Dear Shaker Resident,

Welcome to the December edition of The Mayor's Report . Below is a short video from me followed by a transcript of the message.
Click the video to watch Mayor Weiss's message.
As we head into the New Year and reflect on 2018, I think we would all agree that we experienced several unexpected and difficult events this past year, some of which have tested us as a community. However, out of this adversity, we have once again been reminded of the unbreakable spirit of caring and generosity here in Shaker that is so widespread and deeply-held that we are able to weather even the fiercest storms. As a community, we are steadfastly committed to each other, to the future of this City, to our children, and our neighbors and neighborhoods. This is the foundation upon which we build as we move forward into the New Year.

Next week, Council will vote on the adoption of the preliminary 2019 budget. Consistent with my commitment to the community, we started the budget process much earlier this year than in prior years which allowed us to offer more opportunities for public input. While every budget presents certain challenges including some unanticipated external economic factors, I am proud that our process led to productive debate, and prudent decision making, so that we can now move forward into 2019 with a sound financial blueprint. Approved budget documents will be posted on the City’s website by the end of December.

Looking ahead, in future Mayor’s Reports, I will outline my specific priority areas and goals for 2019. I believe these priorities and goals are key to ensuring a prosperous future and will require sustained focus and resources in the coming months. I am enthusiastic about the work we can do together to move our City forward, and am excited about our ability to seize upon opportunities, and achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves in 2019.

For now, I would like to highlight some significant progress regarding one of our priorities: attracting and retaining residents. We are finalizing and launching a far-reaching, multi-layered attract-and-retain marketing campaign. It will tell the Shaker story in an authentic and engaging way and help to articulate who we are as a community and what we value. Watch for the campaign roll out in the second quarter of the New Year on a variety of platforms, including print and social media. In addition, early in the first quarter, our new website will go live. The brand new, user-friendly website will provide current and prospective residents with easy access to important information and materials. Look for more details about the launch in January.

Finally, I hope the holiday season offers an opportunity for you to spend time with family, friends and neighbors in our beautiful and special community.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you around town.
David E. Weiss