Principal, Dr. Patricia Haynes
Assistant Principal, Donna B. Johnson
September 2018                Issue 1
Memorial School Calendar of Events

Please use this link to keep up to date on all the goings on at Memorial School.  This calendar can also be found on the Memorial School website.
Important Information from Newton PD

August 29, 2018

Dear Parents,

Now that school is back in session, I would like to take this opportunity to inform drivers on how I would like the traffic to flow on West Main Street in front of the Memorial School.  As you know, the traffic situation during morning drop off hours can be challenging to say the least.
  • In the future, when you pull into the "horseshoe" driveway to drop off your student(s), please pull all the way forward to the end of the driveway.  Please do not stop in front of the school entrance unless there is a car in front of you and you cannot pull forward any further.
  • If you are on West Main Street and waiting to pull into the driveway to the school, please pull over to the right and put on your directional.  This will let the officer directing traffic know that you are waiting to enter the driveway.  Do no pull towards the center of the roadway as this blocks traffic that is trying to get through.  This is especially problematic during the winter months when there are snow banks on the sides of the road.
  • The first bell rings at 8:30 AM, so please do not arrive at the school prior to this time as staff is not available to supervise students.
I am hoping that if all drivers follow these instructions going forward, the result will be a less stressful morning for all.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Principal's Message
Welcome Back!

It's been a fantastic start to our 2018-2019 school year. Students, teachers and staff are hard at work making connections and getting to know each other while also having fun learning new things. Everyone is settling in to the new routines and schedules at school and things are starting to feel comfortable!
In our first days, teachers and staff came together to recommit to the essentials of Memorial school, renewing our focus on what makes us great. We renewed our promises to our mission and vision, and came up with collective commitments that form the Foundation of Memorial School. We are very proud of this work which is posted throughout our building and on our website.
We are very happy to welcome some new faces to our Memorial family. Evelyn Sotis is a new second grade teacher; Tara McLaughlin is our new fifth grade teacher. Melissa Giconda, joins us as our new preschool teacher and Felicia Formisano is a new case manager. Karen Parr is our new reading specialist. Renee Moran, Isamar Butler and Alyssa Doucett are new paraprofessionals here as well.

I hope that everyone will be able to attend our Open House, scheduled for Thursday, September 13 from 6-7 PM to meet the teachers and staff. We will have an exciting activity for our Memorial Eagles  as they tour through the building. Following the Open House, at 7 PM our PTO will have its first meeting; everyone is invited to attend. The PTO generously donated a bottle fill station for our students, which has been used quite a bit to keep folks hydrated these first warm weeks. Parent and family support for our school is what makes Memorial such a great school, and I look forward to working with everyone this year to fulfill our vision of "Learning for All".
Health Office News
End 68 Hours of Hunger
Because of the great efforts of people in our community, we will have a weekend food program again this year for students in need. On Friday afternoons students who are participating in the program will get a bag of food to take home that will support their nutritional needs over the weekend. More information can be found at or you can call the health office at school. This is a fully confidential program, all names are kept private.
If this is a program that would be helpful to your family please contact the school nurse for more information. This program can be joined at any time, so if you find that there is a need later in the school year, just let the school nurse know.
Food Allergy Reminders
Please remember to give 24 hours' notice prior to bringing in food for classroom parties or birthdays. We have several students with food allergies and we want to make our class parties both fun and safe for all of our students. Classroom teachers are well informed about the food allergies of students in their class. As a general rule, please refrain from sending in foods containing any nuts or nut butters. There are also children with allergies to some fruits as well as dairy and gluten sensitivities.  If you have any questions about a certain food or party item feel free to call or e-mail Nurse Cindy in the health office.
I have not received a Sanborn Regional School Emergency Form for each student yet. These forms need to be updated yearly in order to be valid. They cover emergency contact information as well as permission for the school to administer a few basic medications. The forms are available in the main office and on the SAU 17 web site.
Upcoming Flu Season
Flu season is approaching.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states the single best way to prevent your child from contracting the flu virus is to get them vaccinated every year. Vaccines are available in pharmacies and in doctor's offices; the ideal time to get vaccinated is in October. Signs of the flu include fever, chills, body aches, cough, and fatigue. If your child has a temp of over 100.0F they are not permitted to be in school and need to be fever free without the use of Tylenol or any fever reducer for 24 hours.
As always, our best defense against the flu is good hand washing! For more information on the flu and how to prevent it, go to: .
Thank you,        
Cindy Cole, BSN, RN
603-382-5251 ext 106
Cafe Services
Welcome Back! Things are "heating up" in the kitchen at Memorial! Our menu for September features some of the student's favorite lunches, like French Toast sticks, chicken nuggets, tacos, cheeseburgers, spaghetti and meatballs, and nachos. They will also have the opportunity to try some new items, like cheesy noodles with beef, Arroz Con Pollo, a traditional Spanish chicken and rice dish, and Teriyaki crispy chicken with Teriyaki roasted tofu.  Fresh salads, deli sandwiches and a hot sandwich are also offered daily, along with fruit and yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. 

