I've been to a lot of movies. Some movies wow me and some provoke me to deep thought, but I never pay much attention to the credits. A lot of people listed in those credits work hard. They choreograph the action scenes, create the costumes, and write the script among many other things. Well it's time to pay attention to the credits.

The Meadow has just been awarded the 2014 Constant Contacts All Star Award. This puts us in the top 10% of their 600,000 small-business and non-profit customers.  


 To quote them, "Last year, your outreach and engagement with your audience was exemplary. Stellar. Your customers noticed and responded positively." Let the credits roll!

A big thank you goes to Donna Martin.   Working from her "naptop", as she calls it, she takes my thoughts and presents them in coherent emails. She adds pictures, videos and other fun stuff. What other spiritual formation ministry had an "Irish quiz" on St. Patricks' Day?

A second thank you goes to all of you who open our emails and click on the all the response buttons. Your engagement with this ministry is what helped earn us this award.

It's not an Emmy but we are encouraged!

Bob & Jeanne