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Gartner includes Priority ERP in the 2017 Market Guide for Product-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions

Priority Software announced that they have been included as a representative vendor in Gartner’s recently released Market Guide for Product-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions. Priority Software offers ERP solutions for companies of varying sizes across a range of industries, including Manufacturing, Professional Services, Medical, Retail (including a built-in PoS), Healthcare, Construction, Automotive and Agriculture.

According to the Gartner guide, "Cloud ERP solutions for product-centric companies are maturing and, over the next three years, will be adopted by midsize organisations and then larger organisations. The market is heating up as vendors seek to push clients to new-generation cloud ERP solutions. This means many organiations face a choice between well-proven on-premises products or new solutions that are still early in their life cycle."

Medatech User Conference

When: 18th October
Where: Stamford Court

We want to know what you would like to see at this years User Conference. Let us know how you want your day to go, what you'd like to learn about and how to make the most out of Priority!
IT Showcase
Join us at the next IT Showcase in Birmingham on the 25th April at Villa Park. Visit our stand, have a chat and perhaps a breif demo to learn how Priority can streamline your organisation.
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Chief Data Officers are stealing the show in more and more boardrooms worldwide. This is because customer insight from data has become a huge competitive weapon. Read more.
Manufacturing and automation: What you need to know
The manufacturing industry has always been defined by aggressive competition and the speed of its processes," says Efrat Nakibly, VP Marketing at Priority. What about the promise about fully automated manufacturing? Some surprising answers in her new blog post...