Our Lunchboxes continue to be very popular, and contain all the components of a healthy, balanced lunch. Each box contains a serving of grain, protein, fruits and vegetables.  With choices like the "Better  Cheddar Lunchbox",  the "Pizza Stacker Lunchbox", the "Nacho Lunchbox", the "Cape Codder Lunchbox" or the "Ham and Cheese Lunchbox", the students are sure to find a favorite!

We serve breakfast daily; choices include cereal, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, whole grain donuts, egg sandwiches, muffins, fresh fruit, juice and milk.

If you have questions or concerns about our breakfast/lunch program, please contact JoAnne at Memorial (603)382-3326.
School  Counselor News 

IN THE SPOT LIGHT - 3rd Grade 
Off to a Great Start in Third Grade!

Welcome back!  We are happy to report that we are off to a great start in Third Grade.  We are getting used to our classroom routines and discovering all the new things that students can do once they are mature and responsible Third Graders.  We have switched from using Ipads to Chromebooks, and are finding out what a useful tool they are.

We are also getting ready for Student Council Elections.  Student who wish to run will be preparing speeches and creating posters to let us know why they should be considered for Student Council.  Elections will be on September 14th. Good luck to all who are running!
P.E. News
In PE, classes are engaging in cooperative activities to encourage and develop concepts of communication, cooperation, problem solving, and assertion. This is a very valuable unit to get the year started in the right direction. 
Our Makers Space classes are off to a great start! Lots of imaginative fun and creativity going on using a variety of equipment, tools and space. Here are some photos of the students in action. 

Student Council News
The Memorial Student Council will be holding classroom elections this coming week. Each 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classroom will elect 3 representatives for the council. The winning candidates will be announced at the end of the school day on  Friday September 14 . Once the council is formed we will hold a private election for the open officer positions. We are looking forward to another great year of supporting our school and our community through fundraising and service projects. 
Memorial School's Little Free Library
What is a Little Free Library?
A Little Free Library is a place where anyone can take a book or leave a book.

What makes a Little Free Library different?
It is available to everybody.  A Little Free Library is unique because you take and keep a book for as long as you need.

How can I donate books?
Each grade will be asked to bring in books at different times. If you do not attend Memorial school please contact Mrs. Johnson.

What types of books should I donate?
All kinds!  Kids books, books for parents and families in our community, mysteries, and comedy.  The more genres and reading levels the better.

Do I have to return the exact book I take?
No, feel free to keep the book for further use.  You can donate any book.

Why is this any better than a regular library?
Libraries are great but a Little Free Library is available to anyone and at any time.
Memorial PTO
Welcome back to all new and returning families!  We look forward to another exciting year at Memorial.  We have a ton of events to get started on!

Our first meeting of the year is Thursday, September 13th at 7:00 PM.  We hope to see new and old faces alike!

The Fall Fundraiser has kicked off and we have some great gift ideas for the holiday season.  It's never too early to get started.

As always find us on Facebook or visit our website at:
Don't forget every time you shop on Amazon, enter the site at  With Newton Memorial School PTO selected as your charity 0.5% of every purchase is automatically donated!  Amazon will keep track of your support.  Every little bit helps!

