I first encountered Psalm 19:14 in the fifth grade. I’m strongly drawn to a memory of my intermediate choir. I “see” us rehearsing and hear the music in my head.
Our song was based on Psalm 19 where, in the fourteenth verse, the psalmist writes of the meditations of our heart being acceptable unto God. And the song from my memory expresses meditations being a witness to the glory of God.

With Lent approaching, I’ve taken some time to scrutinize the meditations of my heart - a little self-review to direct my plan for Lent. I don’t always “give something up” for the penitential season, but I do try to choose something on which to focus or act that will strengthen my relationship with Christ. So I took a closer look. It was hard to see, hard to realize, hard to admit, but my meditations weren’t always acceptable and not always witnessing glory.

Maybe you feel as I do. I need time for reflection and communion. I need that time of ashes; of accepting an outward sign of the change I need to make. I need time to hear God concerning the meditations of my heart. I feel that an opportunity to worship together and focus on the meditations of my heart is exactly what I need. Maybe you feel that same need for your heart’s meditations. 

Will you join me?

The Meditations of My Heart is the title of our Ash Wednesday services this year. 

On Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary, our wonderful Sanctuary Choir will share a very special presentation of music, scripture and readings. This compilation cantata combines beautiful melodies and moving lyrics that will lead our worship and help us prepare our hearts as we move into Lent and look forward to Easter.

If you are unable to attend our evening Ash Wednesday service, we will also have an adapted presentation at noon in the Chapel.


Craig Stephan
Music Director at First Methodist Conroe