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As the summer moves along and we enjoy times with close friends and family, I've had time to talk about some of the questions many have asked about The Meadow. I'd like to share with you the direction that it has taken in the life of myself & Jeanne. (Bob Arnold)

Q: What made you decide to start The Meadow Ministry?

A: It was time. Time for me to do what I felt God has laid on my heart for years.

Many of my peers and associates described a hunger for more depth in their relationship with God. For a long time I saw it in Youth For Christ  and began my own journey into spiritual formation. I read many books, attended seminars, wrote countless personal journal entries and found the desire for God to help us find purpose and joy was astounding in all our lives. The need was there and I wanted to find a way to bridge this gap. The gap between what God wants for us and what life had given us. Far too many people have given up hope, the hope that God has more for our lives.


Q: What were some of the concerns people were sharing?

A: Many felt like they were walking through the shadow of the valley of death and were feeling abandoned. There was a lack of joy and hope. The Christian life was becoming more dutiful than personal. Their daily routines seemed empty and life seemed to lack purpose. Their lives had not turned out the way they expected. Death, illness, loss of jobs, stresses of everyday life had taken its toll.   "I can't hear God anymore, I'm overwhelmed." They continued doing all the things that they thought God wanted from them but felt empty.


Q: What is the direction of The Meadow?

A: We are developing a community that will focus on spiritual formation. We'll be using curriculum, experiences, teaching, small groups, and retreats. Spiritual formation focuses on the maturing and healing of one's relationship with God. It is about forming our hearts to love God and others.


We have also explored the teachings of the ancient and contemporary mystics. Some have said that mysticism is only eastern in origin and has nothing to do with Christianity but really mysticism has much to do with our faith. Mysticism is the art of union with God's Reality not our perceived reality. (We know a thing by uniting with it). It is our real selves, (The true designed individual created by God) encountering the one and only one true God. It is about experiencing the mysterious* love of God in the midst of our brokenness.


The Meadow invites you on a journey of exploration to relax in a safe space for growth, for healing and for wholeness with God. We are creating a community with a sacred space to enter into this mysterious love of God, to find a place to form our hearts towards God and to enjoy Him and people.

* (unfathomable, incomprehensible, enigmatic, impenetrable and unexplainable)


Q: How can spiritual formation change peoples' lives?

A: God will never leave us. His love for us is immense and beyond mortal comprehension. Jeanne and I have walked through the shadow of the valley of death but experienced a depth to God's love that is so fulfilling, so over-flowing and so abundant, that we want to share that with others. For lack of a better term, spiritual formation is crucial for your ability to thrive as God's beloved. Why would we want to continue a path of spiritual complacency?


Q: What has The Meadow been doing since it began and what are your plans?

A: Wow, we are 6 months into the Meadow and so much has happened. Jeanne and I have begun mentoring one-on-one to individuals and helping them discover their Christian paths. We've developed a Leadership Community during the spring that met for 5 weeks and discussed further development of the spiritual needs of others and ourselves. We've done two local seminars exploring the noise that distracts and another on finding the desires of your heart. We will continue to bring one and two day topical seminars that you will be able to attend. 


I have formed spiritual mentoring relationships with national leaders, where several days were spent at our farm in Western Maryland. While still on staff at YFC I helped develop the Youth For Christ Spiritual Leadership Forum. I (Bob) have personally continued to partner with the YFC Spiritual Leadership Forum as it is forming several national leadership schools. I will be involved with a number of the schools during the upcoming months.


And what we are most excited about is The Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum (SDF) (click for details) to be held at Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, beginning this fall. It is an invitation to experience the mysterious love of God! We will begin with 12 two hour sessions over the span of 7 months and hold several outside events as well as a SDF retreat planned for the spring of 2015. We'll deal with relative topics that concern us in our everyday lives by using creative experiences, small groups, a vast array of reading materials, videos, individual testimonies, worship, and teaching. You'll be able to choose your own level of participation and you'll also have the opportunity to have one-on-one mentors if you so choose.


The Meadow has partnered with a great bunch of leaders discussing the many facets of the SDF. There is so much excitement building at The Meadow and within the Baltimore community and we can't wait for it to begin in October.


Q: How can people become a part of The Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum?

A: To become a part of the SDF this fall please visit our website at or download an SDF Information and Application packet  If you have questions, please feel free to call or email us.


Q: Are there other ways besides attending the SDF that I can be involved?

A: Our first desire is that you could find time to attend the SDF or some of our other events, but if you can't, you can still help us move the community of The Meadow forward by becoming a financial partner. Be assured your commitment through your prayers and financial gifts are changing lives, one person at a time and we are forever grateful for your love and support.

We see God at work as we continue to hone the direction of the Meadow! Please accept our invitation to a journey, a journey we call The Meadow.

Enjoying the Loving God & Loving People,

Bob & Jeanne

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