The Memorial School PTO Fall Fundraiser kicked off on Thursday, August 30th.  All students were given Genevieve's fundraising packets.  For more information, including order deadline and order delivery date, click here.
Boxtops News
Welcome Back!  Hope everyone remembered to keep clipping those BOX TOPS while having fun this summer.

The first packet of BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION info will be out by Friday. Look for it in your child's Communication folder or backpack.

In it you will find a list of school BTFE contest dates, a handy dandy list of participating products ( new to the list is Paper Mate), and a "CLIP SHEET".

You can use clip sheets or send Box Tops in individually; we take them any way we can get them.  Please put the teachers name on any sheets or bags so the class can get proper credit towards our school Box Top contests.  Thanks!

In August I had the chance to meet and talk with about 45 incoming Kindergarten families.  Each one received a folder of Box Top info and a magnetic Box Top Collection Bag.   These are great to hang on the fridge to keep your Box Tops neatly in one place.  You'll never forget them again!  I still have and use the one my granddaughter gave me when she entered kindergarten.  She is now in 7th grade and I still use it to collect Box Tops for the school.  If you need a new one or one to give to family and friends, just let me know at  JLAWLER12003@YAHOO.COM.

I would also strongly urge you to go to WWW.BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION website and set up an account.  There are contests and coupons and recipes on the site.  You can also keep track of our earnings.  The big sweepstakes right now is a chance to win 1 MILLION Box Tops. Just buy 5 Box Top products and upload your receipt (s) for sweepstakes entries.  That translates into $100,000.00 for the winning school,  imagine the possibilities!  There is a second contest where the winning school gets to double the Box Tops sent in.  Both contests end on September 30th.

Together we can do great things!  You can always reach me at  JLAWLER12003@YAHOO.COM with comments, questions, contest ideas, suggestions.  

Happy Clipping!  Joanne Lawler
SRHS Homecoming

Gale Library News
Gale Library Card Party
September is National Library Card Month so come in and sign up for a free first-time card any open day. This would be a good time for you or any members of the family who do not have a card to sign and enjoy the many resources the Gale Library has to offer.  
All Kindergartners, First Graders, Home Schoolers and their families are invited to attend the Gale's Library Card Party on Wednesday, Sept. 26 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. Come celebrate the evening when you can get your own Library Card, get some of your very own books with your very own card, and enjoy cake, cookies, and punch with us. This is also a good time to get a free replacement card for anyone who has lost theirs. Our Children's Librarian will be visiting Memorial School to tell children more about their special evening on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Parents may call the library for more information, 382-4691. 
The children's collection has many books designed especially for the emerging readers. The Gale Library's collection of books, magazines, videos, music, audio books, and computer resources is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. 
Story hour is held on Tuesdays at 10 AM each week. Drop in for stories, songs, finger plays and activities. 
Wowbrary:  An Exciting new service coming to the Gale Library!
We hope you'll enjoy hearing about the many exciting bestsellers, movies, music, and recorded books almost the very moment they arrive at the library.
To get started and see what the emails look like, just visit You can quit the weekly emails any time you wish.
Our library is excited to offer this new service. We hope you will enjoy it and the library's many new books, movies and music!
Sign your child up at the Gale Library for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, a national program that is intended to promote reading together with your child. The more words and books a child is exposed to in their early years, the more likely they are to love reading and be more able to do it well!
So what's this all about?
Our program is pretty easy.
  1. Sign up in the Children's Room at the Gale Library. You can then pick up a form to color in.
  2. Read! You just have to keep track of how many books, not the titles (although you can if you'd like). If you read the same book again and again, it counts each time you read it!
  3. The first time you reach 100 books come in to turn in your form, get a 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Book Bag and get another form. For every 100 books you read together, you'll also put your name on our counting ladder until you reach your goal.
  4. A few mile stones: at 500 books you get to pick a Treasure Chest book and then at 1000 books you can join us for a celebration and receive your certificate!
  5. That's it! Well, except that you and your child will have cuddle time and be building literacy skills and learning new things.... 
How can I get to 1000 books!?!
If you read just one book a day, you will reach 1000 in less than 3 years!
When can I start?
Any time! You can start when your child is just born or you can start when your child is four years old. You can start any month or at any time of year. Just come in and ask us!


Dr. Patricia Haynes, Principal

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