January 2015            

The Meadow
$50,000 Matching Gift Campaign

Just a few weeks into 2015 and already I feel the excitement of what's to come at The Meadow in our 2nd year! Some of you that have visited our Facebook page and may have seen my post;

"My Heart and Desire for 2015 - Lord, open my heart and my mind to You. I invite You to come to me and plant Your desires within me. In 2015, I want to walk in Your ways like never before!

Do you dare to join me?"

With a new year comes a great financial opportunity for The Meadow. In 2014 your financial gifts provided a foundation for what we started in January. We have been blessed with a matching gift cam paign of $50,000. For now lets take a look at our ministry in 2014. During our first year at The Meadow, the vision and passion continues to become clearer and is establishing life-changing roots in our community. Last year was filled with building the organizational structure and putting together a team of people who share the vision of the Meadow. I've met with people who have a great passion to walk with one another in their relationship with God and build a community that inspires others to embrace their own and unique relationship with Christ. 


 In August of 2014 we met at our farm in Western Maryland for a weekend Spiritual Retreat with 16 leaders. We deepened relationships with each other and began exploring the direction of The Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum. In October of 2014 the first session of the Spiritual Development Forum took place. Fifty people committed to embark on a two-year adventure with Christ. Through teaching, small groups, self-awareness, testimonies and community building exercises, we began our path to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.


So many have shared how they embraced their faith but were left with an emptiness. A major component of The SDF is developing and implementing an exciting approach to discovering how much God loves you and your great purpose in life. We continue hard at work, developing a community that has long-term goals. A community that desires to understand what God has created us to be and do for others and to develop the spiritual revolution we believe God has called to The Meadow. We will continue in the next year to inspire and invite transformation into the lives of people through God's love and His "authentic" community.  

Our goal is to meet this matching gift by February 1st. Your gifts help us expand an already strong interest in Spiritual Formation. Your investment helps us to provide top notch speakers, build quality retreats, programs and expanded training for this growing community. So far we have raised $26,800 in matching funds but we still have a way to go. There are 3 ways you can become a financial partner and help us meet this matching gift.

Your gifts are investments in sharing the love of God to all and building a community of spiritually richer Christians!


Loving and Enjoying God and People,

Bob & Jeanne