The Future of the PEO Industry
Dan McHenry  

Bill Clinton once said, "the price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change." 

The time for change is now. This sentiment is the basis for our conversation today. 

More than three months ago, in early April 2017, the NAPEO Board met in Denver, CO, to hold its annual strategic planning meeting. Although my intent is not to immerse you in all the discussions, I do want to focus attention on one of the sessions related to the future of the PEO industry & NAPEO's ongoing role. 


Erica Whyman          
Summer Executive Profile: Matt Claus
As the summer months prove to be busier for executives, we decided that for our June/July edition of the McHenry Advisor, we would give PEO executives a break and instead bother one of our own!

Matt Claus is a Principal of Claus Advisory Services, and Practice Leader for McHenry Consulting's M&A Division.

Claus comes to the PEO industry with a strong background in M&A, healthcare, and overall business development practices. 

Erica Whyman
The Dog Days of Summer, Again
The dog days of summer have arrived. With long days and short nights, businesses, like the rest of us, begin to take things at a leisurely pace. 

Family vacations and time away from work peak during this time of year, and if you live in FL like me, just getting from the car to the office in this heat is an effort worth of a break. 

PEOs do not necessary experience a slow season. Our PEO employees are prepping for annual enrollment, which is arguably the peak season for PEOs. 

Nancy Young
Connecting Work Culture & Employee Engagement 
Cultivating a thriving work culture and employee engagement are two leading issues that businesses around the globe face today. 

No matter the industry, size, or geography, the influence of corporate culture (or the nonexistence of one) has a powerful impact on the engagement and productivity of our employees. 

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