Working together for the cure
February 2018

Combining Art with Science to create 
Healing, Hope and Health 

Dr. Irv Weissman with Sue McCollum
Cancer will be cured someday and Dr. Weissman and
his team are working at making this happen 


Message from
               Sue McCollum

Dr. Irving Weissman, hosted the Siebel Stem Cell Institute on the Stanford campus this year. The Institute facilitates a generative cross-pollination of ideas and resources among stem cell science investigators at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. This seminar is a day long event where those working on a cure for cancer share their ideas with each other. It is an inspiring day and the excitement and creative spirit envelopes the day as well as the evening. 
Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
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Sibel symposium- Benson Geroge

 Benson George is in training for a MD and a PhD at  Stanford University Medical School. He works in Dr. Irv Weissman Lab and in this photo he is explaining his research to Bob McCollum.

Sibel symposium

Scholars from the University of California, Berkeley and from Stanford University share their research at the Sibel Symposium at Stanford University


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