Dodgers are selling Dodger Dogs 3 for $1. The Giants are considering bringing Willy Mays out of retirement to play Center Field. The San Diego Padres are doing nothing in fear of jinxing the Season.
OSFA Training by Zoom During COVID-19
This month we stepped into new territory as the 6-hour Operational Stress First Aid training was offered on Zoom. Even the tornado warnings in Texas from where Dr. Naomi Paget taught the class couldn't stop this online training!

We reached out through the Regional Lead Chaplains to quickly recertify a few recently deployed chaplains whose badges had expired or were about to expire. 9 volunteers participated in this successful 'experiment!' COVID-19 is teaching all of us some new tricks.
It’s been some time since we’ve had the opportunity for Chainsaw training. And acknowledging that we have been over this again and again in class… Nevertheless…

Larry Wiedner wanted to remind you how NOT to start a chainsaw!!!!
Let's Go to the Museum!! (Virtually)

If you're going a little stir-crazy in lockdown, here's a way to chase away the cabin fever blues. Immerse yourself in some interesting, fun, educational, beautiful experiences by touring museums! Many museums offer virtual tours so you can enjoy their collections from your living room chair!

Just think of the money you are saving by not paying for airfare, fuel, hotels, dining, etc. Yeah, we'll get back to that eventually... but in the meantime we bring you... tours on demand!! Just click on the images to begin your journeys!
Church DR Spotlight
 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shortages have yielded an opportunity for Sandals Church in Riverside to share the love of Christ with health care workers and emergency personnel. During April, Sandals Church converted its in-house manufacturing facility—normally used to make furniture, signage and sermon props among other items—into a PPE production line to help battle the coronavirus pandemic.

The work is being conducted in partnership with the California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, as well as local charities The Magnon Foundation and Giverside.

Sandals’ partnership with the CSBC began when the church contacted state disaster relief director Mike Bivins regarding the possibility of state convention assistance. Through a special circumstance with matching funds from Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, CSBC was able to assist with the initial production run. Partnering with Sandals dovetails with the CSBC’s strategy of empowering churches to respond to some disasters rather than attempting to coordinate all disaster relief on the state convention level.

“A church that has relationships in its community can respond quicker, more uniquely and with less money” than CSBC disaster relief units, Bivins said. “As churches respond to the needs in their community, not only do they get the credit, they are being the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Read the whole article here , and view the video  of church volunteers and staff making PPE for local first responders.
In related news, CSBC Disaster Relief has partnered with the Salvation Army to serve meals to homeless persons during this period of "stay-in-place" during the COVID-19 pandemic. A few local volunteers served for a week in Santa Barbara in March, and there is a small group serving 3 days week in the Auburn area.
Garden from Table Scraps

 Did you know you can grow your own vegetables from table scraps? They should be organic, as many of our most common crops are sprayed with growth suppressant chemicals or are a genetically modified vegetable that will not necessarily replicate. But from Organic scraps – it is much easier than you think – just using the parts of the vegetables we usually throw away. Here are three of my favorites:

1.  Celery – This is my favorite because it is self-seeding! Celery loves cold weather and when the temperatures get hot, the flowers will drop their seeds and when the weather gets cold again, new celery plants will grow where the seeds fell. Here is how to start:
  • Trim the bottom 3 inches on the root end of a bunch of celery.
  • Stand this root end up in a bowl and fill with water an inch from the top.
  • Place this bowl in a sunny location.
  • Change the water every other day.
  • After 5-7 days, transfer to your garden, and cover with soil up to leaf tips. Make sure to leave the tips out!
  • Cut out the outer ribs as you need them.
2.  Green onions – Very easy to sprout and grow. After using the flavorful green tops, take the bottom white part with the roots intact (about 2”) and place in a glass of water.
  • The water should cover the bottom inch, leaving the top green part above water.
  • Change the water every day.
  • You can either just cut the tops off as you need them and these will keep growing in water! OR
  • Bury the bulb end in the soil of your garden and harvest them before they flower!
  • Repeat the cycle.

3.  Romaine lettuce/Butter lettuce/Green cabbage – the procedure is all the same. 
  • Much like the Green onions above, cut about 2” from the bottom rooted end
  • Put the end in a glass of water leaving about 1” above the water
  • Change the water once a day
  • After 3-5 days, the leaves of the lettuce/cabbage will begin to regrow
  • You can harvest the new center leaves within 12 days
  • And once you see roots, you can plant in your garden!

