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Everybody Hurts . . . Sometimes!


Some of you may remember a song originally released in 1992 by the band, R.E.M. entitled "Everybody Hurts". It portrays a solemn picture of despair, anger, guilt and fear in our lives but the words in the song cries out for everyone to HOLD ON!  But, HOLD ON to what?


It is true that "everybody hurts sometimes and sometimes everybody cries" but the good news is we are not alone in those times of isolation and despair. In fact we have never been alone. Picture yourself holding on to the hands of Jesus. Your whole direction of HOLDING ON will take on new meaning and focus, and that's just the beginning.  



We are excited to invite you to a fresh and exciting approach to the loving God, The Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum.  We are preparing an outstanding experience-based curriculum that will encourage your spiritual transformation. Many of us experience the pains of everyday life as well as much deeper wounds that destroy our hearts but the SDF is designed to help you transform those wounds into "hugs".


If you feel your spiritual life is missing something or just want to kick start your relationship with God, the Meadow's SDF is a place to root yourself in God's unfailing love! Explore topics that relate to each of us because they are real world issues we all face. Join us for 12 - two hour experiences that are bound to leave you more fulfilled and equipped to discover a deeper, richer relationship with Jesus Christ! 


The Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum begins Wednesday, October 8th from 7 - 9pm at Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium. Download the SDF Application HERE to reserve your opportunity to participate in a new and unique approach to your spiritual formation!



Enjoying the Loving God & Loving People,

Bob & Jeanne



Scholarships available!

If you would love to be a part of the Forum but tuition is an issue, The Meadow is committed to allowing everyone to participate regardless of whether or not it is affordable. Scholarship Forms are the last page of the application.  



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