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All SDF sessions are from 7-9 pm at GFC
in the mini-auditorium

October 7 - Session 13
October 14 - Session 14
October 21 - Session 15
October 28 - Session 16
January 13 - Session 17
January 20 - Session 18
January 27 - Session 19
February 3 - Session 20
February 10 - Session 21
February 17 - Session 22
February 24 - Session 23
March 2 - Session 24


One-Day Event
November 14, 2015
GFC from 9-4pm
"Reading Between the Lines: Discovering the Rest of the Story" featuring
Doug Geeenwold

April 2 - Spring Retreat at
Bon Secours


The Dark Night of the Soul is a safe place!
Don't be intimidated by the title "Dark Night of the Soul". There are so many false conceptions of what the Dark Night is. For many, the title evokes great fear, leaving people to stay as far from it as possible. It's greatly misunderstood. Some believe when the Dark Night comes, great punishment, physical suffering and great tragedy are present. And then there are many who think this journey comes only to the super spiritual. It isn't a one-time experience. It appears throughout our whole life.

In reality the Dark Night is life's greatest journey. A journey into the loving arms of God. It is a place of great desire that follows us our whole life. The Dark Night leads us to an encounter with the "Real God". The God whose loves is greater that we can imagine and whose presence is beyond our comprehension! 
The Dark Night is something you don't want to miss. You'll find great healing and a liberation from attachments and compulsions! It is a place of great reconciliation and resurrection. It is the night that forms us to experience the abundance, joy and the freedom Christ promises for us to live and love more freely.
Come explore the Dark Night during The Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum, a place to exhale and trust. A place to not fear and a place to be honest. Let yourself be carried by God and rest in the darkness! "Breathe it in until your heart breaks and EXHALE!"   Plumb

Your choice of 3 classes
October 10, 2015
January 9, 2016
April 9, 2016
taught by Beverly Gorman

The Meadow Community is a safe place of growth, beauty, and healing. The Meadow helps you to experience our God who stands with open arms, a God that desires more for you than anything you could ever imagine!

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