This is my favorite California Gardening guy's video with valuable tips for regrowing stuff from table scraps. Happy gardening!!
 Scavenger Hunt! Hidden in the photos and articles, find the following:
  1. A single black shoe
  2. An untie-able knot
  3. A clover
  4. Red laces
  5. Cargo Pants
  6. Turquoise Water Bottle
  7. A beard
  8. Two red parallel lines
  9. A stalker

The first 5 people to do ALL of the following:
  • submit the correct locations for all of the above;
  • complete the word search below; and
  • find the 5 loaves and 2 fishes hidden somewhere in this edition
will receive to their mailbox, a DR shirt signed by our Fearless Leader!!! Send your answers to . Fair warning - this may be more difficult than you expect! On your mark... get set... GO!!!

16 disaster relief terms are hidden in this word search. We know it's hard to do this online, so when you click on the image, it opens up as a pdf document that you can print and circle the words as you find them. :-)
Bible App by YouVersion
Already installed on over 423 million unique devices worldwide,  the Bible App  offers a  free Bible  experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at . Their generous partners make it possible for them to offer 2,062 Bible versions in 1,372 languages for free, and without advertising.

The Bible App’s interface is available in more than 60 languages, allowing users to:
  • Read the Bible, or leAudio versions read the Bible to you.
  • Subscribe to Plans, daily portions of Scripture paired with devotionalaudio, or video selections.
  • Grow your Prayer life, with Prayers you can keep private or invite Friends.
  • Add Bookmarks, Highlights, and private or public Notes to any verse in the Bible.
  • Compare versions to see how different translations of the Bible express a given passage.
  • Easily Share Bible passages on social media, in texts, or via email.
  • Create Verse Images, shareable Bible art that uses your own photos or our free background images.
  • Add Friends, helping you experience the Bible in community.
  • Discover live church Events that may be taking place near you.
Many features of the Bible App for Android and iOS  also work offline, including select Bibles that are available for download. 
I can personally recommend this app as a tool you can hold in your hand and search for Bible verses, study the scripture, and connect with friends through this social media app. The ability to use your own images makes it personalized. I made one of a gorgeous little church in the Austrian Alps on a recent vacation. The DR image with a verse was created with it. I also created an image on a mission trip to Sweden that was special to the group. 
If you haven’t used YouVersion Bible, go to your app store and download it – you can have fun exploring all the wonderful ways it can connect you to scripture!
Video Frivolity
Take a look at this priceless video made by a young music teacher. God bless all the school teachers!! Click on the image to view video.
There are many COVID parodies online. This one is by a local worship leader/school music teacher. Click on the image to view the video.
Lessons Learned - In God we Trust... Others, not so much
I have a couple of “friends” - I use that term loosely. While I was on deployment in Paradise, working hard to comfort those who had lost so much, they decided to take advantage of the fact that for a moment, I left my phone unattended.

While I was out, meeting the needs of those who had lost everything, they were enjoying themselves rummaging through my personal information and email. I do not want to mention any names, but I did find one photo on my phone that I personally did not take.

After discovery of said photo, I told them there would be a day they would be sorry they left it on my phone.  Today is that day.
Activity Anyone Can Do

Paint rocks and plant a rock flower garden!
DR Calendar

Disaster Relief Chainsaw Deployment
4/22-5/1 Cancelled until further notice

Disaster Relief Ministry Training
6/20 Rohnert Park, CA    C ancelled until further notice
Operational Stress First Aid (OSFA) *
8/15 Ontario, CA
9/5 TBD Northern CA 

Courses Sponsored by K-LOVE, taught by Naomi Paget:
CISM: Strategic Response to Crisis
8/13-14 Ontario, CA 

CISM: Advanced Group Crisis Intervention
8/11-12 Ontario, CA 
10/8-9 San Pedro, CA
CISM: Spiritual Psychological First Aid (TSA and ICISF)
9/1-2 Concord, CA

CISM: Advanced Individual Crisis Intervention
10/6-7 San Pedro, CA

Courses Sponsored by K-LOVE, taught by KC Petersen:

CISM: Individual & Group Crisis Intervention in 3 Days (GRIN) *
8/11-13 Ontario, CA

*Meets requirement for NAMB DR Chaplain


Hey, DR team members... be on the lookout for those who would sneak onto your deployment field incognito -THAT's not the DR uniform! ;-}
Happy May birthday, if that's you...
and Happy May Day...
and Happy Cinco de Mayo...
and Happy Mother's Day...
and, oh, Happy Memorial Day!!!
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